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  1. I thought that was probably the case- but thanks anyway
  2. Has anyone traded these eggs or hatchies ?- this is a daft theory but i remember my son saying he had to trade certain pokemon to get it to evolve. Could that be a new theory or has someone already traded theirs and can flip this idea into the bucket labelled daft theories and other rubbish
  3. all the ones that have hatched in Er on Aond have hatched green in the past half an hour or so
  4. both of my forests have just hatched green so it's not day/night time of hatching for the forest caught eggs
  5. mine have just reached 4 days am ERing edit I've got big holes in mine now but I don't think it's time of hatchingas several have hatched while I was watching on Aond and its past 6pm cave time weird I have them ER at 4 days on many sites but just noticed they are still 4 days I hour on their egg page
  6. The colours are intriguing - if the colouring is not based on biomes but could be either rarer alts or perhaps breed only , has anyone suggested they could be time variants like the day/night glories or the sunrise/ sunsets? mine haven't hatched yet so i can't add to the discussion. I see they sort between the ultra violets and the valentines. I caught my eggs from alpine 18:15 GMT(13:15 cave time) approx and (I think) from both biomes 23:15 GMT(18:15pm cave time) approx so they are likely to be day variants if the time of catching is important - [the 18.15 cave time ones are currently at 4 days 4hours with incubate] Thanks for the new releaseTJ although I'm a little disappointed about the new release schedule. Lovely eggs and hatchies so far Little Art Girl and Shiny Hazard Sign ( Aww look at their little manes and tufty tails) and a new in cave spriter too, Congratulations! and thank you both
  7. Pleasantly surprised with the colour combination of the Carmine and I like the pose too- thanks for pointing out the speckle throat similarities too I like the description of the Cassare too. what a beautiful name and concept. Thank you for sharing your dragons with us JOTB and Nectaris
  8. whee I went away over the weekend and was worried that i wouldn't be able to catch any eggs when I got back (like I found with the blusangs)however i now have 2 of each and I'm looking forward to seeing TJ's adults in 8 hours. Lovely lovely eggs and hatchlings, although I agree the uneasy eggs will be easily confused with bloodscales Congratulations and thank you TJ and spriters (Nectaris & JOTB)
  9. Gifting a pretty 6th gen sunsong shimmerkin stairstep from Lucky First Raffle for adoption http://dragcave.net/lineage/wGTKT Claim my eggs/hatchlings! gone
  10. Thanks for your compliments spring_dragon AngelsSin & irercha I've just tried my metallics and coppers for you guys with little success but at least they didn't refuse I like the frost sunset combination irercha - never would have thought of that-pretty
  11. I wish that were so... http://dragcave.net/progeny/inpFB (trying to breed a blue female for http://dragcave.net/lineage/jihx0) on a brighter note I am pleased with how this looks http://dragcave.net/lineage/IXAsd
  12. Thanks for letting us know.
  13. I really like the new biome feature. It will help with my copper breeding. It also shows pre biome as Location: Cave so thats good too. The name stealing idea looks interesting, but How long do you have to be inactive before people stat stealing your names? ie what happens if you go away on holiday/ had family emergency or if your internet is disrupted. sometimes youu have no control over those sorts of things and it would be upsetting if you returned to find your names had been stolen. could you pehaps have an amnesty in those sorts of cases? edit: thanks for your reply xeyla and agreed,yes it would be better than all your names disappearing we have had some awesome updates recently. Thanks TJ . Especially love the account log page , the ability to call up my BSA dragons, and the available to breed page. Indispensable, the new biome on the view page addition will soon probably be added to this
  14. 8 colour variations? 8 alts? eek that would be like the nebulas or perhaps the seasonals if you take male/female into consideration I'm hoping I get to see these new adults but probably will have to see them in the morning
  15. managed to get 2 volcano but didn't even see any in the alpine pretty eggs
  16. oh yes! congrats! I'm trying for 2g and 3g blue nebs this time so fingers crossed....
  17. Velvet_paw

    Glomp Gifting

    velvet_paw--->ele15 an ER 5Ggold tinsel hatchie from Apollo accepted velvet_paw--->LunarMoonlite [gold fluffy shimmer[ accepted
  18. offered Gift:gold tinsel hatchie from Apollo Egg/Hatchling code: Giftee:Kamiko_Cullenh Gifter:velvet_paw Status: (no response yet) Egg/hatchling breed:BBW x male marrow checker Egg/hatchling code:p54Jd Giftee: celis Gifter: velvet_paw Status:graciously accepted
  19. just caught the 55th egg , so sorry to hear about the 56th -that's a shame after all the work to sprite it. Joining with others to add perhaps we'll get it next year?
  20. aww the hatchling dragon in the red egg is adorable
  21. Thanks to everyone involved. Happy Easter everyone Eta just caught the beautiful clock egg
  22. thanks for the info TJ. It looks like this month (April20 to may 21st) is going to be busy
  23. a huge thank you to Sock for this pretty
  24. can't wait to see the adults. Thanks TJ, birdzgoboom & Odeen