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I can breed all from my Scroll, I have almost all CBs!!Elyn05.png My Wishlist

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    [if you offer a hatchling it must be of the gender specified]
    - CB Green Two-headed Lindwurm (female)
    - CB Ice
    - CB Silver (male)
    - CB Pyralspite from Alpine or Coast
    - CB Xenowyrm from Alpine or Coast (male)
    - alt Undine
    - Red max 3rd gen spiral or even from Red x Magma / Alt Sweetling / Bright Pink / Holly
    - Dinos, Cheese, Chicken, Paper for freeze

    - Commons with cute lineage checker, spiral or low even-gen, examples:
    -- Water Walker x Sweetling checker
    -- Pink x Guardian checker or 3rd gen
    -- Pink from Pink M x Guardian F 3rd gen ascending stairstep
    -- Pink x Silver
    -- Moonstone F x Silver M

    I can breed:
    - 2nd gen PB any BSA
    - 2nd/3rd gen Striped PB
    - 2nd gen PB any dragon (except Metallics, Tinsels, Shimmer, and the ones I have in the wishlist)
    - Seasonal with cute lineage (see my scroll)