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  1. Sweden nodded. In certain aspects, Stockholm could be similar to Copenhagen, albeit toned down. Stockholm was also exceedingly cautious around Sweden, due to some irrational fear of his brother. Because Sweden had obviously never done anything that might make his brother fearful of him. "Your home is quite nice... when it's not destroyed or in shambles." Sweden was starting to become bored... too much polite conversation... "So... do you still fancy yourself 'Queen of Scandinavia'? That was always a laugh."
  2. Sweden shrugged. In truth, he didn't care what was in the drink so long as it was warm. "I suppose a little bit of sugar and cream." The Swede looked around the home a little. It was certainly a nice home... nicer than he remembered. Then again, the few times he had seen it before had usually been against a backdrop of war. Not many people seemed to know it, but Sweden and Denmark had a bit of a rivalry... in fact, they'd gone to war with one another more times than France and England had. So when Denmark surrendered, he usually only saw a ruined version of her home. "So... where is your capital? Causing trouble?" Sweden didn't know much about Copenhagen, other than that he was supposedly annoying.
  3. OK... I'm going out of town for a bit... until Sunday, apparently. This kinda jumped on me at the last second and for that, I'm sorry. I know I'm not on nearly as much as I should be, and I'm sorry. I will try to get on via phone, but I can't guarantee that'll work out. I'm especially sorry to Chico, since she and I are in the middle of an interaction right now. Again, I'm sorry... I don't mean to avoid the RP and the people in it.
  4. "I never meant to suggest anything other than that you entertain me, as I was bored. And coffee sounds nice." Anything warm sounded nice, actually. Even putting his hand on a stove would be nice, if only to bring a little heat. It wasn't that Sweden couldn't stand the cold, he was wearing only a single jacket as protection after all. He just didn't enjoy it. True, the temperature wasn't unbearable but still... the Swede envied warmer countries. He stepped through Denmark's doorway and looked about. "Nice house..." He commented. 'Perhaps I could bum out here if anything happens back home.' Sweden thought to himself. 'It's not as though it would be uncomfortable.'
  5. "...you'll forgivE mE if i don't undErstand what "rall" mEans. do you mEan rEal?" Hyperion responded. "EvErything is rEal." He stated simply and matter-of-factly. He didn't envy his team-mate's situation even a little. The freezing cold seemed a very bleak and depressing prospect for a Cherub's world indeed. "as for mE... i think i'll ExplorE a littlE... sEE what's insidE this giant complEx so closE to my homE. again, try not to diE." The giant building seemed to be made of some kind of stone... and covered in dust. It was kind of amazing in and of itself that a building could accumulate so much dust. "The inside is probably just as dusty..." Hyperion muttered to himself. So long as it didn't get onto his clothes, he didn't care. The Limeblood detested being dirty.
  6. Sweden felt his smile widen a little as he shrugged. Denmark was fairly easy to rile up, and that was always entertaining. Really, anything he did seemed to make her mad and that was always fun... 'Danes are so high and mighty... the second someone points out they're not perfect they're crestfallen.' He thought to himself. Granted, this wasn't always true... but Sweden found it applied to most Danes he met. Especially Copenhagen. "I'm bored." He said simply. "It's not as though much is happening in the world. So... entertain me." No doubt Denmark would get angry and refuse, which would be entertaining to the Swede in its own way. Or she'd do something else that would entertain Sweden. Really, even the way she glared at him was funny to him.
  7. Sweden trudged alone through the snow quite happily, his usual smile for once being genuine. There was a certain joy in walking through the snow, even if it was absurdly cold and no sane person would go in such weather in such light clothes. Then again, Sweden wasn't unaccustomed to extreme temperatures, and he was wearing a jacket. The thing was, it was a rather light jacket and most people would wear three instead of one. But again, Sweden didn't mind the cold. The thought of seeing his friend Denmark was a warming one, in a way. Well... 'friend' was a term the Nordic states all used quite loosely when referring to one another. All the same, Sweden felt a strange warmth as he knocked on the Dane's door. Whether it was from friendship or a joy in pestering her, he didn't know.
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  9. "alright. bE carEful. if you diE, this stupid gamE, if you can EvEn call this abomination a gamE, will only gEt hardEr." Hyperion gave a small gesture that might be considered a Cherub salute to his compatriot, although nobody would see it but himself, and decided to head out. Carefully peaking his head out to check for imps, which there were thankfully none of, the Lime-blood strolled down his staircase and towards the front door. As he gripped the doorknob, a sense of apprehension gripped him. He wasn't nervous exactly, but Hyperion wasn't one to take an unnecessary risk. So, in his other hand, he held his weapon out to greet anything that wanted to greet him at the door. Thankfully, the only thing to greet him upon opening the door was a giant library. Hyperion made a mental note that it was somehow closer to his home than he had expected.
  10. OK, I realize I haven't been very active the past few days, and for that I apologize. I also apologize for the fact that it's probably only going to get worse, as the coming week is Mid-Terms for me. After that though, I have a break and I'll be able to post much more frequently. In the meantime, all I can offer is this apology. Sorry! I really hope to be on more frequently soon.
  11. "i pErsonally don't carE what you dEcidE to wEar." Hyperion replied. "so long as it's not somE bizarrE invisibility thing and i can't sEE you at all, i rEally don't carE." Hyperion felt that the discussion was becoming exceedingly tedious in regards to clothing. "as for your planEt... you kinda got scrEwEd. the cold sucks." Cherubs weren't mammals last Hyperion checked, so a lack of warm environment to keep their bodies heated could very well kill them. Saying that the cold "sucks" is was really a massive understatement. "i guEss i takE back what i said. wEar a lot of clothing. run around a lot. gEt your blood moving. that kinda stuff. as for mE... minE is basically a barrEn rock with only onE building, so, i guEss i know whErE i'm going nExt."
  12. "So... where are we going, bro?" Stockholm asked casually as he walked next to Sweden. His brother shrugged a little before looking around the room, lest he forget anything before leaving. "We could simply watch... most other countries get up to some... interesting thing." He replied. Stockholm was mildly surprised Sweden had even spoken, considering how many people were around. Although, now that he really looked around, nobody was paying either of them much attention. "Alright. So who... oh." He spotted North Korea and Slovakia... interacting? It was tough to say what exactly the two were doing. But one was a volatile state headed by a dead person and the other was incredibly awkward in social situations. "Perhaps it'll be interesting to watch." The capitol mused, sharing his brother's smile.
  13. Sweden simply looked on as everyone made their announcements regarding this policy and that tax cut. It was mind-numbingly boring, especially since so little of it actually pertained to Europe, much less Scandinavia. Many countries were in Asia, which was so far away from Sweden that he knew even less about them than Sealand. And few people knew about Sealand's very existence. There was a point where Stockholm was about to rise and make similar announcements about the state of affairs in their homeland, but Sweden just put a hand on his brother's shoulder and made him sit. Nobody was actually paying attention at this point, and even fewer people would care about what was happening in Sweden. He was just staring at some part of the wall and pretending to listen at this point. The sooner the meeting ended, the better.
  14. Hyperion glanced at his team-mate's costume and rolled his eyes. "how droll." He typed. The concept of having pool-ball eyes certainly wasn't an unusual concept, to Cherubs at least, but Hyperion found his "friend's" imitation to be just plain silly. "arE you almost donE with your drEss-up gamE? wE havE morE important things to do." What Hyperion oh-so-conveniently left out was that he himself had spent a fair amount of time creating new garbs for himself. His tuxedo was a dark green to match his skin with a bow-tie that was practically two candy-corn pieces jammed together into the shape of said tie with a peppermint circle in the center. Though Hyperion didn't like to share it, he was a bit of a candy-freak. To finish off his bizarre choice of clothing, he had a Lime patch sewn onto his breast-pocket. His undershirt was similarly styled, covered in cherries and limes in various patterns. Hyperion was partially glad Aeolus was blind, else he might somehow see the shirt and think the Lime-blood had some kind of feelings for him, which Hyperion most assuredly didn't. "look, wE nEEd to movE on. comE on."
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  17. Yes we are. If you want to join, follow the instructions on the first page for making a character and PM me a form.
  18. ((Edited.)) Sweden nodded at Ireland as she greeted him. Not exactly the country he had been hoping to be greeted by, but the Irish girl seemed pleasant enough. Definitely better than England or- "Denmark." The Swede muttered under his breath at the sight of the other Nordic. His sibling tugged on his sleeve to get his attention. "Hello, Ireland." The Swede's usual grin had diminished ever-so-slightly, but it was still present on his face. As Sweden took his seat however, his eyes lingered on the Danish country. "Sweden... hey, calm down. Come on, I think the meeting is going to start soon. I hope." His brother was nudging him but Sweden didn't seem to notice. He simply kept glaring at the Dane. Stockholm gave up on his brother and turned to the Irish country in his place. "Sorry about my brother's rudeness. He's... we don't let him out of the house much." The capitol gave a bit of a nervous grin.
  19. "...wEll. i guEss i should tEst this thing out. hold on a sEcond. i nEEd to complEtEly unplug my tErminal, so... i'll bE gonE for a fEw sEconds. or rathEr, a fEw minutEs." Hyperion typed out his last message before closing the chat, turning off the terminal, and beginning the process of disassembling the machine. Sure enough, unplugging the bulky machine from the jungle of cables connected to it took more than a few seconds. Finally, Hyperion managed to captchalogue the truly important parts of the terminal into a single card. "OK... now hopefully, this won't be a waste of time." Hyperion exited his room and began to search for the machine that would actually prove useful at this point. Finally, after a bit of boring imp-slaying (Hyperion never thought killing would be boring, but when your opponents are so weak, it's not exactly exciting) along the way, the Cherub found the various machines that were needed for the process. Through a complex series of events involving punch-cards, cruxite, and a bunch more convoluted nonsense that wouldn't serve much purpose by being detailed, Hyperion managed to combine the headphones with his terminal. "ok... can you hEar mE? i think thEsE things should bE working..."
  20. Sweden grinned at the building which was to be the place of the world meeting. Well, he grinned at everything, but this one was a little more sincere. It had been a while since he had really cared about politics... In truth, he actually still didn't care for politics, he had just been so insanely bored that going out into the world seemed like the best thing to do. He had also begun to mentally contradict himself, but that was a minor side-effect of the loneliness. He looked to his brother, Stockholm, who was also smiling. Stockholm didn't have a perpetual (and somewhat creepy) smile like Sweden did, so his actual meant something. "Hey, Sweden? Who do you think will be there?" The capitol questioned. His big brother simply shrugged and proceeded as if the question had never been raised. Stockholm didn't mind. He knew that Sweden didn't mean anything by seemingly ignoring him. That was simply the way his brother was. Most people found it unnerving, but after spending literally centuries dealing with it, Stockholm stopped caring a long time ago. "Well, I kinda hope we see Finland..." The Capitol said, quickly adding "Well, not really Finland himself... but rather his capitol..." He let his voice trail off before clearing his throat and ineffectually trying to hide his flushed face from his brother. Sweden politely remained silent. "Anyway! Let's just focus on the meeting." Stockholm finally managed to say as they approached the door. Sweden pushed open the door and expected at least somebody to immediately greet him. That 'somebody' would hopefully be another Scandinavian, though Sweden would have been content to simply be greeted. Stockholm would have preferred if his brother wasn't simply standing in the doorway in an attempt to get someone's attention. ((Bleh... sorry for the kinda crappy post. Although, I'll be posting more frequently so... kinda good?))
  21. Hyperion wasn't one to admit fault readily, but he had to admit, he had royally screwed up by not doing a proper check for creatures. "i apologizE for how inEffEctivE i was in chEcking your surroundings... i should havE put forth morE Effort." Apologizing was not an activity he actively enjoyed, so he quickly turned to the task at hand of creating some kind of portable communications device. "hold on a sEc... lEmmE sEE if i can crEatE somEthing that'll work." He typed quickly, before scrounging about one of his storage devices. There had to be something somewhere... "Here it is." The Cherub muttered to himself with a pleased grin. His headphones hadn't seen use in quite some time, and Hyperion found them a bit babyish (hence why he had buried them under pretty much everything else he owned) but they would suffice. "ok. if wE can work out this alchEmy thing, wE should bE ablE to mErgE my old hEadsEt with my tErminal. i think. nonE of this stuff is as clEar as it should bE. it's a rEal pain in thE rEar End."
  22. Hyperion was actually about to leave, having actually reached the door, before he heard the sound his chat client made whenever it had a pending message. The Cherub rolled his eyes and cursed under his breath before angrily and deliberately stomping over to the terminal to read the message that had been sent to him. At the mention of 'someong' being inside his team-mates home, the Lime-blood briefly feared for his own safety. But only briefly. As the fear passed, quickly being replaced by annoyance, Hyperion began to scan the area on his screen impatiently. "not that i can sEE. stop worrying. what could possibly bE a thrEat? morEovEr, what could possibly EvEn bE in thErE?" In truth, Hyperion had just hastily looked over the one room that Aeolus was in rather than actually looking over the entire area that was the other cherub's home. If he had, perhaps he might have seen the creatures on the ground floor, but since he hadn't... "now, do i nEEd to kEEp babysitting you? i should think your spritE will sufficE as a babysittEr in my stEad, so may i continuE with what i was doing?"
  23. ((Hey, guys. I'm sorry I haven't posted at all, but the last few days have been pretty hectic for me. Today especially. But, I'll hopefully be back to my regular schedule quite soon. So... just keep on going without me. No worries.))
  24. ((Uh... I thought Ice was going to post. If she's simply unable to post and message us, how about we give her just until the end of tomorrow? I know she said that she would post the opening meeting, but if she can't do so by tomorrow's end, we'll just have to move on. If anyone wants to volunteer for that, then go ahead. But don't actually post until Ice's time is up.))