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  1. is this something? looks like face- ...but then I see patterns in everything
  2. Ooh new release what a surprise. didn't expect one this month.and what pretty eggs too! Thank you!
  3. Only a few more eggs to collect and wow you artists have excelled (held back from the pun) yourselves. What beautiful and original eggs your pixel art is amazing.Thanks for sharing and thanks to TJ once again for hosting this event.
  4. Congratulations to all winners it's always a lovely surprise to win.Thanks for the raffle and to Ruby Eyes for my voucher.
  5. Congratulations purpledragonclaw!
  6. Thank you. Impressive vegetable growing skills.Thanks for your generosity mystery donor and thanks for hosting this Feesh..Good broccoli vibes everyone.
  7. I think the speckled eggs will be easier to catch later.if the same number of eggs are shared between three biomes they appear rarer. Also people are probably hoarding more to get the dimorphic sprites. Add to that the biome colour variations with coppers the new two headed dragon aspect and their perceived trading value and it is no surprise that they are difficult to catch. I'm excited to see what the adults look like for both new dragons..I'm certainly loving the elegance of the coastal and the colouring and pose of the spotted so far. You've done a great release spriters. Only a few more hours til we see the adults..!!
  8. Wonderful new release! Lovely eggs and hatchies Thanks TJ and TCA and Lady Lyzar. I wonder if the new "drab" eggs are aqua something? or aquarius?
  9. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for all your hard work hosting this Rosa. 63 eggs and 12 vouchers did I count right? -75 drawings!! wow !It must have been a mammoth task! You really are a star! Thank you also to the breeders of my lovely eggs (the pyro and the ridgewing).
  10. Entry form is open for 24hrs on the first page of this thread. Also on first page all details rules dates etc Click on the Raffle link to go to the Google form.
  11. After donating but not entering the last few times, Remembered to enter this time.haha. and as TerraAnne said probably for far too many things. What wonderful generous people the donators are. Thanks for the huge choice . Good Luck everyone.
  12. I've painted digitally for a while now but never tried pixel art. This is probably the perfect inspiration to start. Thanks for the opportunity to submit our attempts TJ. How exciting!
  13. Personally I don't have a problem with limits but I can see what people here are saying. Perhaps frozen dragons shouldn't count towards your limit and the spawn rate of older holidays could be reduced to prevent them blocking the holiday biome if they are not being picked up at all which would help players who are hunting for cbs that they are not at their limits. The holiday biome is flawed in that respect and caveblockers dont get picked up .holidays shouldnt become caveblockers which is why I support the spawning feedback mechanism.Not everybody has a fast connection or is good at trading and this should be taken into account. That said holiday dragons are meant to be special and having the limits encourages generosity amongst breeders. It wasn't that long ago that cbs could only be picked up in cave in the year of release and you considered yourself lucky to have a 7th gen unmessy Holly, so we should be grateful to TJ for giving us the past holiday biome. A slight increase to 4 past holidays would be nice to help clear the holiday biome if the spawn rate remained the same also on a personal level as I would love to be able to have a pair of enraged cb aegis as well as a pair of cb pacified aegis. Reducing the 3 day drop to one - not a good idea imho, for many Xmas is a family time.many people are travelling or busy or perhaps even without Internet access. Adding extra stress doesn't help mental health.and holidays should be celebrated. Valentines could be seen as the same if you are preparing a special event - just saying. Wow I've written a lot more than I usually do and I don't know how difficult it would be to implement any suggestions. But I do want to say thanks to TJ for listening to our suggestions. It must be hard work maintaining a game of this size with so many players and keeping everybody happy balancing the needs of long term players looking for new things with ease of play for newbies. I've always enjoyed holiday releases and events which are a lot of extra work for spriters mods and TJ.so Whatever he finally decides regarding holidays is fine and thanks for the game Edit Just remembered a conversation I had a few years ago about temporary space on scrolls a bit like the space taken by multi clutches before you choose which egg to keep. Not sure if this is the right place to suggest this but a temporary egg slot that didn't count towards your holiday or egg limits that auto abandoned within 2-4 hours and could only be gifted to those with less than the limit could work too.
  14. Congrats Blue Latinos ! (Late to the party as well)
  15. Congratulations to all the winners! and thanks to all involved for a wonderful event.
  16. Does anyone need a pretty checker claimed
  17. I have some glowing aeons here if anyone needs to view them https://dragcave.net/lineage/yLG9H https://dragcave.net/lineage/bTKMK https://dragcave.net/lineage/Jna98 https://dragcave.net/lineage/TVWzI
  18. still have 2 eggs in case anyone missed them Get your Alt Lotto Eggs here 2g pb black eggs Black Claim my black egg! Black Thanks for posting Kyleedj
  19. Thanks for taking the vine @blah Blacks Still here if anybody wants them
  20. Congrats Nandeenah and glad you're recovering Feesh
  21. my alt fodder are all still available too (see top of this page)
  22. Get your Alt Lotto Eggs here 2g pb black & vine eggs for people trying to get alts for their giftee Black https://dragcave.net/teleport/35c9836c9038f4e4aeda74459ef4f364 Black https://dragcave.net/teleport/c9f6b4fe9ee2ff9cf92863d99a53e17a