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  1. Ok, i'm reviving this with some friends, guys (talking about my friends, lost,pckman, etc ) your profiles goes into this post : ( just post your profiles undo my post and il copy them here )
  2. [[ aww well it's ok anyways i'll post later * hangover* my head hurts lol ]]
  3. (( eerr... this is an RP by the way it isn't even an OOC you should ask these questions in the general discution part of the forums thanks ))
  4. [yeah that's how he transform to defeat pain] Edit: i'll post later im at school
  5. [[ Bro im so sorry , skull didn't send me the apps yet and i sent him a pm he didn't answer D: ! you can come for the survival i guess just meet us in the woods, like if you were just skipping class and you met us there or something is that ok ? ]] '' Alright so now what is the first step in survival ? '' he answered his own question. '' That's right gathering wood '' . This was an easy task, all they had to do was to get wood.. that wasn't so dangerous was it ? He sat down near a tree. '' You can all come back here after, I guess I could hunt with all of you . '' He told his squad. The first day was always the day with the more efforts to put, and the more tasks to do, the 2 other days would be pretty much more relax for everyone but he still couldn't wait to see how his team was going to be. If they ever want to become jounin they had to know how to survive alone in the woods, and this was a team survival so it shouldn't be that hard.
  6. Edmon was happy with his answer, and now that this was done they could go do the survival. '' Alright follow me guys '' he told his team, leading them to the entrance of the big forest near the main gate. He dragged his team into the woods, they were about 30 minutes of running from the village, not that far but far enough. '' Alright now here we are. '' He said to his team. The forest was big and green, giant trees and vegetation everywhere. Three days here, this would be a relaxing time for him but maybe not for his students.. '' Ok now i want everyone to drop their supplies and bags, blankets, anything that you have brought for the survival here. '' Then with a big grin on his face he turned to kaiser and asked him a little favor. '' Kaiser, burn all of that.'' he told him. He wanted pure survival, no supplies nothing. Food ? you had to hunt for it.
  7. Edmon wasn't really suprised, he knew those were easy questions. '' yes, perfect. '' Now he turned to hatsu. '' can you name me atleast 5 chakra nature ? I'll give you the first one. Earth release. '' He couldn't wait to get over this part and start with the survival. 3 days in the forest, He couldn't wait to see how his students were going to do. He waited for hatsu's answer before telling everyone they good go do the survival.
  8. Edmon praised hikari, for getting the good answers. Now he turned to kaiser. '' So kaiser tell me, what is a kekkei Genkai, explain it to me ''. Now it was kaiser's turn to answer a question. This one was an easy one too.
  9. When Edmon arrived he saw that his students were there, practicing as usual. They were introducing them selfs, that was quite a good idea since they were going to be in the same squad for a while. But Edmon didn't want to introduce himself. Atleast not yet, the only way they will know his name was if they all passed the exams. He walked towards the students who were talking to each other. '' Hey, you guys ready for the intellectual part of the exam ? '' First if they wanted to be able to do the survival they had to pass the intellect test. The test is really simple all they had to do was to answer 2 or 3 answers each. '' So i heard your name was hikari is that right ? Tell me, what are the 7 contries ? I will give you the first one: the contry of fire ,where the village of Konoha is.'' He waited for her answer, this part of the exams was his least favorite, he liked more the fighting and adrenaline. He couldn't wait for the survivals though, that was really his favorite. He liked to play tricks on his students and make them feel fear.
  10. Edmon woke up, The sun was starting to rise and since he didn't really sleep, he already was awake when the sun was up. He got up, got ready for the exams, took his puppet and went to the academy. He didn't know if he should talk about the weird laugh he heard to his students, he didn't want to scared them so he juged it was a better idea if he wouldn't talk about it. Today was the other part of the exams, the survival.. He only feared one thing and that thing was the sound ninjas. What if more of those ninjas showed up ? What if those shinobies were stronger then him and his squad, what would happen ? he put those thoughts aside and went to the academy and waited for his students to show up.
  11. [[yeah that would be good]] Edmon was finally back come, he could now work in peace on his puppets. He had to build a new one because Kaiser had broke the one he used for the exams. He went into his den and started to work on his new puppet. This time he would make a close combat one, No darts or long ranged attack only melee and close combat. He took out a big piece of wood and with his earth tools that he made with his Jutsu he started to carve and build. He would call his next puppet: The Cat. He had put sharp claws on every finger, a giant metal hand in the center of it's body attached with a rope that would shoot and grab the person in front of it to then drag it in closer. It also had claws on it's feet and sharp teeth. It actually looked more of an animal then a actual person. It walked and ran on it's four feet just like a cat. Mhmm never tried this type of puppet before... i wounder if it will work good he thought. He then added his fire proof vernish and went to sleep. Tomorrow was the other part of the exams. The hardest part actually.. because right after the intellect test was the survival. ~ Unknown ~ As all of you went to bed, you could all hear this weird music.. like notes, each time a different note was played but it wasn't a nice song or noise it was more of an annoying sound and that made all of us sleep really badly and feel uncomfortable. '' Hehehehe '' Then a weird laugh could be heard every hour or so until you all finally fell asleep. There was noway to locate where the sound came from and it seemed to come from everywhere at the same time just like before..
  12. [[ Alright you guys should head home and meet same place tomorrow so we can start the second and third part of the exams ]]
  13. -Unknown- The atmosphere was feeling heavy near the woods. A weird voice seemed to come out of everywhere at the same time. '' Hehehehehe this will not be the last time we meet. '' The voice said and not another sound was heard.
  14. [[ Nahh it's fine i'll end the battle, you pass ]] Five clones appeared. Now the puppet was out numbered. three of those clones were able to land an attack on the puppet chipping a lot of wood off of it, and one hit even caused an arm to fall off. Two of the clones missed their sword attack but instead, exploded on it. Now that the coating was off, the puppet started to take on fire. Edmond broke the chakra strings and came out of under the ground. The puppet fell hopelessly to the ground itself, since no more chakra strings were controlling it. '' Great, you pass '' He said looking at kaiser who was full of mud and sweating. '' You are all great, fighters. My squad will do just fine '' He told to his hole team. Now it was getting dark and cold outside. He thought they should call it a day and tomorrow his student will have to pass a small intellectual test, just 3 easy questions each and after that they would go survive 3 days in the wild ! '' Let's call it a day, we all meet here tomorrow same hour '' he said before using body flicker and disappearing into smoke. [[ By the way guys, nick will jump in soon, he will be chased by a sound ninja in the forest and meet you guys in the fighting grounds. So your characters will see him fight then you can all go home ]]
  15. [[ Hehe he's a jounnin and he was ready for that one ]] A kunai directly hit the puppet's body, and now was stuck in it's wood. It broke one of the mechanism that was in his chest, made to grab the opponent with a claw. '' Mehh too, bad i didn't get to use that one '' he muttered from underground we could barely hear him if not even. The explosion made the poisonous fog to start to clear away and the coating on the puppet was starting to wear off. The first two slashed of burning sword did almost nothing but slashs in the wood but the third hit managed to get some of his chest to burn but the puppet was still going. '' Hey did i tell you to come so close ? Earth Release: Earth Flow River '' He said as he proceeded to make the hand signs. ((dice roll: 28)) The ground under Kaiser's feet turn into pure mud, making him loose balance and probably fall to the ground, making his escape quite useless. Edmon took advantage of that moment and made another hand seal. '' Earth Style Technique, earth pillars !! '' Thee small pillar rose from the ground, all directed at kaiser. ((dice roll: 4 - 19 - 11 )). As he made those last hand signs a pain from the hit he took to the side earlier made him miss some of the signs, making the pillars fail or for some just weaker. [[ I've always liked fighting against you kaiser Oh and no problem nick ! a 4 squad team will do just fine, unless kaiser you wish to make a jounnin like edmon ? and be a squad leader for nick's team ? i could make a another gennin and psy too i guess.]]
  16. [[great accepted, although i dont know how you could jump in.]]
  17. [[ Those jutsus seem a bit strong for a little gennin ? ]]
  18. As kaiser ran Edmon took out his puppet, just in time to block that strong fire ball. '' Damn a direct hit, good thing i put a coat of fire resisted varnish on it this morning '' Kaiser came quickly and his fist was fast, Edmon tried to block it with his hand but since taijutsu wasn't of his kind he managed to atleast deflect it a bit but he still took the hit. '' Not bad, not bad, your a quick one '' He attached his puppet to his hands with chakra and started making hand seal. '' Hide like a mole thecnique ! Hahaha cya looser ! '' he called out with a grin knowing that would taunt kaiser. The ground under his feet started to transform into some kind of watery mud, and he disappeared under the ground. Now from here he couldn't get hit and he could control his puppet. All kaiser had to do to win this fight was to break his puppet. He made his puppet jump back to make some distance. From the puppet's mouth a tube was coming out, and it throwed out a dart directly at kaiser. ( dice roll: 29 ). From under the puppet's hands two more tubes opened up and poison gaz came out. Now to attack it kaiser had to either attack from far or to get the puppet to come closer. [[ muhuahaha i really got lucky on that 29 ! ]]
  19. Edmon thought it was a good time to interrupt the fight, he jumped in front of Hikari, caught one of the flying kunai with his hands and deflected the other one with the kunai he had caught. '' Alright, alright you guys pass, but i'm sure next time when you have your dog Hatsu, you will be better. '' He looked at kaiser, now it was his turn. ''hikari can you heal Hatsu ? or do you want me to call a med-nin ? '' He asked her. He then told them to step aside and asked kaiser if he was ready. '' you get the first attack, go ahead '' he said with a big grin.
  20. [[ You guys can make 1 more post each ? then i'll stop the fight ]]
  21. [[ yeah the getting closer part sound's good but im not 100% sure i understood your firts part with the individual skills though ]] Edmon was watching closely too. This hyuuga girl was doing pretty good right now and she was the one to declare the first physical contact hit. He didn't see any of Hatsu's thecnique yet, but he knew it would come soon. He stood there watching, ready to interrupt at any point if the battle was getting too intense. He could'nt wait to fight against one of his student, he would push him t'ill he was exhausted. He really wanted to see the maxium capacity of his new squad but he had faith in them.
  22. [[ It was perfect the only thing was you forgot about hikari's kunai that she throwed at you ouh and you didn't need to use the dice roll on the smoke bomb, the dice rolls are only when you attack another player. ]]
  23. [[ Alright, now see here flyking, 2 of her attacks were succefull. You choose what they do. But 2 of them have to be atleast positive for her ]] [[ Also.. do you guys think it's a good idea to add +3 or something around that do the roll of our dice if we are attacking with our major skill ? just an' idea though ! Exemple: in psy's last post she throwed shurikens so that isn't her major skill so no +3 .. her major is taijutsu and her minor is ninjutsu. ]]