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    My Wishlist:

    First Priority:

    Holly(s)- Non-inbred, Either gender
    Gold(s)- Non-inbred, Either gender
    Ice(s)- CB or Non-inbred, Male

    Second Priority:

    Silver(s)- Non-inbred
    Black Marrow- Sec. Gen. (Father: BBR; Mother: Black Marrow), Female
    Pumpkin- Non-inbred, Either gender
    Gold Tinsel(s)- Non-inbred (for freezing)
    Red Dino- Non-inbred
    Chicken(s)- Non-inbred
    Magma(s)- Non-inbred, Either gender
    CB Nebulas

    -Books I'm Currently Reading-

    Game of Thrones
    Dark River
    Alive (Manga)
    One Piece (Manga)

    -Games I'm Currently Playing-

    James Cameron's Avatar (PC)
    Assassin's Creed II (PC)
    Assassin's Creed IV (Xbox)
    Minecraft (PC)

    -Animes I'm Watching-

    One Piece
    Fairy Tail (2014)
    Shounen Onmyouji