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    Certified Spriter Altkin Hoarder (especially 2nd & 3rd gen EG) need Starsinger Floralcrown Sakuhana
    reminder to keep scroll space for: (my time: GMT=cave time+5)

    2g rosy solsticex heartseeker mates for
    Jade's Kitissa 2 needs black x *wintermagi mate
    solstice x sweetling mate

    **non holiday
    If anyone needs a particular trade or can help with mine just PM

    copper colours from my CB female holidays /gold
    red- Shady lady, Astral, both Arsanis, Sorrow(Grave)
    green -Spirit of Halloween, bonfire(Grave x2)
    both Solstices, both golds and both radiant angels are coastal
    brown-both winter magi are forest all cavern lurkers are desert

    *valentines reminder to breed*

    First of all, Many thanks to all the generous people that have helped me on DC *hugs*
    Afa (Afas Silver Sweetie/Afas Molten Dynamo CB) Amazonwarrior (Love's Pure Flame 3 & Fontana diva Trevi)AsheraAshtoreth-(San Fuego del Infierno IV) Complete Animorph (sweet dodka of rose lake 5) DarkEternity(Lord of Gallifrey 2) ElayneDragonLover (Elayne's Sweet Melody 3), Emetib92(Emet's Flaming Cherry Imitator 3 & Frosty Hell Opus 3) Fiona Bluefire(Sundae Sundown Elements 2)Germelia- (Melia's Gift IV)Geminigrl016(Viburnum de Lumen 3)Iside(contesa lafitte,and marrow) isstiautng ( Issy's Sparkle 2)Iya_kin (Sweet Mystic 2) jadedragon07(Midnight Summer Meadow CB,Jade's Angelic Belle 3. Jade's Precious Dark Heart 4 & Jade's Kitissa 2)JavaMom(Cb stripe mate for my Tinsel) Jerusha(Queen Cherry Leoncouer 3, Shadowed Reason 3),Kelkelen( Kelkelen's Shadow of Nimue 4)KuraiKitty (6g simoniac x lumina(RkT4l)lilacamy931(Holograhic wave 2)Lolchen(Aurora Regius 2(g))Mandrakekeeper (Bright Essence of Christmas 2(g))Mayuhito (Mayuhito's Gift of Thunder CB)Melosk (Snowball)Merenwen (Bronze Harvest Ribbon VI)Misunderstooddreamer (Graceful Hellebore of Lemar 2) Panthera1 (Midnight Rose 3)raindear- (first shimmer(Golden HuntressIX)&Cosmic Jewel VI)Raistlin24 (Bright Angel 2(g))Rinah 1st gold (Honeygold Epic Spring Thuwed IX & for running gift of tinsel thread ) Sheppardkid (Sheppard's li'l grUf PB3, Sheppard's Haunting Beauty 3 & Midnight's Lovely Rose 4)Shroomlet(Shroomys gift,Shining Bright 2, Cb gold )SolarCat(High Jinks D'Angelo 2(tri)) Sophiera (Dozse PB2 & Sophiera's Cheesy Melty) Soullesshuman (Soulless's Frost Comic PB2)Souly (Jocular Soul 2(gtip),Shining Soul 2, )Vhale(Vhale's Duvok D'Angelo 2(g))Violet_Ninja (4G silver x f marrow checker)Yieldy (White Light of Earendil 5 & Angelic Song 4)Xythus,Din85 my amazing secret santa who found (among many other beautiful gifts)my first female CB silver

    *for BBWx snowangels*see above
    *for BBWxribbondancers*see above
    **for BBWx (f) Marrow-celis(Nocha O Dubhthaigh 2 Seasca a Naoi O Dubthaigh 2)
    **for BBWx (m) Marrow-Souly (Raining in my Soul 3 ),- Terces (Asphyrath 2(marrow), Haldenna 2(BBW))and Evedur 2(M)- Warriorpriest(BBWx3[Wonda Bonesnapper 2(BBW), Bone Stealer 2(BBW),Sarah Bonekeeper 2(BBW) and marrow:D)Yliah(Silent Snert 2) Xythus
    cdvla313- 2G Yulebucks white[Candy 2] & spring[Promise of Spring 2]..and this wonderful 2G Ribbondancer/ BBW[Ribonna's Leaper 2]
    Codyne(gold from Rodan D'Houx)Shroomlet the most amazing secret santa(Shroomy Dream,Softly III,Shining Bright 2,Shroomys gift among others)
    and anyone else that I may have missed

    sweetling*xf white- Love Unlimited 2[unLtB](m)A
    sweetlingxf white*-Sweet Mystic 2[PMQSh](f )A

    sweetling*xf silver Silvery Sparkle 2[jQDut](2gm sweet*)C
    sweetlingxf silver* Issy's Sparkle 2[HOuyv](2gf silver)D

    rosebud*xmoonstn-Moonlight Romance2[PH3v9](f*)
    rosebudxmoonstone*-Moonlight Tryst 2[kxsQv](m)
    rosebud*xshadow-Love in a Mist 2[NrcnV]f rose*
    rosebudx shadow*- Elizabeth's Rose 2[kEFc1]2Gm SW
    rosebud*x marrow- Liebe Khan 2(tjcDo)2G f rose*

    rosebud*xwinter -Vive la Reine d'Hiver(XBFNA) 2g rose*
    rosebudxwinter* -Frosted Rosa[KtkLn] 2gwinter
    rosebudxwinter* -Winter Rose 2 [jB2F4] 2gwinter
    heartseeker*x solstice- Coeur de Yule 2(BCoeL)2g heartseeker*
    heartseeker*x solstice- Heart of Winter 2(knOAM)2g heartseeker*

    heartseeker*x BBW- owOZw(owOZw)2g heartseeker
    heartseekerx BBW* Forest Matchmaker 2 (WHQMG) 2g BBW

    heartseekerx blue neb- Stars of Love 2(GzUGA)2g heartseeker
    heartseekerx blue neb-(bMc59)2g heartseeker

    heartseeker*x f gold-Heart of Gold 2(07aSX)2g heartseeker
    heartseeker*x f gold-I've been Searching(o8Kse)2g heartseeker
    heartseekerx f gold*- Smiles 2 (2Ggold)
    heartseekerx f gold*-(qZQEg)
    arsani*xspring- Bouquet 2(Ieqs3)
    val09 xmpink-Sweet Valentina 3[tWBIf](3gf val09) ~<
    val09 xmpink Love's Pure Flame 3[3QWTU](3gm pink)<^
    heartseekerx BBW - Emerald Matchmaker 3(hBI18)
    heartseeker x *gold - Shroomy Seeker (O5Iq4)
    heartseekerx blue neb-
    arsani x spring -Amore'zakura[RuS1z](Ieqs3/Y42Qf)

    sweetlingx f white*-Mystical Sweetie 3 (8gFzs)[unLtB/PMQSh](3Gf white)Asib
    sweetling*x f white-Sweetness 3(SVuaY) [unLtB/PMQSh](3Gsweetling)AB
    sweetlingxfwhite*-Elaynes Sweet Melody[GtVLO](3gf white)B
    sweetlingxf silver* - Sweet Sparkle 3[EBGvG](/HOuyv)(3gf silver)
    sweetling*xf silver - Sparkle 3(Mybka)[EBGvG](/HOuyv)(3gsweetling)
    sweetlingxf gold-[T0S39] Esperanza 3 (inc 1 electric)
    sweetling x f sunsong* [D3Fnm]Amore Trivanya( 3g sunsong)
    rosebudxmoonst*-Well met by Moonlight 3[jCLdJ](PH3v9/kxsQv)m moon
    rosebud*xmoonst-Sapphire Rose 3[sxCyx]3G rose
    rosebudxmoonst* Rosemoonsong(jmDk0)

    rosebud*xshadow- Misty Rose 3[wIDSZ ](kEFc1 /NrcnV)3Grose
    rosebudxshadow(kEFc1 /NrcnV)to be bred 3Gmshadow/rose
    *rosebudxshadow -Shadow King's Petal 3-(rdeIh)3G rose unrelated
    rosebudxspring* -A Rose in Spring3 [95ZGv](3g mspring)~
    heartseeker x f silver*-Close to my Heart 3 [uoqKk](3Gf silver)
    rosebudxwinter* - Snow Rose Prinze 3[BjQNM] 3gwinter
    rosebudxwinter* -http://dragcave.net/lineage/QkITp 3g wintr

    Ho ho Holy Snow(3G ribbonx *white checker)
    val09 xmpink Valentina's Flame 4[Lq6lT](3QWTU/tWBIf)(4gf val09) <
    val09 xmpink Pure Love's Rose 4[x3Cca](4G mpink )

    *sweetlingx f white-iou sorenna [sibling of Spun-Sugar Fluff(8cX23)]
    sweetlingx f *white-Sweet Melody 4(YigCV)(SVuaY/GtVLO)B
    rosebud xmoonstone-Well Met by Moonlight 4[9vl8i]4Gm moonstone
    rosebud xmoonstone-[ucHKI](sxCyx/jCLdJ)4G rose
    pinkxval/sweetxsilver- Sweet Love 4 [vAOqU](3QWTU/EBGvG)4gmpink ^
    Yuletide Kwtie 4 (yule x *white checker)
    val09 xmpink Valentina's Rose 5[pxrSD](x3Cca/Lq6lT) 5G m pink
    val09 xmpink- [FiXkT](x3Cca/Lq6lT) 5Gval09
    val09 xmpink-Courting Siren 5(S6f3J)5G m pink
    Jingle Snow 5G m hollyx *white checker

    val09 xmpink -FiXkT/breed/S6f3J
    Sweet Dodka of Rose Lake 5[d0Dka]5EGpinoy shimmer from~
    3gpinoyxarsani/3g sweetlingxsilver/3g springx rose[95ZGv]~/3gvalx pink[tWBIf] ~(mate in progress)

    also some alt x white lineages
    Shadowed Reason 3xHonorable Rosie (4Gsw&rose)shadowed Rosie
    3G Honorable Rosie(both rose alts)
    4G Prince Siegfried Silvermoon( bothwrapwing& both ribbon)from angelicdragonpuppy
    Shadowed Reason 3xQueen Cherry Leoncouer 3 (4g htseekxsw) Leoncouer's Reason 4
    4G Shadowed Rosie(Both sw alts both rose alts)

    [b]Wishlist so far[/b]
    CB metallics especially gold/silver
    2nd gen tinselkin/shimmerkin

    ****2nd gens****
    3rd gen spring from yulebuck (mate for my potential 3Gyulebuck)
    (mates for my 2G wrapping wings)-2nd gen ice,red finned tidal,BBW(x2) nhiostrife, terrae from wrapping wing
    ANY 2G ALTKIN auto
    3g altkn lineages prefer even gen

    *****PB /Rare/others*****
    if you are just starting and dont have a lot to offer CB or PB even gen pinks reds or pretty even gen checker lineages I may even accept certain CB common hatchies if you ask nicely

    Especially searching for even gen Spriters altkin 2-3g that i don't have
    Shimmers any - prefer 3G stairsteps and below ( low gen EG also good)
    Holidays -

    Low / even gen (purebreds or with nice lineages preferred)
    or something suitable to breed with my current even gen dragons
    Ice/winter, pink/spring seasonal (malespring upto SB5)female spring up to SB4)
    a marrow mate for my pillowx marrow checker - let me know what you can breed
    spriters alt 2nd/3rd even gens
    any offers considered. I can breed my dragons on request

    ****IOU's- still owing***(none)