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  1. One Republic <3 I love all of their songs, but Secrets is my fav.
  2. Eels. I had eel sushi once and I got red rashes in my arm O.o
  3. Anyone here need a Hope egg? Because I need to find a home for this one EDIT: Gone to SkyraTwilight
  4. Wow, the adult sprites are soooo pretty! I can't wait for mine to grow up
  5. Yay, happy Valentine's Day everyone! I love the eggs! They're really pretty and the hatchlings are super cute too. I can't wait to see the adult sprites!
  6. Two of my cousins have autism. One of them is way older than me and I never met him. The other I know pretty well. He can talk a little, but he acts differently than a normal person. My friend's little brother has autism and my best friend from a long time ago has an older brother with autism.
  7. 1. Waking up- I'm REALLY terrible at waking up in the mornings. My alarm has to go off like three times for me to wake up and even when I do wake up, I tend to be really grumpy 2. My toes- They're kind of weird looking, especially my big toe. 3. My laziness- I tend to be lazy with somethings, like doing my homework. I keep on telling myself that I'll do it soon, but I susually end up doing it around 8 PMish or later 4. Low self esteem 5. Coldness- I can be cold around some people if I want to. And whenever I see the ads for like the hungry kids or something like that, I'm like whatever. Not my problem, but when it comes to animals and the enviroment, I'm like "Awwww... That's so sad" 6. Selfishness- I'm selfish sometimes. I tend not to care much about other people's problems and only care about mine. 7. Stuborness- I'm REALLY stubborn. When I make up my mind, I stick with it, even if I can see that it's wrong. 8. Lack of emotion- I never show my emotions. I always lock away my emotions and when I'm sad or mad, I just mask my face so I look like I'm bored or whatever. 9. Independence- I'm wayy to independent. Like whenever I have to work in groups at school, I tend to get annoyed because I sometimes feel that the other people are weighing me down. 10. My nose- It's not the shape anything, it looks normal, but my sense of smell is REALLY terrible. I usually can't smell ANYTHING. If I go inside a dumpster, I'm sure that I won't be able to smell a thing. Sometimes, like maybe once a week, I can catch a whiff of something, but a second later, it's gone. I remeber being able to smell things a few years ago and my parents made me try medicines, but none of them work. I can sense that something smells, but I can't smell it.
  8. I sent a few out to random people and around 7 to some friends ^^ I've gotten 3 so far
  9. Happy New Year guys! No email. Did anyone win yet?
  10. I'm not a fan of inbreeding, but it's your choice I guess. But if someone never knew that their boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband were related to them, that'd be a different case. Inbreeding isn't always the cause of genetic disorders though. You can't really blame inbreeding as the number one factor for genetic disorders. For example, there are plenty of people who are inbred and are fine. But two of my cousins (both from my mom's side) have mental diseases. They were born with it, but as far as we know, they're not inbred and no one had a mental disorder until our generation.
  11. I don't think that I really want a relationship yet, since I'm currently 13. Maybe when I'm older. A guy did ask me out a month ago, but I turned him down. I did like this one guy during elementary school. We were in the same class since third grade and we were really alike. We read the same books, got the same grades and everything. I could tell that he liked me and I liked him too, but I moved in the summer before middle school. Now I like this other guy that goes to my piano academy. He's funny and I think he likes me. He's super good at the piano and he's nice to me. He likes to listen to me play, but he's a year younger than me. Weird right? If I told my friends that I liked a sixth grader, they'd laugh to death.
  12. I'm double jointed in all of my fingers. And my arms. It's useful for freaking out my firends I'm also good at imitating voices. I have perfect pitch.
  13. Yay! I can't wait to see what the adult sprites look like The eggs are really pretty. Merry Christmas!
  14. And a lot of Holly owners do gift their offspring. I was gifted one this year. There isn't enough Hollies yet for it to be common.
  15. I just tried breeding my pair for someone, but no eggs were produced, sadly. Oh, and I forgot to post this, but I have a new Hope dragon that grew up. I named her Prim's Hope. She doesn't have a mate yet, since CB Pinks are getting hard to find.
  16. I bred my pair today and finally got an egg If anyone's intrested, PM me, I need a home for it. And please have a CB Pink avalible to be its mate.
  17. Yay, I finally completed it! It was fun, though it was a bit confusing at first.
  18. Why kill inbreds? Just release them or freeze them or abandon them. And seriously, why is inbreeding such a bad thing? They're just pixels. I do like collecting pretty lineages, but I don't care whether a dragon's inbred or not. I also have an inbred Gold and Silver. I still try to breed them every week because I barely have any golds or silvers. If I get an egg from them, I'm not going to kill them or freeze them.
  19. My eye color is grayish blue. And they look like regular eyes I guess
  20. Hunger Games. I guess I like Maximum ride too, but not one of my top ten favorites. But I love the Hunger Games, especially since there's plenty of action and the characters are well developed. The ending is really sad though, especially when certain characters die like Finnick, Prim, Cinna, Boggs, Rue etc.
  21. I like hoarding pencils for some reason. And postcards. Oh, and snowglobes. I think I have 37 so far. My four year old cousin collects Pillow pets O_o
  22. I just missed three this week! D: I need a faster computer. Anyways, I thought they change sprites when the seasons change, since I saw the tree with pink flowers during spring and palm trees during summer. And can you trade them? I saw someone offering something for a leetle tree in a trading thread a few months ago.
  23. Meh, I think it's kind of a waste to kill rares, especially metallics, just to make the lineage seem shorter. I really don't care if a dragon has a long, messy lineage anyway. But I'd rather have two or three dragons rather than one that seems to be low gen.
  24. My first was the New Pygmy release. I remember looking at the computer screen and going, O_o What is that?, because I never checked the News section and I didn't use the forums much back then.