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  1. I have 2 children now both in their thirties. I am a big believer in spontaneity and when I started living with my partner we lived life & just took things as they came. When I did get pregnant, everybody at the doctor's congratulated me , and I honestly wasn't sure what I felt ,as, as others have said, the idea had always terrified me. (for those of you who are, I can reassure you and say that it  isn't as bad as it sounds. and the joy you get from being a mother is something that I would hate people to regret in later life). My children have said that they aren't planning on having children at present for ecological,political and financial reasons which is their own choice. I cannot describe the overwhelming feeling when you imprint with your first and subsequent children . all I can say is that it has undoubtably made me a better person more empathic, relaxed and able to adapt to problems and see the funny side of things. I lost my 3rd child but when the prospective mothers who were trying again and again consoled me I could only think how lucky I was to have children.  I hope that is in the spirit of the thread. In the end it is your body & own choice.but don't let fear put you off.

    Edit: as A biologist I wanted to have at least two children before I was 30 because of the increased risk of genetic abnormalities after that age.

  2. Full support for this. I still can't bring myself to kill  but I do have a few frozen hatchies to celebrate the time and effort put in to the art by the  spriters when creating their art .I used to accept not freezing as an ephemeral part of dc dragon lives but now saving pixel lives by freezing hatchies that would otherwise die as ap eggs is something I enjoy and let's face it some of these hatchies are so cute. I love being able to visit them on my scroll. I would love to be able to freeze an egg or otherwise be able to have an egg on my scroll even if it was only one of each egg sprite. ( to be able to keep the Cracking sequence would be a welcome bonus especially with the more unusual variations)..

  3. Wow you have excelled yourselves Corteo and spatio. I love these new dragons and Thankyou for the extra special extra artwork and background to these guys. The hatchlings are chunky because everyone thinks they are cute and gives them their lunch  haha and I love the advice against licking these fragrant dragons.  Thanks for sharing these beauties.

  4. 7 hours ago, Reshiram5875 said:

    Theres one question we all have got to ask:

    what breed of dragon could be the little hatchling we play as?

    Well we know the father is a silvery blue mountain(to a hatchie ) and both parents have wings and front claws. So that's narrows it down a little. :)

  5. 1 hour ago, MessengerDragon said:

    Same same same! I genuinely wanted to just have a look, and now I'm trapped!

    This was me!! Iwas like noooo just wanted to  peek then perhaps go to the kitchen

    As others have said I wish I could have had a few more options regarding the chocolates .I went back to my room and was going to look around the room when I got back but that option had gone.I hope we will be able to see the other options later. Looking forward to tomorrow's installment

    Spectacular eggs. Gorgeous colours and leafy design and always nice to see more non pink vals in the cave.Thanks to TJ and spriters for the new release.

  6. Thankyou to my Santa &  Thanks again to the mods who made this event possible and to the special people who generously donated those extra special gifts to help fill our santa wishlists It was such fun showering my giftee with little surprises throughout the event and judging from the number of gifts given (wow)many felt tthe same!

    This raffle is a wonderful way to celebrate the ending of SS.  Thank you raffle prize donors and Good Luck everyone!