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    Spriter Altkin Enthusiast (especially 2nd & 3rd gen EG) need Starsinger Floralcrown Sakuhana
    (my time: GMT=cave time+5)
    scroll space plans for holidays:

    **non holiday
    If anyone needs a particular trade or can help with mine just PM

    copper colours from my CB female holidays /gold
    red- Shady lady, Astral, both Arsanis, Sorrow(Grave)
    green -Spirit of Halloween, bonfire(Grave x2) both Solstices, both golds and both radiant angels are coastal
    brown-both winter magi are forest all cavern lurkers are desert

    First of all, Many thanks to all the generous people that have helped me on DC *hugs*
    Afa, Amazonwarrior,AsheraAshtoreth, Celis, Complete Animorph (nowTCA), DarkEternity(Lord of Gallifrey 2) ElayneDragonLover, Emetib92, Fiona Bluefire,Germelia-Geminigrl016, Iside, isstiautng, Iya_kin, jadedragon07, JavaMom, Jerusha(Queen Cherry Leoncouer 3, Shadowed Reason 3),Kelkelen, KuraiKitty, lilacamy931, Lolchen, Mandrakekeeper, Mayuhito, Melosk (Snowball)Merenwen, Misunderstooddreamer (of Lemar) Panthera1, raindear, Raistlin24, Rinah for running gift of tinsel thread Sheppardkid, Shroomlet(Shroomys gift, Cb gold )SolarCat, Sophiera, Soullesshuman, Souly, Vhale, Violet_Ninja, Yieldy, Xythus,Din85 my amazing secret santa who found (among many other beautiful gifts)my first female CB silver,Rosastrasza(ladyinpink).Miaou, Infinis for sharing beautiful Spriter altkin,
    **for BBWx (f) Marrow-celis(Nocha O Dubhthaigh 2 Seasca a Naoi O Dubthaigh 2)
    **for BBWx (m) Marrow-Souly (Raining in my Soul 3 ),- Terces (Asphyrath 2(M), Haldenna 2(BBW))and Evedur 2(M)- Warriorpriest(BBWx3[Wonda Bonesnapper 2, Bone Stealer 2,Sarah Bonekeeper 2 and M)Yliah(Silent Snert 2) Xythus
    cdvla313- 2G Yulebucks white[Candy 2] & spring[Promise of Spring 2]..and this wonderful 2G Ribbondancer/ BBW[Ribonna's Leaper 2]
    Codyne(gold from Rodan D'Houx)Shroomlet the most amazing secret santa(Shroomy Dream,Softly III,Shining Bright 2,Shroomys gift among others)
    and anyone else that I may have missed

    sweetling*xf white- Love Unlimited 2[unLtB](m)A
    sweetlingxf white*-Sweet Mystic 2[PMQSh](f )A

    sweetling*xf silver Silvery Sparkle 2[jQDut](2gm sweet*)C
    sweetlingxf silver* Issy's Sparkle 2[HOuyv](2gf silver)D

    rosebud*xmoonstn-Moonlight Romance2[PH3v9](f*)
    rosebudxmoonstone*-Moonlight Tryst 2[kxsQv](m)
    rosebud*xshadow-Love in a Mist 2[NrcnV]f rose*
    rosebudx shadow*- Elizabeth's Rose 2[kEFc1]2Gm SW
    rosebud*x marrow- Liebe Khan 2(tjcDo)2G f rose*

    rosebud*xwinter -Vive la Reine d'Hiver(XBFNA) 2g rose*
    rosebudxwinter* -Frosted Rosa[KtkLn] 2gwinter
    rosebudxwinter* -Winter Rose 2 [jB2F4] 2gwinter
    heartseeker*x solstice- Coeur de Yule 2(BCoeL)2g heartseeker*
    heartseeker*x solstice- Heart of Winter 2(knOAM)2g heartseeker*

    heartseeker*x BBW- owOZw(owOZw)2g heartseeker
    heartseekerx BBW* Forest Matchmaker 2 (WHQMG) 2g BBW

    heartseekerx blue neb- Stars of Love 2(GzUGA)2g heartseeker
    heartseekerx blue neb-(bMc59)2g heartseeker

    heartseeker*x f gold-Heart of Gold 2(07aSX)2g heartseeker
    heartseeker*x f gold-I've been Searching(o8Kse)2g heartseeker
    heartseekerx f gold*- Smiles 2 (2Ggold)
    heartseekerx f gold*-(qZQEg)
    arsani*xspring- Bouquet 2(Ieqs3)
    val09 xmpink-Sweet Valentina 3[tWBIf](3gf val09) ~<
    val09 xmpink Love's Pure Flame 3[3QWTU](3gm pink)<^
    heartseekerx BBW - Emerald Matchmaker 3(hBI18)
    heartseeker x *gold - Shroomy Seeker (O5Iq4)
    heartseekerx blue neb-
    arsani x spring -Amore'zakura[RuS1z](Ieqs3/Y42Qf)

    sweetlingx f white*-Mystical Sweetie 3 (8gFzs)[unLtB/PMQSh](3Gf white)Asib
    sweetling*x f white-Sweetness 3(SVuaY) [unLtB/PMQSh](3Gsweetling)AB
    sweetlingxfwhite*-Elaynes Sweet Melody[GtVLO](3gf white)B
    sweetlingxf silver* - Sweet Sparkle 3[EBGvG](/HOuyv)(3gf silver)
    sweetling*xf silver - Sparkle 3(Mybka)[EBGvG](/HOuyv)(3gsweetling)
    sweetlingxf gold-[T0S39] Esperanza 3 (inc 1 electric)
    sweetling x f sunsong* [D3Fnm]Amore Trivanya( 3g sunsong)
    rosebudxmoonst*-Well met by Moonlight 3[jCLdJ](PH3v9/kxsQv)m moon
    rosebud*xmoonst-Sapphire Rose 3[sxCyx]3G rose
    rosebudxmoonst* Rosemoonsong(jmDk0)

    rosebud*xshadow- Misty Rose 3[wIDSZ ](kEFc1 /NrcnV)3Grose
    rosebudxshadow(kEFc1 /NrcnV)to be bred 3Gmshadow/rose
    *rosebudxshadow -Shadow King's Petal 3-(rdeIh)3G rose unrelated
    rosebudxspring* -A Rose in Spring3 [95ZGv](3g mspring)~
    heartseeker x f silver*-Close to my Heart 3 [uoqKk](3Gf silver)
    rosebudxwinter* - Snow Rose Prinze 3[BjQNM] 3gwinter
    rosebudxwinter* -http://dragcave.net/lineage/QkITp 3g wintr

    Ho ho Holy Snow(3G ribbonx *white checker)
    val09 xmpink Valentina's Flame 4[Lq6lT](3QWTU/tWBIf)(4gf val09) <
    val09 xmpink Pure Love's Rose 4[x3Cca](4G mpink )

    *sweetlingx f white-iou sorenna [sibling of Spun-Sugar Fluff(8cX23)]
    sweetlingx f *white-Sweet Melody 4(YigCV)(SVuaY/GtVLO)B
    rosebud xmoonstone-Well Met by Moonlight 4[9vl8i]4Gm moonstone
    rosebud xmoonstone-[ucHKI](sxCyx/jCLdJ)4G rose
    pinkxval/sweetxsilver- Sweet Love 4 [vAOqU](3QWTU/EBGvG)4gmpink ^
    Yuletide Kwtie 4 (yule x *white checker)
    val09 xmpink Valentina's Rose 5[pxrSD](x3Cca/Lq6lT) 5G m pink
    val09 xmpink- [FiXkT](x3Cca/Lq6lT) 5Gval09
    val09 xmpink-Courting Siren 5(S6f3J)5G m pink
    Jingle Snow 5G m hollyx *white checker

    val09 xmpink -FiXkT/breed/S6f3J
    Sweet Dodka of Rose Lake 5[d0Dka]5EGpinoy shimmer from~
    3gpinoyxarsani/3g sweetlingxsilver/3g springx rose[95ZGv]~/3gvalx pink[tWBIf] ~(mate in progress)

    also some alt x white lineages
    Shadowed Reason 3xHonorable Rosie (4Gsw&rose)shadowed Rosie
    3G Honorable Rosie(both rose alts)
    4G Prince Siegfried Silvermoon( bothwrapwing& both ribbon)from angelicdragonpuppy
    Shadowed Reason 3xQueen Cherry Leoncouer 3 (4g htseekxsw) Leoncouer's Reason 4
    4G Shadowed Rosie(Both sw alts both rose alts)

    [b]Wishlist so far[/b]
    CB metallics especially gold/silver
    2nd gen tinselkin/shimmerkin

    ****2nd & 3rd gens****
    ANY 2G ALTKIN auto
    3g altkin lineages prefer even gen
    3rd gen spring from yulebuck (mate for my potential 3Gyulebuck)

    *****PB /Rare/others*****
    if you are just starting and dont have a lot to offer CB pinks reds or pretty even gen checker lineages I may even accept certain CB common hatchies if you ask nicely

    Especially searching for even gen Spriters altkin 2-3g that i don't have
    Shimmers any - prefer 3G stairsteps and below or low gen EG
    Commons /uncommons -Low / even gen lineages preferred)
    or something suitable to breed with my current even gen dragons
    Ice/winter, pink/spring seasonal (malespring upto SB5)female spring up to SB4)
    spriters alt 2nd/3rd even gens
    any offers considered. I can breed my dragons on request
    Happy to breed even gen BSA dragons for free if you need them

    ****IOU's- still owing***(none)