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  1. Thanks for the Info about the breeding TJ so we know when to start stalking the AP Although it will be a little crowded me thinks (mosh pit?). Slightly nervous about the suggested cave blocker improvements. As has been said some of the suggestions (eg reducing overall numbers of eggs but keeping the ratios the same, or changing the eggs in the cave every refresh.) would make rares even harder to breed/ catch and in the case of the latter, impossible for those of us with slower connections. Rares are just that, rares so it will be interesting to see how this will be implemented...as long as it doesn't mean that eggs are harder to breed. I liked the mossy eggs idea tho', so lets wait and see.
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    that was pretty impressive TJ but I still have a hatchie (code Upi1J) Hatchling will die if it doesn't grow up in: 24861 days and 21 hours blink.gif It only hatched today- maybe thats the problem
  3. Still splashing. not sure how many I have done tho' . I Try to do a splash a day I was looking for this thread and couldn't find it so I just splash for fun when the suns out
  4. free to a good home! I picked upthis pretty bronze/hellfire stairstep in the AP but I already have a sibling anybody want it? gone -thankyou to whoever took it
  5. thanks to whoever dropped this in the AP
  6. woot! mine have hatched! ...hmm, I seem to remember a description like that 2hours! yippee.... *starts counting down* (can't wait)
  7. hee! I was trying to see if TJ's codes were a clue but 8DaaB is just a cute emoticon I think , laughing at us 8D
  8. I think its just the number of eggs. (*Edit* a dragon traffic jam ;P) When I updated my scroll & put my egg into ER on AoND and went to give some views the ER had too many eggs/hatchies to show them each refresh as it normally does so naturally it will take twice as long. If you play your part in giving views & cleaning the ER &daycare though, it will get faster
  9. You are probably right. but I like a good conspiracy. I love the new egg limits. have caught 3 of each just to be safe new eggs are always so exciting. Thanks again TJ and spriters
  10. a new BSA? Edit: I like your different colours idea.
  11. maybe the secret is ...... that if you breed them together (* edit* or with something else in their own biome) you get a third secret egg like the goldfish and blunas?
  12. bright spots in the forest orange & green in the jungle
  13. HeHe (don't we all?) And yes - thats where I caught my new pretties
  14. someone else mentioned the blue go after goldfish, and they go before hellfire which narrows it down a bit. I can't get any clues from the codes tho' & can't wait til TJ's hatch *Edit for typos
  15. orange & green in the jungle bright spots in the forest Hm any clues in the codes (8daab / Qdqig) and (Cmocu / CAton) ..anybody? My eggs are settling themselves between canopy and hellfire (Bright spots) and right at the end after stripes (orange and green)
  16. caught 3 swirls now off to find some bright spots! (glad I had some incubates left, but still have a few hours to wait till I can catch some more). Thanks TJ and spriters for this sneaky release .
  17. Many many thanks to Gifts of Tinsel for starting her thread and as a result my First Bronze Tinsel Gift. It is a wonderful thing to be able to gift my first two tinsels to repay the favour and at the same time make people so happy. Hopefully I will be able to do the same with Silver soon.
  18. Thanks for the update. I wondered why the reds weren't breeding, I'll know to stop trying now. Good to know about the blunas too. Thanks for reducing the hourly drop being blocked by the AP too. A big improvement
  19. I think people are referring to the codes of TJ's hatchlings in the first post of this thread LOL Ninja'd NB MnLgt (=Moonlight, I think)
  20. Yes I just noticed that. 3 females and 1 male... the plot thickens edit @natli it will seem like an age
  21. Fascinating to see the sunny orange has a stone in its tail and the lunar one glows at night .... Thanks for the fun TJ and spriters.
  22. MMm yes and eclipse perhaps as an alt? just to really confuse us . caught one of each so far and hoping two more eggs hatch soon. just noticed TJs eggs are going to hatch in a couple of hours too.....
  23. "I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend." Who needs more than one scroll anyway
  24. yay ! 53/53 eggs - my last one was the piano- ( How do they know**?) Thanks to TJ and the artists for a wonderful game. As someone said before , each one was a joy to find. From the funny/ quirky ones to the astoundingly beautiful each had its own unique character, so thanks again
  25. 4 to go ....I think (still need the piano one, just got the jupiter)