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  1. It didnt really matter which you clicked, its just chance. I flipped a coin.
  2. ngl I thought of these guys ...thats a good thing btw xD
  3. Now that I've finally figured out how SW2 works ....that is so Full Metal Jacket. I love it.
  4. I can finally change the mess of a gingerbread house I made!!!
  5. I tried to make my gingerbread house a Tardis during my hardcore Whovian phase. Oh god, I cannot wait until I can remove that from existence and try something new xD
  6. Well it was a decade ago we decorated those trees, Id assume most people weren't that attached to an online tree we decorated ten entire years ago. I spent a lot of time decorating my actual tree every year, too, but I don't carefully put it in a special Tree Closet so nothing gets altered. I just took a screenie of the old one and tried something new, its not like I was going and looking at the thing on a daily basis. It was fun the first time, I was proud of it, but I made it a decade ago and Im having fun trying some new ideas I've had since then. I haven't talked to anyone who isn't enjoying it, so a lot of people thought it was a good idea. Plus the people that haven't been here for ten years are getting a chance to decorate a tree or wreath. If you don't want to change the tree, play the baking game until one of the other six events still to come get revealed. Personally I can't wait for(hopefully) the fort and house to be available again to try something new.
  7. Im really loving those (I managed to get a Lunar from one pairing before the ratios went nutty) but I found this and...weirdly love it?
  8. Its much, much better if you assume what you're looking at is a dragon thats saying "screw yooooou ground!!!" and is in fact, about to headbutt the ground. Its my fav of the two because thats what Im seeing. The lady Pygmy is over there bout to start a legit headbutt fight with a shark, but her guy tripped and is blaming Ground.
  9. So far they totally look like axolotls and I love it
  10. HAVE: Two 3rd gen SAltkins WANT: 3rd gen SALtkin stair from Alt Heartseeker or Sakuhana OFFER!
  11. I put a hatchie in a one-way teleport, but when I try to click it (the "One-Way-Transfer", the hatchie next to it, 'actions' on the hatchies actual page, paste the url into another window) nothing happens. Someone checked for me, and they can open it, but if click the same link they clicked it just opens a blank page. Whaaaat is thiiiis.
  12. To be fair, that part wasn't actually on purpose
  13. i legit spent the last few days thinking "i swear to god, if they released a gold/purple dragon a month after I didnt get a summonable Thanos-Dragon, and its not a Thanos Dragon, i will lose my crap, find it, and then shoot it behind a barn" ......but those Rifts are...omg i dont even care its not Thanos, theyre incredible
  14. Some people sort by the date, they need at least a set from release day.
  15. i didn't mean to, i just dumped something wiith ashes into the trash, guess it wasnt 100% out xD
  16. Really? Nobody? Cause iiii really think the shading where the purple meets the gold makes it look like the gold isn't part of the egg. Some kind of gold thing on a purple egg Sorts next to Risensongs ("and watch the sun rise on a grateful universe") and the eggs are moving around the biomes, almost like...you know...its looking for somethings? (dont anyone tell me me they don't agree its a stupid theory !! xD i need to believe this rn, especially after all that voodoo i learned to try and win the raffle last night and that didn't work.. I bought whiskey , i set a trash bag ablaze in my apartment.
  17. Tony did hope that when we played it back, it'd be in celebration. This really feels like a celebration.
  18. Theres are 12 candles on the cake, two of each color, and then a 13th non-colored one....nobody tell me this is crazy! They're dragons based on things specifically collected to make another thing. And they had to be collected twice. .....nobody take this hope from me
  19. Maybe since its the 13th Bday, and theres 6 dragons, you need 12 to summon a 13th. Like they were collected in Infinity War and then Endgame.
  20. Ok, first, those are Vision dragons and thank you. And I just about lost my mind when I saw just...basically the eye of Agamotto, you worked that in to looking like a necklace but not amazingly. I just wanted to know if the antlers had a specific inspiration or were just an artistic touch.
  21. .....I am so exceptionally happy about all of this. I was screaming "ORB BITS" at friends through text, this is just...I cannot believe these dragons are real, I cannot believe this is happening. I was 100% sure it was in his Hammer. It fit with the T.H.A.N.O.S thing, it made sense. I had visuals. But no, it was Hand. Kovos is legit one of my favs because I immediately knew it had to be Infinity Dragons if the red one had the smokey stuff around it, and...I may not have been Dark World's super fan, but the visuals were great, and it nailed that (even though it lead to Knowheres partial ruin and why wont anyone tell me if its ok?! Did they rebuild? It feels like a delicate economy there, the in-house insurance is probably a scam. Im just really worried about how it'll bounce back from this. Its a criminal space mall in a dead gods head, its my fav location in the entire MCU other than 'wherever Bucky is'.) Ok, who made the Vremya cause I got questions about the antlers. And the Geminae! Why two heads? Is one of them Ultron? Cause one the left one's horns def remind me of Ultron.