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  1. I did this too I caught two from the desert though so I'm going to have to go back when my last egg hatches and see if i can catch one from the volcano. I normally just click like mad but this time I picked up eggs from the AP to choose biomes. (Fantastic tip whoever suggested that earlier-thanks) Thanks to TJ and spriters for the new eggies - awesome work as always. Eta thanks for the beautiful new badge nyastara that was quick
  2. both are lovely but I prefer the destruction with the graves -it fits the vibe if you know what I mean and the colours go better imho
  3. help has anyone picked up any of these eggs? (IDaVD), (XPLSr), (ggSWr), (TmZXt) http://dragcave.net/progeny/9oZ9f I forgot i had bred someone a Sw egg to help with lineages and then bred one of mine for my lineage and all 4 eggs auto abandoned. eek ETA Panic over - the wonderful diamondlilly98 has given me back precious eggy(TmZXt) -thank you so much Other than thatI'm really happy with this years breeding/catching I've bred http://dragcave.net/lineage/AiTZ2 and several other third gen marrows who should be able to provide a 4G BBW mate between them to get to 5th gen and then next year I'll try for 6th gen with the remaining pairs if I can get a 3G BBW from Souly to complete the set. I was so happy to find a marrow for my lonely 2Grosebud too edited to add that is a gorgeous marrow alt sweetling line tikigurl91 Ive just bred my first 3g PB marrow http://dragcave.net/lineage/O9Yd5 and could help next year if you didn't have any suitable 5g offers although (I can see that would take a lot longer)
  4. oh so if we have that we should have 44 treats? - edit didn't notice that before maybe we all have the glowing eyes pumpkin now (the 2nd one in the top row) eta ah I see -a derp moment lol (thanks)
  5. I had a bit of a glitch in that I picked up the scyth and then still couldn't go into the forest. I also was interrupted and had to log out after entering the desert and had to start again. The dragons took me to the final challenge even though i had only completed one quest. So i got the final item prematurely -although the story said I had all the other items. I then went back to the carnival went to the graveyard and was then able to complete all the quests and get all items -24 for me There were a couple of other glitches -eg food stall redirecting me to storyteller booth but persistence and changing the order I clicked them in paid off. however when restarting at that stage I had onlymet 3 dragons and now having completed all quests the graveyard link just takes me to the final scene path. so It probably only works if you experienced that glitch without completing the quests This was a wonderful story and challenges and I really enjoyed them. Thanks so much TJ and all the spriters and story writers who worked so hard to put this all together. It was fun trick or treat have collected 21 a few more to go. Lovely items thank you
  6. edited: I could also breed you a daydream from male shadow walker I'd like to offer you a shadow walker too if i could find space. poke me on halloween breeding day and I'll see what I can do. however I need to breed /raise 13 dragons for myself and others during that window so I can't promise, but if people pick up their eggs promptly I might be able to help.
  7. voted but a very difficult choice vigilant vs utopia/ dystopia
  8. I can try 2nd Gen Blusang x Terrae from Winter Magi which should i try first? blusang or terrae I have 2 CB wintermagi ---------Ok trying now ------no egg from both -sorry
  9. voted Set 2, Round 3 a couple of hard choices garlic vs glacier comes to mind. (the only one that got a both vote) also flame quetzal which verry narrowly beat the forge which I also like a lot I'm so glad to see the fantasy dragon too as it's one of my favourites. I'm quite surprised to see marrionetta's flamboyant pygmy falling behind. The pose of one of the right fiery triline looked a little awkward to me in this view. but then many of the in cave sprites that i like are marrionetta's sprites TJ's right of course regarding voting on pairs but this is just a fun game of sorts. and if i really like both i generally vote for both which in retrospect probably helps neither sprite
  10. voted Set 1, Round 3 It was not as difficult this time. The charred got my vote in the only difficult vote as I've always loved its smoky eastern-ness. It was always going to be the artistic playful pose and the celestial imitators too. edit: I was sad to see the tomato go in the last round
  11. lovely eggs and hatchies. I'm so glad i tuned in on monday to find these and yes it was easy to panic and think i had picked up too many of one egg as the volcano and alpine eggs look so similar in comparison to the coastal egg such pretty colours I've now picked up my scroll goals of a male and female influenced egg of each and the next 8 hours will seem interminable i know. (NO patience this one when something new is on the horizon -just too curious ) Congratulation to the Complete Animorph - lovely sprites and a n interesting concept. I like the polished stone description too. I've bookmarked Rhodolite, Almandine, Pyrope, Hessonite, Spessartine, Pyralspite and Scalemate as names for my CB's so far based on the Garnet theme I could be so so wrong about that - but I've learnt a lot about garnets and their colours. Thanks for the new release TJ and good luck to those who still need to catch some
  12. This I used fertility on a couple of dragons when the BSA first came out and they both refused. Since then I have never used fertility on untried pairs. I am convinced it increases fertility at the same time as increasing the chance of a refusal.
  13. voted -some of those choices were really hard to make
  14. I'll just add my name to the I like the clock crowd. so much easier than constantly having to work out cave time -nice one TJ maybe I will now have a little more success with night glories especially with the new little moon icon also adding my name to the concerns about loading times- don't get me wrong I love the pretty egg paintings etc . they are beautiful Nakase. but my internet can be slow and has restrictions - we don't have cable in my area -and some areas are only just starting to get fibre. Thanks for the update , It sounds exciting
  15. Thank you for your kind offer Xythus , but no - I have the parents so I just need to keep breeding til I get a blue one. and thank you for your blue vibes Shamiir, I was lucky enough to pick up two Heartseekers with that lineage at Val and had to continue the pretty pairing.
  16. Squee! *does a happy dance*. .....now there' s just the other blue nebula to get for my other 2G heartseeker No one can be that lucky
  17. @ dragonpuckso pretty - congratulations! @jumpsnake I think 2 clutches definitely perhaps 3 if you try to get each batch hatched exactly on 4 days and breed immediately.
  18. ooh yes please Xythus that would be wonderful. thank you for your kind offer. edited to add I've sent a link for a shiny egg that you said you needed from your profile too I hope they like each other
  19. I like the male flamingo shape with the carmine. I agree -the pairing flows better.
  20. yes thats mine not sure how it ended up in the AP though. I normally just breed this lineage for trades. Thank you I'm glad you picked it up and gave it a good home. As far as I know only Souly and I are doing that lineage. I can breed you a 3rd gen marrow like this http://dragcave.net/lineage/nlvvu -or any of my 3rd gens next year as I now have 5 x2nd gen pairs and a 3rd gen bred by Souly who inspired me to take his lineage further. I managed to get the 2nd gens last year- so this is my first chance at breeding 3rd gens
  21. sorry i can't help with any of your requests Iside, Ruby Eyes, Bloodyrose13, dragonpuck I'm winging my way towards 5th gen) thank you Iside for breeding a 2G BBW from male marrow as a mate for Silent Snert 2 https://dragcave.net/lineage/UNDs1 Mind Snap 3( https://dragcave.net/lineage/WUram ) I Want You 3( https://dragcave.net/lineage/9mqQ7 )** Bone Thief 3( https://dragcave.net/lineage/rgr3Q )* Rainsoak'd Bones ( https://dragcave.net/lineage/P1vVT ) ** **marrow reserved for this lineage this halloween plus 1 more 3G from one of the top2 pairs * marrow reserved for Souly this halloween (blood swap) Edited to add: If anyone needs to swap other halloween eggs I'm open to PM offers (see notes about what i can breed for halloween at the top of my profile) or non halloween eggs out of season Halloweenwise I'd especially love a 2G marrow from rosebud mate for my 2G rosebud from male marrow or a f marrow (x m silver) mate for Tempting Silver Lilith 3 so i can breed a mate for Ninja Raven 4 if anyone can help (also need a PB 2g pumpkin mate but I can probably find one of them elsewhere)
  22. just tried my male GoN but no interest, sorry
  23. sending green vibes to alliana I'm winging my way towards 5th gen Iside has kindly bred mea 2G BBW from male marrow as a mate for Silent Snert 2 ( https://dragcave.net/lineage/UNDs1 ) Mind Snap 3( https://dragcave.net/lineage/WUram ) I Want You 3( https://dragcave.net/lineage/9mqQ7 )** Bone Thief 3( https://dragcave.net/lineage/rgr3Q )* Rainsoak'd Bones ( https://dragcave.net/lineage/P1vVT ) ** **marrow reserved for this lineage this halloween plus 1 more 3G from one of the top2 pairs * marrow reserved for Souly this halloween (blood swap)
  24. congratulations on your yellows folks and thanks for sharing your lineages