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  1. Caught my first ever copper in the dessert (I've had to trade for all of the one's I got up to now).
  2. Xenowyrm type: Mageia Gender: Male - Mate: Mageia Biome: Desert Elemental affinity: Change Mana: Magi - Result: Mageia Xenowyrm type: Gaia Gender: Male Mate: Gaia Biome: Jungle Elemental affinity: Creation Mana: Life - Result: Refused
  3. I caught my very first dino from the cave!
  4. kehf

    2015-04-26 - April Release

    I'm very glad it was a bug and not a 'feature'. Thank you for fixing it TJ. Thanks to everyone on the forum who listened and comiserated to those of us who were on the outside looking in at this release. It was really nice to be able to come in, raise concerns and have folks be generally nice about it even if our goals in playing the game aren't the same.
  5. kehf

    2015-04-26 - April Release

    I think the stress comes from experience with prior releases, where, in my own experience, if I didn't get at least 2 eggs from the new release in the first day of a drop I might not see CB eggs for months or years. So the current cycle of, big fast drop and then a slow trickle just reinforces anxiety on drop day that if I (and I'm just speaking for myself) don't pick them on on the day, I'll never see them again as CB's That said, I've decided to take advantage of the fact that several of the sometimes-hard-to-find eggs that I need for my breeding projects have shown up in the cave and I'm locked with them. Good luck to everyone else
  6. kehf

    2015-04-26 - April Release

    I don't understand why it matters how many CB new eggs drop initially? What would be the problem if the initial drop was more generous? Even if everyone has 1-7 eggs of a new release, their breeding in the future is not going to impact the caveborn eggs. The CB's drop in one part of the site and the abandoned eggs drop in another. After the initial drop the new egg could be set to rare, medium or well done and at least those active on the site during the drop would have had a chance during the initial release. Limiting the initial catch to 2-4 might also make sure more people got a chance to catch eggs (and might allow the drop time to be extended). I try to remember they are just pixels-- but they are pixels I invest time in and I'd like that time to be respected.
  7. kehf

    2015-04-26 - April Release

    I haven't seen any of the new eggs on the site and every hourly drop has locked up for me. I have a fast internet connection. I'm not crushed, but it does seem like, if ratios are important, then there should be a limit on the number of dragons that each scroll can have during the first X-hours of a drop. Some folks got 6-7 eggs and some got zero. I know this game isn't designed to be 'fair' but it is annoying to not even have a chance. As an example, since I came back to the game last year after a hiatus, I have seen exactly one CB copper and zero golds or silver in the cave. Honestly, I don't get why some dragons need to be rare at all. That part of the game doesn't appeal to me-- in large part because sitting in front of a computer screen clicking like crazy to try to find something is a waste of time I could be using to do something else. /rant I know some folks like the thrill of the chase and I've adapted by focussing on breeding easier to find dragons, however, it would be nice to have a better chance at spotting a new release while still having a life.
  8. I like this idea-- in part because it gives folks who can't play as frequently a chance to gain an egg slot. It might also be nice for folks who are selective about what dragons they have on their scroll and so take a longer time to build a collection of dragons.
  9. I like these even better than the one's I suggested.
  10. I support this idea. Also, I would love it if the actions page for any dragon would let you access your individually applied BSA dragons powers. For example: I want to teleport egg X. I go to egg X's action page where all BSA would have links & if I didn't have any BSA dragons whose powers were active then those links would be greyed out. I can't tell you the number of times I've gone to the specific egg's action page to use a BSA on it only to remember that I have to find a BSA dragon first. One of the reasons I'd like to access the actions though the dragon that I want to affect is because the dragon I want to affect is more specific that the dragon I need to use to create the effect & that way I don't have to remember the specific code of the egg I want to affect.
  11. I agree with this. I also miss the fun parts of TAE/LAE: Friendly comments about eggs/hatchlings, frequent postings of nice eggs (all of the coppers I have I got from people on TAE/LAE), the ability to take one and then leave one, or leave one then take one depending on what was going on with your own scroll, the fact that many people tried to leave nice dragons for the thread, and the encouragement to participate even if you didn't have the most awesome scroll to breed from. I loved the idea that you could make common dragons interesting by breeding an interesting lineage-- something that is much more doable for someone like me than catching or breeding rares. I don't miss the complaining about 'theft', the users who posted with an absurd list of 'rules' for dragons they were gifting (the one that sent it over the top for me was when a few people started adding "don't mess up the lineage" to the list of 'don'ts'). TJ's new gifting app provides a lot of the functionality of TAE/LAE but doesn't capture the community spirit that made it fun. Frankly, I saved up egg slots just for TAE/LAE just because it was fun to try make a gift that someone might like. It was almost a self-created mini-game. I could set goals-- like raising a pack of BSA hatchlings and then give them to the thread & it was the interaction of the TAE/LAE thread that made that fun. I do wonder if part of the problem with TAE/LAE stems from getting email updates about the thread. Since the email's include any links from the post, it is easy to just click on the link without reading any of the text or even fully realizing that the email is from TAE/LAE instead of (for example) the departures thread. Would it be possible/helpful if emails from forums only provided active links back to the board? I know that when I get those emails, the part that jumps out at me is not the name of the thread, but the html links. I would love for TAE/LAE to return & these would be my suggested thread 'rules' based on the types of interactions on the thread that made the thread worthwhile for me. This is what I would like to see for rules if TAE/LAE came back: 0. This is a gifting thread and is not for trading. 1. Gifters cannot require what will happen to the egg once it is gifted. Gifts to the thread are just that and the recipient can do as they please with the egg or hatchling they receive. 2. Gifts must come from the gifter's scroll. Posting a gift on behalf of someone else is prohibited. 3. Offers must be posted in the spirit of generosity & the understanding that this is a public thread. Uncommon eggs and interestingly lineage common eggs should be posted using one way links. Common eggs listed in the first post should not be gifted using this thread. 4.Two way trades may only be used to allow rare or BSA egg gifters the opportunity to give the egg to someone who does not have a lot of dragons or could benefit from a specific dragon. Two way trades should be infrequent and dummy eggs should be commons from the AP. 5. Gift recipients are strongly encouraged to give back to the thread in a timely manner and in the spirit of this thread. However, no one is to try to track if gifts are being given in return. A compelled gift is no gift at all. 6. Any conversation on the thread should center around the gifted eggs and hatchlings and should remain positive. Gifters may not make up their own rules about what 'should' happen to dragons on the thread, call out other users for failing to give back, or comment on the outcome of gifts that they found disappointing. The tone of the thread should be welcoming, positive, and generous.
  12. Offer on this through PM. I have a 4th gen that would be a perfect mate if I can get the genders to work out. Leaving: CB short time (under 4 hours) Bleeding moon. Gone-- enjoy!
  13. Took the vampire hatchling. Left a Undine hatchling a few posts back.
  14. Bumping my magi from a few pages back and adding 2nd gen PB Undine hatchling ETA the magi is getting close to hatching so I'm swapping it out for this: 2nd gen PB Seasonal from Summer parents Both gone-- enjoy!
  15. Took this. Left a magi egg just a few post's earlier & have edited it to reflect taking this hatchling.
  16. Taking: BlackPheonix42's magi hatchling further down the page. Leaving: Magi from magi x pebble checker On a two-way to start to give folks who need more magi's first dibs. This egg only has about 19 hours left before it can hatch. ETA: I'm off the computer for a while, so I've changed this to a one way transfer.
  17. Made an offer on the green copper. Left a Pyralsprite egg earlier.
  18. Taking: nothing right now Leaving: Almandine Pyralspite On a two-way transfer to give folks who might still need a Caveborn Alpine Pyralspite first dibs. I'm off to bed and will check back in my morning to see if there are any offers. Gone to Nalyua
  19. Snagged the Pyralspite-- thanks! Have given 2 eggs today and not had either of my trade offers accepted.
  20. Offered on the Undine Canceled this offer. Leaving a Red incubator for the thread. Gone-- enjoy!
  21. Left an offer on the pink dragon. Offering a CB magi egg Gone--enjoy!
  22. I took the pink egg. I still have this egg! on offer. ETA: Changed the teleport to a one-way as I'm off to bed.
  23. I don't have room to accept an egg at the moment-- so re-did the link as a one-way and sent it to you via PM.
  24. BSA hatchling pack still available. Gone! Also leaving: From the ancient order of shiny things Two-way, I'd prefer no killing/biting, but otherwise no restrictions. Changed to a one-way transfer.