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  1. Looking forward to finding out who my giftee is..getting excited about giving out lovely dragon presents *hands out dragon treats and cookies*
  2. I'm having trouble too. On my phone I get the loading bar and then chrome crashes. It was working semi fine last night. That said thanks for the extension and Happy New year everyone.
  3. ninja'd congrats to both of you!
  4. Thank you and Yes. It seems a shame to get rid of them after all the spriters work although I may just keep one of the siege towers.
  5. Congratulations to all the winners. *hands around homemade cookies to those that didn't win this time*
  6. think I'm done. As others have said its probably a little cluttered. I've really enjoyed seeing the variety of forts and omg you are all so creative some of your designs are amazing!
  7. Thanks Lagie! I must have missed it (happy dance).
  8. Does anyome know if we are able to keep our resources{presents/green mana crystals/bushes/ice crystals] if we havent destroyed them? I really like them
  9. Beautiful! Thanks for such a lovely addition to the cave.
  10. So on my mobile there are 3 symbols when I click on snowpiles which one is destroy? +X → Not vclear and screen keeps freezing pardon the unintentional pun
  11. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: Velvet_paw ( https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/76921-velvet_paw/.) Scroll Name: https://dragcave.net/user/Velvet_paw Group Name: https://dragcave.net/group/78325 Wishlist: 1. 2G from Spriter's Alt or a CB female silver 2. 3G from Spriter's Alt 3. CB Xenowyrm or CB Aeon 4. CB Truffle 5. 2G from any holiday especially the newer ones 6. Surprise me, What lineage would you like to share from your scroll? 7. Surprise me I like CB dragons, 3-5G even gen checkers. Breeding abilities: Extensive -I can breed quite a few even gen alt lineages now. I have a few 2g and rather more 3g+ even gens and up Spriters Alt lineages. I have quite a lot of pretty holiday,metallic (and pretty non holiday) checker lineages including seasonal checkers, I have male and female of most if not all CB releases to date including cb golds(male and female) and two male CB silvers, a CB female bronze shimmer which i can attempt to breed (and several prize stairs and checkers), I have two guardians of nature so can breed avatars and also pb blunas and BSAs no undeadneglected Catching abilities: not reliable I rarely see metals aeons or xenos let alone catch them. I have been known to catch trios (ices especially) but haven't tried recently. anything else reasonably easy Trading abilities: not reliable Teleport abilities: I have pages of BSA dragons including Magi so i am OK thanks. If anyone on here needs Magi (or any BSA) I would be happy to provide them.
  12. Congratulation to all winners!! I forgot to enter until it was too late but I hope you liked my donation. Wow Rosa go have a lie down..This really was a mega raffle. Thanks for hosting and letting us share the love .
  13. Congrats to the winners and thanks to Feesh for doing this (happy 10th)
  14. Happy 10th anniversary Feesh! I very just entered on discord but I read the rules on here and realised I should have said I like my broccoli stir fried with honey and ginger. (Discord is still the best way to contact me) and thanks so much from us lesser mortals for your generosity- a whole month of nd s woo!!!!
  15. Wonderful Adults thank you. I find it amusing that the hufflepuff dragons are the only dimorphic dragons -all that extra work- oh yes hard work and persistence is a house trait isn't it ? ^^
  16. Happy Birthday DC. Thanks for all the updates and new eggs. Now to see if I can catch some
  17. Excited to see these new releases. Thanks TJ and spriters.
  18. 9 rows x 6 per row = 54 Total
  19. Thank you for all your wonderful easter egg sprites and their explanations. Sometimes after reading the additional notes it's like finding them all over again, as I like to zoom in on each egg individually and really appreciate the detail you have put into them.
  20. Although it looks like a regular mint on your scroll. If you click on it you'll see the view page shows it is still upside down. So nope it hasn't changed
  21. TJ your first post is hilarious. All those asides in stage whispers.. happy wateverr day