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----Sgt Bucky Barnes----

~Professor of Buckyology~

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    Sgt Bucky Barnes is going to tied up for a while for breeding, Ill update when he's free!

    Super cool with IOUs, just message me here or on Discord (Discord will be easier to get a hold of me)

    I collect
    -CB Almandines (will probably call them Almonds because I can never remember how to spell it right)
    -2g SAkins
    Check out my 2g Sakins if you want any bred for trade! group/100819

    Also check out my listed Tumblr page for more info, IOUs, full wishlists and lineages!

    Dragon Suggestion:
    The Aldebaran Dragon. A fierce looking classic dragon. Black coloring, torso scales in sort of horizontal line patterns. Glorious brown mane. Metal left wing, why? Because it's disabled and I think its pretty rude to bring attention to it. Named after the star Aldebaran, a red giant, as the metal wing sports a red star, which definitely represents Aldebaran and is not a symbol of Soviet Russia, which the Aldebaran Dragon has never been a brainwashed assassin for why would you even think that.