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  1. Is this 3g any good for you Ylvanne? https://dragcave.net/lineage/9Kr9W my other pair http://dragcave.net/lineage/qmAqI x http://dragcave.net/lineage/0NxLi didn't produce an egg
  2. Thank you for taking the time to add these *hugs* it was a lovely surprise to see them in my inventory. I love the story and enjoyed playing with the little arsani today. For those of you who are counting. I now have 29 items including the torch and the statue.( again, thank you so much for adding them) ETA Oh my! just seen the adult Mutamore Dragons. Wonderful! The description made me giggle, and I love the pose. Thank you for the lovely new dragon Infinis.
  3. I'm glad I wasn't the only one not to take the statue. If we need it I hope it will be accessible later. As others have said . I didn't want the bad Karma. Thank you for the lovely event everyone. I'm looking forward to the next part.
  4. Thanks to everyone for the amazing event & happy new year
  5. if you are looking for Steve he is north of the town but to the southeast of the dragons cave. edit ninja'd Todays quest was epic! thank you so much. I loved the mirrors and the mana mazes. Such beautiful graphics inthe temple too thank you and Steve's dragon is so cute
  6. ooh new eggs ! and I can still catch them! Happy birthday DC! and thanks to TJ and Marri Odeen and JOTB for these wonderful sprites.
  7. Yess! (whew!) I've just caught my last one, and so glad to see the little one that glitched made it in this year. Loving the Fire emblem/Grima one at he end of the first row. and the one at the start of the second row-so much detail.
  8. agreed. myfavourites ..so far are the pearl egg (myfirst egg)the lotus egg, the cat because it made me giggle,the crystals, the goldfish, the beetle the seedthat turns into a flower, the red flower that covers the egg like a vine, the icecream, the little animal curled around with the orange flower, the snails, the snowy owl...oh they are all brilliant !
  9. fantastic artwork as always - and 62 eggs !!!. wow spriters you have excelled yourselves ( or should that be eggcelled? -*hides*) A big Thank you to everyone involved. Needless to say i still have a long way to go collecting all of your wonderful creations. (eta now at 48/62)
  10. I'm a bit late to this discussion but I always use the St Patricks day skin I's clean, easy to read and loads easily. I like the freshness it brings to the screen and the font used. I'd love to see the new clock on it of course. Other than that I'm sticking with St Patrick's Day so please keep it as an option.
  11. I think it's unlikely to have a March release -given that we have already had the site redesign this month
  12. just as a matter of interest what is the curly font used in dragcave eg in the dragon Cave logo and in Shajana's signature (above)? Thanks Naruhina and thanks for the link too And TJ --Thanks for the further info too -its a great choice for the cave. I've always loved it
  13. Thanks for the update , the beautiful new cave background artwork and the addition of the clock (very useful) Will you be extending the clock etc to the other layouts as well? i love the artwork behind the new default scroll but I got used to the green scroll and the curly dragon font of the St Patrick's day layout -I wish I could keep the green scroll / curly dragcave font and still have the classy new artwork and clock. Choices choices....
  14. Yess!! she turned blue! *does a little dance* you people doing dorsals and nebulas are insane ! nebulas are bad enough but both wow! youe lineages do look lovely though - congrats. No gold from my skywing yet for her patient skywing mate -but I've *only* had 11 eggs lo and probably as many no egg produced so I'm still hopeful. Let me know if anyone wants their next skywing egg
  15. love this! LOL And thanks again to all the spriters- you did amazing things.
  16. Aww i attracted a deep sea for my silver. she's not showing up but i hadn't even arranged today goodies. Id been trying to attract back the nhiostrife i got on day1 with lots of sweets and shinies or perhaps the nebula. or the shadow walker who liked my sweets but needed more mana Never mind It was a cool event. Thanks to everyone. Edited to add if anyone else couldn't see their female and is using firefox disable ad block from you add-ons( i can now see her under my meat - thank goodness I canstill arrange it around her poor thing)
  17. I support this. I often remove eggs temporarily from trades( if they have no offers on them)just to check they are OK. I would like them to show up a sick if that was the case.[it would also be a big help if they showed as sick on the Aond day care sickness indicator but i suppose that the data from eggs in trade is supressed? so I'm not sure if anything can be done to help there]
  18. my caveborn silver has attracted a nhiostrife. He is from the coastal biome and his cave has a stream in it. The nhiostrife likes sweets and shinies she liked my sweets but left for more shinies Iadded a shiny but that made her less interested so i think the sweets are the primary for nhiostrifes.
  19. Woo ! congrats daba555 ! and what a lovely feline code congrats to Vhale! as well- thats a brilliant code choice too and congratulation to your friend too, jumpsnake! I'm glad you got a pink in time
  20. Thanks for the timeline TJ- getting excited about valentines breeding and the new valentine dragon. I wonder what the new valentine event will be this time.
  21. wow thats amazing luck oh - and I've just bred http://dragcave.net/lineage/MQ78z -after a drought of magmas they decided to give me two in a row those angels look lovely with teimars polarvortex so many pretty lineages congrats everyone. sending +++alt vibes to daba's hubby
  22. Itried all 4 of my male falconiforms-2 falconiform eggs and 2 not much interest .
  23. that's truly lovely lilysally @ ruby eyes I can't help with a 2nd gen as I have no CB sweetlings, but if you get to 3rd gen I can breed 3rd and 4th gens like this (the 2gs on the fathers side are mine) http://dragcave.net/lineage/JBGys
  24. I already have a sibling of your beautiful Valentine x pink baby Amazon but if you want to do an even gen spring x arsani swap sometime (once you find a spring mate for your arsani) I'll be breeding a arsani sibling of http://dragcave.net/lineage/RuS1z this year and I'd love to bloodswap 3G springs later so you would have a spring mate ready for next year -or rather the year after- Hmm sounds like I plan too far ahead
  25. that has been the case with pairs that refuse out of season for me. I've always been able to get the holiday , but they still refuse out of season