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  1. Oh wooow, this is looking great. Do waaaaant ~
  2. holy CRAP that female. o_o; Do want. Super gorgeous!
  3. ahhhh i usually don't comment on these things but this dragon is gorgeous~! my favorite of the new releases so far <3
  4. Started out as an adult collector (trying to get at least two of each sprite) but I've been here for so dang long that I've nearly run out of stuff to collect~! So now I just grab random dragons and breed what I can! I was working on picking up albinos and purple dorsals for awhile, and I'm always adding to my massive vine army.
  5. Ahahaha, see I don't care about inbred dragons. I try to prevent it with my own dragons but if I catch something that's inbred it's not a huge deal to me. :'D They're just pixels I guess, at the end of the day it's not like the offspring is going to have genetic issues.
  6. I currently have an army of vines. -hugs them all- They're hovering at around 150ish. In the near future I want to collect more Albinos, but I'm still working on vines.
  7. I have six in one ear, five in the other. The first piercings I got (just one in each ear) were done professionally-- after that, I just did them myself as I saw fit. I've considered getting snakebites/a nose stud but I'm not really sure. I had an eyebrow piercing at one point but I got sick of it.
  8. Vines (Dark Green) are my favorites. Now that I've completed most of my other scroll-wide goals, I'm focusing on expanding my collection of them. My goal is to hit 150 very soon (I have 135 presently).
  9. Resix

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    :0 Oh wow, these eggs are gorgeous. -catches a few- I'll have to get the brown ones later.
  10. Yanked it from an obscure character in a little known about Pokemon game. I'm so original, durr hurr.
  11. I mostly breed my golds/silvers/other rare dragons. I abandon most of what I breed. This week I bred 1 gold and 1 silver and sent them happily to the AP. 8D (I also bred 2 or 3 goldfish dragons and send them to the AP for people; hopefully their owners will take care of them) I am only interested in vines/collecting at least 4 of each dragon sprite except dinos and chickens. I am pretty much only missing commons now. (:
  12. Double-tailed, Déjà Drake, Fantasy, Quicksilver, Silk-tailed, and Sylph. Ughhh I would do horrible, terrible things for those dragons. I also love the Battle Dragons, but idk what happened to them. 8D
  13. A cb silver, aptly named Resix. I had wanted a female, and it ended up being male. He's still one of my favorite dragons, and one of the ones that I have bred the most.
  14. Resix


    the glitches seem to get less and less impressive and scary as time goes on.
  15. Resix


    o-o; pokemon news and dragcave is down? lolwtfisgoinonhere -late to the party, distracted by valenthandgpx other sites-
  16. I collect adults with sprites that I like. I have over 100 vines thus far. Presently I'm trying to get 4 of every sprite (except ones I can't get 4 of for scroll-limit reasons). I don't freeze. There aren't many hatchling sprites that I like. I barely tolerate them as it is when they're growing up.
  17. Silver right now. I'm nearly at gold. -shrugs- I'm slow and I only collect adults.
  18. Ughhh, I use legacy custom sort, because I'm completely stuck in my ways and unwilling to change. I just stick my vines before everything else, then arrange the rest however I feel they should be arranged that particular minute.
  19. My highest stat would be Views: 24,306 - Sciet - Resix UVs: 11,509 - Sciet - Resix Clicks: 631 - Sciet - Resix Bleh she was my first dragon and has been sitting at the top of my scroll forever.
  20. Joined in july of '08 member # 7697 God has it really been that long? I think I joined dragcave the same day I joined the forums (my dragon Sciet has the same birthday). My post count is pathetic...
  21. I'm not doing my actual name because, whatever, but my most of my alias dragons belong to me. ;3 Resix is a male silver and Freeziepop (rp site alias from like 4 years ago) is an alt vine. Not sure about the oldest one from 7+ years ago... -checks- Ah, it is indeed taken by someone other than me. ;3 a female split. Interesting!
  22. Looks that way. Hopefully it'll be back up sometime later today. -fingers crossed-
  23. It's yet another error. The thing that resets the database to make it a 'new day', the cron, is currently busted. Keith is working on it but for now you can only feed each person once. -feeds your pets-
  24. Argh I'm going crazy without Valenth. -addict- @Snow Plow: There's a whole forum on Valenth called "The Public Stables" where people make feeding threads to post their adoptables. You can feed other people there. Sometimes people have their pets posted in their Valenth profiles, too, but those aren't working right now. There is a lot wrong with the site, unforunately. @_x Tons of stuff is broken but it's still fun.