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  1. The mysterious markings make me think of the aum (Om) symbol.
  2. Green and blue sort between azure g lacewings and balloon
  3. Ooh thank you TJ and spriters. I have two greens (forest and jungle) two blues from coast and four mysterious eggs from the volcano. I love the volcano sprite. Are you the spriter TCA? Thank You its lovely. The dimorphic ones look intriguing too. I wish the spriters info on the view egg page showed on my phone. 777 is a very cryptic clue TJ. Lucky dragons eh??
  4. Thankyou for this thread just bumping it so other people can benefit It's easier on a phone than the spread sheet.
  5. Does anyone else have any naked lumina of either type dark or original? Thank you dragon wolf
  6. Bumped to add more sparky bolts Does anybody else have any sparky bolts? I own these six have observed more but still haven't unlocked the image. Edit thank you so much for the sparkys people the image is now unlocked. .why do i feel guilty about it?..tigerkralle. .those links. ..Aw!
  7. Thanks for letting us know TJ. and for taking care of future possible issues.
  8. Congratulations 11th and thanks Nine for your generosity
  9. 1. velvet_paw 2. 2 Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful eggs..
  10. Thanks for clarifying TJ. That makes sense now.
  11. Happy birthday dc! Thank you for all the wonderful new updates and the exciting new eggs. I love the new platinum trophy and the ward be a. So many presents I'm speechless with gratitude. Thank you for all your hard work xx
  12. 1.W 2.C 3.E Thanks! I wasn't sure about the border at first but it has grownon me and looks stylish. The white background is easy to read and also the "crystal colour at a glance" background which tends to lose the egg a bit which is why i have put it second I appreciate the detail and artwork that went into creating the fire version and for any other purpose it is a beautiful image but for instant info ?its a litlle too detailed for me imho. Thank you so much for all the work you have put into this. Its a huge help whichever one you choose
  13. This is wonderful Thank you. I now have one red and one green so am feeling a little happier. I have 2 hours before I can drop my misclick. (anybody need a CB celestial?) then I can attempt to pick up another fire gem ( I hope they will be dropping still. only need one red one green and two blues to achieve my scroll goals now. but at least it feels possible now.
  14. yesssssssss! caught my first one. dropped a CB almandine to get it in the APwith an interesting code (PvmP**) if anyone is interested. jumping up & down!!
  15. I know the feeling. .Why am I so good at misclicking. I have been very kindly given a 2G but I have yet to catch my first CB new release from the volcano. ...and now I'm locked with 3 misclicks *sigh* I hope they are still dropping in 5 hours time
  16. Silverwatermist very kindly donated two tetras to this thread but I only needed one. as promised I'm returning the extra tetra to the thread (the hatchie) -same terms apply offer a dummy egg if you have no tetras (or only one) gone to Braviary123 s scroll
  17. I've got one but i can't catch a second. I hope you don't mind me offering. even if it is just for one.
  18. just caught my first faint markings from the coast but have only been able to see one in volcano after 3 hours!- took a break( my F5 clicking finger was sore.) hope we all get at least one of each from coast/jungle and volcano.
  19. bumping for those new to the thread
  20. happy birthday DC! thanks for the new dragons and all the cool updates. What a lovely surprise to see pinks and frills returning to the cave. Thank you TJ and everyone involved. "Just" another 7 to catch once these grow up to achieve my scroll goals of a male and female of each.
  21. The eggs hatchlings and adult sprites are gorgeous Odeen. Thank you so much! and thank you TJ for releasing these beauties. Genius concept, sprite descriptions and a wonderful new hatching sequence too. edited for typos
  22. What wonderful eggs .spriters you have yet again amazed us with your creative ideas and skills . Thank you all
  23. I hope these get easier to catch -or indeed see! I missed the release . hope we see some of these pretty eggs soon eta saw one!