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  1. Yes it's laggy too which doesn't help and now caves down for maintenance
  2. You could also try daily dragon fix @Marie19R
  3. Have 2G Caligenes influenced correctly for checker lineages Influenced 5IW4h to be male with Sparkleflame 4. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Influenced gMxAz to be female with Sugarplum Sorbet. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Want other 2g witchlights caligenes desipis or pretty 3g checker. prefer hatchies. unless its an exceptional lineage or CB 2017 halloween
  4. If anyone picked up any of my auto abandoned marrows https://dragcave.net/progeny/kaqDA and wishes to trade please pm me.( I was hatchie locked *facepalm) Thanks.
  5. @terrerio35 no I just got to my own from the link in yor message above ( so leave out the trick or treat and substitue with your scroll name) this is your link https://dragcave.net/halloween17/terrerio35
  6. Thanks for that. I just had a peek at your Caligene but obviously couldn't give you treats :).
  7. trying this out my shadow walker costume hatchie https://dragcave.net/halloween17/Velvet_paw OO its showing all the hatchies I've visited too! Still undecided whether to go for this or the full Red fox spirit I love the red pirate coat but the Kitsune is so elegant
  8. new eggs in all biomes except the halloween biome which was still dropping past eggs last time i looked edit ninja'd
  9. Lol I've place held the name already as one of my options also Alien Chromatic. Looking forward to these so much
  10. Wow love the eggs and the cracking sequence! Thanks for such an awesome Halloween TJ and all sprites. Happy Halloween everyone! Amazing codes on TJs eggs too haha I have some names booked.
  11. As other people have posted the hatches they have seen here are the ones I have seen so far Black Marrow's - 10 Cavern Lurker's - 8 Desipis's - 4 Grave's -15 Pumpkin's - 4 Shadow Walker's - 7 Caligene's - 4 Witchlight's - 1 amazing costumes everyone *hands out treats to evrypne*
  12. Following Amazons example I've picked up a couple of er eggs from the AP now that I'm no longer hatche locked and will drop them once they hatch. What a great idea. It would be a real shame to see some of these pretty eggs die.
  13. It's very strange when you find a hatching which is almost identically dressed to your own (waves at Lera12352)
  14. If anyone is still having costume glitch on their phone go to settings >system manager> storage> cache> clear cache That fixed it for me.
  15. Aarrrrrhhhhh got me pirate costume. Got to love pirates! My shadow walker loves her new green parrot red leggings and stripy shirt. Keeping the blue Cape and yellow scarf and hmm black ballerina shoes and ghost wing. She can't decide on a hat
  16. Same here ( both TOT and Hufflepuff/ "Black" with Shadow Walker)
  17. could we have it a little later than that? I'll hopefully still be halloweening Edit: Thanks Jazeki
  18. I've had quite a selection of hatchling visitors.marrows , shadow walkers, a pumpkin, graves, 2 caligenes 2 desipis and some lurkers I love meeting the little ones
  19. 3 candy to be able to buy/swap for a new outfit.
  20. I only have 47/50 too and they appear to have stopped dropping for me. TJ said there were 50 in the first post so maybe there will be more later? Edit just got 48 a cute kitty
  21. If you click on buy costume it says the store and more outfits will be unlocked day 2
  22. Has anyone caught more than 47/50 treats. I missed some in previous years and had the opportunity to catch quite a few today as I might not have the time to be able to catch them later. I've got 47 out of the possible 50 that TJ mentioned in his first post but they appear to have stopped dropping for me. Has anyone else noticed this?
  23. haha I just had an adorable jack in the box treat with a little winding handle. Thank you