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  1. I might be able to help.If my dragons cooperate. PM me and let me know what sort of lineage they like and which altkin they have already.
  2. My Dusk https://dragcave.net/lineage/e24hF https://dragcave.net/lineage/vg8Un https://dragcave.net/lineage/b5CCm https://dragcave.net/lineage/6ZXc6
  3. Congrats everyone and thanks for my pretty egg Rosa
  4. I have lots of cb female golds ready to breed if anyone needs 2gs. can anyone try for a female silver from Cb yulebuck for my giftee? Thanks to everyone who has tried. I have got one now courtesy of Ruby.
  5. From the main event page " Help fill up the bar to unlock the next chapter of the story. Contribute your progress to cold or warmth to affect how the story ends."
  6. It was 53 pc fire when I went to bed but the bar was neutral/ grey so yes I'd like to see it red too even if only momentarily
  7. Eeee just got my pm to let me know who my giftee is. Thank you to those involved in sending out the pms for the beautiful way it was presented too. A lot of thought went into it and into the sorting too. I am so happy that my giftee is in the same (ish) timezonde as me and I have several ideas for what to start trying for. I hope they will be very happy ;-):-D
  8. I'm team FIRE. I love fire (all the pretty colours! / candle smoke smells/cosiness /balancing the ice) but struggling to play catch up with yesterday's meter although I've submitted about ten hard puzzles this morning.. Still hasn't reached 90 per cent.( ETA now 88 percent on yesterday's meter @4am cave time) so another 112 pc needed before tomorrow Help! Loving watching the story unfold. What happens if we don't unlock the last epilogue before the story finishes? :0.
  9. And I'll be sending more fire mana when my 11 min wait Is over
  10. I'm doing fire. I submitted once to ice when the weather was getting warmer but it didn't make a difference to Nulhora. I believe in balance and the resistance. Go Fire!
  11. OMG Fiona you have such beautiful babies! Thanks for sharing.
  12. These are lovely. Thank you so much for all the work that you have out into writing the story and creating the game and meter and badge.
  13. Gorgeous adults. I LOVE them.thank you so much
  14. I've submitted a few hard puzzles to fire today to try and balance out the ice. It would be a lot more but I kept getting .1 min to submit.again which was a little frustrating when I thought I'd timed it right. Enjoying the game. Christmas isn't Christmas without a bit of fire! Lol thanks so much TJ for letting us catch up on past cbs and from what the new hatches look like this new release looks very exciting. Hope everyone is having a great holiday!
  15. I can breed BSA dragons for anyone who needs them too. I have CBs pretty seasonal checkers and PB pinks magi and reds if recipients are picky suggest you pick the PB ones for obvious reasons oh.. and Secret Santa mods can I add that I can breed from CBs of all christmas dragons now ( just trying to catch my last holly like everyone else)
  16. Thank you Rosa for your amazing Raffle and Lady in pink for your pretty pink egg. Wow! I didn't realise I could win a voucher as well. That was a huge surprise so thank you Dalek for your generosity. Congrats to all winners. Hoping to participate more next year. I love spriter alts.So pretty. Thanks everyone.
  17. I donated. First time so I wasn't sure if I needed to post as well.
  18. Personally, I never thought otherwise. I'm sure I speak for others. Thanks for taking on this huge task. I'll try to help out if possible.
  19. I Want to Sign Up! Forum name: Velvet_paw Scroll name: Velvet_paw's scroll Wishlist: 1.2G from Spriter's Alt, or CB Silver 2.3G from Spriter's Alt, even gen preferred 3.CB Aeon 4.4G from Spriter's Alt (even gen preferred) 5.BSA - CB Pink or CB Red 6.2g ice from wrapping wing or pacified aegis 7.Surprise me I like pretty 3-4g checkers,and 2g holidaykin for example Breeding abilities: I can breed a couple of lowish gen alt lineages and a number of holiday checkers,seasonal checkers,trio checkers,metallic checkers I can breed low gen Metal
  20. Ya thanks to Nikki and Jazeki the 2g turned purple and they produced https://dragcave.net/lineage/y6ygE Off to breed my cbs now.for the mass breed Bred winter magi X Royal blue https://dragcave.net/lineage/3RyqC Solstice X black tea https://dragcave.net/lineage/e2YYS Mistletoe sapphire no egg Mistletoe X script https://dragcave.net/lineage/5vsxw 3g checkers white from yule buck and from gold winged angel BBW from ribbon https://dragcave.net/lineage/BAfwh Black tea from solstice https://dragcave.net/lineage/uMVfu among
  21. This thread has really pushed me into sorting out my holidays and revising how many mates I need to sort out. I'll be breeding ribbons X bbw and solstice x black tea among others.and hoping to pick up a 2g purple neb x blue winged solstice mate for Her so that I can breed a mate for Him. Does anybody need mates for for the next mass breed?