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  1. 3 hours ago, Nqli said:

    Thankyou! :D so many pretties they'll get!


    I have on cooldown a:

    CB White Zyu

    Purple Dino

    Yellow Dino

    CB Aeon - @jewel21 do you still need one? Lemme know!


    PM if you need!

    Ooh I need a yellow dino for my giftee if you still have it. ?let me know if you need anything in return.

  2. I Want to Sign Up!

    Forum Name: https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/76921-velvet_paw/

    Scroll Name:https://dragcave.net/user/Velvet_paw

    Group Name: "Velvet_paw's Secret Santa 2019"https://dragcave.net/group/108307


    1. 2G from Spriter's Alt (or from CB hybrid), Neglected

    2. 3G from Spriter's Alt  2G metal eg 2g silver from mistletoe

    3. CB Aeon,CB Xenowyrm (a Chrono or Thalassa would be lovely)

    4. 4EG from Spriter's Alt.

    5. CB Lunar Herald, CB Striped River CB BSA Pink /Red or 2G from Holiday

    6. Something with an even gen lineage. Surprise me

    7. Surprise me,

    Breeding abilities: I have a CB bronze shimmer & CB(m&f) of most if not all dragons in cave including CB holidays/metals/trios/GON.so I can breed 2g+ Metals&metalkin 2G+ hybrids / avatars 2g+ Prize checkers/stairs /prizekin G

      I collect 2G & 3EG (&4EG) spriter altkin and have a 2g Thuwed so I can gift pretty 3EG+ alt lineages, 3G Thuweds, holiday checkers, prize checkers, 2G-5EG PB BSA dragons  and other pretty lineages,

    Catching abilities: I have been good at catching Trios coppers and Lunar heralds in the past, but I never see Aeons/ Metals/Xenos in the cave let alone catch them

    Trading abilities: I can try. Trading can be a bit hit and miss

    Teleport abilities: I have plenty of Magi thank you

  3. On 9/17/2019 at 12:19 PM, Dinala1641882 said:

    Thank you so much! you are an amazing and wonderful person! I only needed to unlock  20 arcana hatchlings and you had them all -what a wonderful surprise.😍😘B)


    oh and here is a glowing aeon https://dragcave.net/lineage/TVWzI

  4. Yes that's what I thought too based on the descriotion

    "look! It’s started vanishing into mysterious holes in the air"

    loving this release once again .curious as to the eventual meaning of the descriptions. Interesting to see how the light egg pairs with the heavy nilia. Of course I could be misinterpreting light as not heavy as opposed to not dark?

  5. 18 hours ago, Fuzzbucket said:


    No support for that. Getting around egg limits is not OK, by me, or, I suspect, by The Boss.

    Oh no I wasn't suggesting getting around egg limits per se. It was more a question of having a gifting slot to help others who were having problems catching perhaps at holidays. The eggs can't be kept or traded  only gifted. It gets frustrating when you want to help people but already have your 2cb limit. I didn't intend there to be any benefit for the scroll owner other than helping newer people.

  6. Haha yes I like the idea of the time loop removing the same kinds of thing as teleport currently does. I think you are right about precognition logs as well to avoid confusion but don't know if that would be difficult to implement. Love the idea of alternative outcomes in failure messages lol

  7. As Aeria are space manipulators could they expand a small temporary pocket on scrolls outside of normal limits that would only benefit the scroll owner by enabling them to catch or breed an egg to gift to others?. For example holiday cb eggs ,where they are already at their limit for that breed. The pocket would expire after a limited amount of time say 12- 24 hours?

  8.  Happy birthday DC congratulations to spriters mods members and of course TJ on another year together. 13 years have flown past  Birthday releases are always special and this is no exception.  I love this rainbow assortment of dragon types and jewel colours Thank you. Love the detail and can't wait to see the new hatchies.