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  1. ((Jeez... Everything destroyed up in here. My bad. =P)) Truce face darkened into a deep grimace. "If you lost my experiment I will not hesitate in leveling this building." came his empty threat. His jaw tightened as he pushed himself into the house. "Not like someone hasn't already started with your front door. Do you need me to put you to sleep again?" He poked sharply, looking around the building. A small seed pushed itself into Truce's palm, and he glanced around quickly. Poppy had mentioned another experiment, and if it wasn't Jakobe then he didn't want any surprises. And if it was Jakobe... well Truce would just have to hope she had been smart enough not to throw any punches. Or let him shoot himself with that damnable gun.
  2. ((Lilraaos, I just wanna be sure you know that Keegan didn't join Charadin's gang, but was in a rivalry with a boy that did. If you knew that, my bad, but I just wanted to double check.)) Keegan gently held the man down by his shoulders as Alyssa healed his nose, keeping him from squirming too much. He shot a look over his shoulder as the tall, tan woman approached them. He opened his mouth to say something, but it snapped shut quickly as Alyssa responded. Beads of sweat began forming on his brow, the nerves in his body still straining against his common sense, trying to bolt before anyone else showed up and he started leaving a easy to follow trail. As far as Keegan knew, a group of Scar assassin could be around the corner now. Keegan shook his head quickly. "No compensation needed, but if any of you know a good way out of the city, somewhere potentially safe, I would be glad to listen." he replied as the girl finished wiping blood out of Charadin's face. "That goes for you too miss!" Keegan called out to the woman he had almost crashed into. He turned to the newcomer, the one who had mentioned a health clinic and smiled brightly, still trying to play off the goody two shoes bit. "and thank you for the offer of assistance." He chirped quickly, before turning back to the injured man and offering a hand to help him up. ~~~ Fenik growled softly from the shadows. Something he couldn't pinpoint was throwing off his nose, and he couldn't tell what it was. It got worse as he traveled down the mountain in search of food, and at this point he was tracking the old fashioned way, following prints in the snow and mud and looking for snapped branches. A long, frustrated howl left his snout, his toes curling and digging into the ground. It was cut short as he heard the distinct snap of a branch, however. This did not please Fenik, as it wasn't a small branch. It sounded more like a limb being pulled from a tree. His hackle shot up as his muscles tensed, and he backed away from the sound's origin. Another rip confirmed his fear. It was coming for him. Naught but a 10 seconds later, a creature he did not recognize ripped past a few tree's, charging Fenik's location. Yipping, Fenik tucked his tail between his legs as he bolted out of the way of the decaying monster, just before it buried it's horns into the tree he had backed up into. Eyes wide and heart racing, Fenik sprinted off. As his back turned, a loud snap occurred. Whether it was bone or tree, Fenik did not care. He thought he could take this own his own, but the uneasy feeling of it made him worry. He let out a loud bark and a yip, hoping someone would hear it though his ragged breathing.
  3. As Truce rolled to a stop, landing on something long a squiggly, it mentally rejoiced. It didn't like losing control. Though it tasted odd, and felt a bit like Truce was trying to absorb a piece of itself that had somehow fallen off, absorb Truce did. It enveloping the organic slowly, to aid the digestion process through extra surface area, but to also allow him to slowly map out it's length's and textures with the sense of touch.
  4. Keegan's heart froze like a stone as he turned, seeing Alyssa. You see, he had a pretty bitter rivalry with a boy about his age that had defected from The Scars to her father's gang. And Keegan... well lets just say Keegan had caused some noise. The thought of having TWO criminal groups on his tail scared the hell out of him. "D-d-did you s-say f-f-father?" He stuttered, trying to force the blood to return to his face. "Sh-sure. Of course. He once again motioned an apology to the woman he had nearly run over, scrambling to get up and jog over to the person that may recognize him as a menace. He nodded to the pitch black skinned male as he came around the corner, and stood closer to the daughter, trying to keep his distance from Charadin. "How would you like me to hold him down?" He asked gently, attempting to stay on the good side of the both of them. One wrong move could leave him in deep trouble, potentially get him killed, or at the very least cost him another few inches of clear skin space... "! The SCARS! If that doesn't give me away nothing will..." He cursed to himself, his face running flush again as his heart leapt to his throat. The obvious markings covered his torso and arms, sigils of shadow and fire, helping him focus under pressure. Hot irons had been a familiar sight for him...
  5. Truce grumbled as he jogged around the lake. He had very little interest in working with this... Poppy. Her mutations made her an excellent Hunter, yes but not a great partner. He brought back up the file that had been attached, internally groaning more. Most of the missions he was supposed to use to brief himself on her 'patterns' were solo missions. And she was supposed to keep HIM in check because of a few measly rams? Scoffing, he pushed himself harder, breaking a sweat near the beginning of Poppy's property. Truce slowed himself to a stop, wheezing as he caught his breath. Cracking his knuckles, he stepped up to her door and rapped his knuckles against it. Guess who Boogeywoman...
  6. ((They're mostly just supposed to get her attention to get him in contact with her. They're nonviolent and just cause chaos, mostly by slamming into doors. He's peeved but not bloodthirsty.)) Truce grinned maniacally as his creations sent the town into a panic. Policemen stood in awe and confusion as plantimals bore down on cars and buildings alike. He could hear an emergency broadcast coming from a few of the cars that had been abandoned, and he grinned. As good as he was at staying hidden, he could make a hell of a show. He arrived at the lake, and looked around. A house stood on the other bank, where his minions had yet to reach. It didn't look out of the ordinary, so he paid it no mind. His ringtone went off, and he grumbled as he pulled his phone out of his pocket. Big Brother is always watching... he thought to himself as he opened the email. The DL had heard about his antics, and he rolled his neck in frustration. A few seconds later, the rams become lifeless as 'hooves' became roots, digging into the concrete and earth. They could have it their way, but luckily for him they had updated his mission. He would be partnered with Poppy, her address sitting in the email. Ironically enough he had just about passed it over. And he set out around the lake. (If you want me to change that last bit pad, let me know.)
  7. (I also would enjoy writing my wolf intoat least one of y'alls pack, if you two wouldn't be against it.)) Keegan's sprint brought him through the market area quickly, ducking and weaving between people and stalls. A few shouts and screams echoed in his wake, and he grinned. He knew he probably wasn't being pursued, at least not yet. When he was, though, he hoped to leave the most confusing trail possible. Exiting the marketplace, Keegan took a sharp turn into an alleyway. It was short, with a dead end at the back, and Keegan cursed his wings. A scythe made of red hot burning shadow materialized in his hands, and he got a running start. Just before the dead end, he swung the weapon over head, digging it's blade into the ground and vaulting himself up onto the roof. Follow that ya ***s... He stayed on the roofs until he had nearly reached his own home. Hopping off the roof he glided silently down the street, hitting the ground with a running start. He turned his last corner, and was moving as fast as his feet would carry him. A woman, out of nowhere, jumped from her windowsill (Mia) and landed on the street in front of him, while he was looking back over his shoulder. Keegan turned his head back as she turned in his direction, and he dove onto the sidewalk next to her to avoid running into her ", sorry maam. Didn't see you there." ~~~~ Fenik padded his way passed his crops, a ball of slight floating out above them. Besides food, he needed fertilizer as well. Unfortunately for him, fish was harder to come by than most game for his race. He walked into the main area that his pack hung out at, shaking his body wearily. He could tell he wasn't the only one that hadn't slept well, and nodded slightly to some of his peers. HE pawed at the snowy earth, digging toward the soil. He was too hungry to wait for a hunt, and the bonus of his powers was that he rarely stayed that way long. Within a few minutes, a strawberry bush had sprouted and fruited. It wouldn't last long in this climate, and the lack of nutrients in the soil meant it would bear little more than what would tide him over until he could find something more bloody. Hate ate quickly, leaving a few morsels for anyone that would want them. With a small meal in his belly, Fenik howled for a moment, signalling that he was going out for a hunt if anyone would like to join him. Shaking the sleep from his body one more time, he took off into the woods in search of anything to bring back home. Hopping up on a large rock, he took a deep breath, focusing his energy. Tracking was not his strong suit, but with a little focus he could manage. As his eyes opened, dull trails of light zigzaged here and there, flickering in and out of 'existence'. Fenik couldn't put a pad on which way most were headed, and non that he could were large enough to feed more than him and maybe one other wolf. He growled softly, stepping toward the largest trail he saw, and set off in one of it's directions.
  8. Truce grinned wildly as he buttoned his shirt back up slowly, stepping back onto the the streets. The chaos had already started, leafy rams chasing people across the parks and sidewalks. Cacophonies of screams echoed between the buildings, music to Truce's ears. Wood doors groaned against their thresholds, and glass ones vibrated violently, threatening to shatter at any minute. "If this doesn't get that hunter's attention, I really don't know what will." He muttered to himself, watching the fluffy seeds of chaos he had sprouted that were still in the air float across town. Nature has such a fun, efficient way of spreading itself. Would have taken me hours to do this normally. He thought to himself, beginning a quick stride down Main Street, hopeful he would run into the hunter as they battled his pets, or Jakobe if he had managed to get his way free.
  9. As the air ripped along Truce's being, it's body attempted to grip the crystalline inorganic. However, without the actual ability to grip, the moving air dragged Truce across the grainy ground. Being a large ball of slime made mobility difficult... Truce wondered what it could do to change that. Bouncing along the wet inorganic, Truce could feel wet slapping against it's body at odd intervals as the moving air pushed it further down the shoreline. Something in Truce made it want to delve back into the wet. It felt... safer there. After the last few minutes, however, it knew it currently wouldn't make it far into the water like this. It needed something more... ((OOC: Quick question, how much about the 4 Jobs do the slimes know of innately? And subsequently would Truce know A) That each meal changes it's DNA a bit, and that he can shapeshift given the mass and energy to do so. Also, are the slimes supposed to be gender-less or can/should they have a gender? Or is that something that is determined later on in the slimes life?))
  10. Keegan cursed to himself as he sprinted through Bone City. "Just haaaaad to kill him didn't you. Freaking idiot. They'll never let you get away with this." came his thoughts as he slid under a cart, rolling out of the maneuver back into a sprint. Keegan had just been in a meeting with his... boss would be the closest term for it. His guild, The Scars, was less of a family and more of a militia or a mafia. He was supposed to have gotten a mission, likely a breaking and entering job, but his contact had made a snide remark. A comment about "The Orphan Star", and it was the straw that broke Keegan's will. Not much was left but a corpse with the consistency of charcoal, still smoking from the short fight. He would be found out any minute now, and this wasn't his first offense like this. They usually gave him a break, as he was good at his job and had been a large investment for them, but he had been on thin ice alread. He was in deep trouble. He needed to get out of the city, but didn't want to go alone with the sands raging all the time. He needed a partner... ~~~~ Fenik sat on a small, flat boulder of quartz, staring at the sky. The Spirit Wolf's news had... disturbed him to day the least. He both couldn't, and did not want, to sleep lately. Fenik felt for the Posthuman's plight, he would want to use any means necessary to save his people as well. But to potentially wipe out a races existence... was that worth living through? He barked softly to himself, a sort chuckling scoff. In this world was anyone really living? Constantly fighting for food and survival... and now a nearly all out war between sentient beings? If a diffent route, a more moral and sustainable route, didn't show up, it was gonna be a blood bath. Fenik whimpered, laying down with his head between his paws. "But what in this world could end the endless barrage of sandstorms... and if we cannot find a solution, who could fight the dragon Aife? Sure Draighean and Fiontann could battle her, but if the lose the rest of us are like ants compared to the monstrous, ancient dragon..." Fenik's stomach growled, and he stood up. His 'farm' was not ready to held, but he did not have the motivation or energy to hunt. Perhaps he could find a partner who would push him to find food with him... ((I apologize for any mistakes, I am not home currently and my phone hates typing on this website.))
  11. The tires of Truce's stolen car squealed as he pulled into the city. He had broken more than a few laws to cut down his time, but he was gonna find that hunter, and his fertilizer. Black marks and the smell of burning rubber accompanied his hurried stop, and a couple citizens stared at him as he stood out of the car and slammed the door. Luckily, the man he had lifted the car from had left a suitcase in it, so a green button up covered his plant friends, preventing him from standing out TO much. He wished he had planted a tracking seed in the man while he had that chance. Jakobe would have been in excruciating pain had it come to mind. The drive had done nothing to cool him off, but now he was stuck at a dead end. Unless... Truce ducked around a corner into an alleyway, pulling open his shirt. Thousands of tiny dandelion puffs had sprouted from his torso, and a gust of wind blew them away. As they landed, each would sprout into a shrubbery the shape of a ram, thick branches forming the horns. Not everyone would sprout, but they would certainly cause some chaos as they went door to sdoor and slammed their heads into peoples doors. Somebody better come find me after this or heads are gonna roll... ((Truce is near the limbo spot and just sent out a giant "SYOS")) ((Save your own skin, by the way))
  12. Truce's mind screamed at it as the pain shot through the slime's body again. But there was something there... something it wanted. It didn't know why, it just did. Stretching it's body thin, it tried to reach the pieces of odd matter, absorbing them into it's body. It didn't feel... right. It didn't feel like the oval shaped smooth organic earlier, or the sweet ones the slime had landed in before that. Yet Truce was still able to break it down, making it unlike the stabby things it had avoided to get the sample. Truce rolled further into the moving liquid, across the spongy floor, pondering to itself about the small sample.
  13. ((Yall still looking for players?))
  14. Truce nearly fell as the weight suddenly disappeared from his shoulders. "THAT FREAKING HUNTER I'M GONNA KILL THEM!" HE snapped angrily, the vines pulling away from his arms and lashing out violently, leaving deep cuts in the dirt. They returned to his body, this time wrapping around his legs. They forced his legs to move, faster than he could himself, and he took off like a rocket. Not far down the road, after a couple bends, a car slammed on its brakes as it's driver realized what was charging at him. The door popped open, and a middle aged man stood up. "What the f-" He started, before Truce placed his hand over the mans mouth, slamming his head back into the car. Seeds spread from skin to skin, and screams followed the start, roots digging through his flesh and bone. Tossing the man to one side, Truce stepped into the car. Black tire marks and a patch of Black Delilahs were the only thing left when he pulled away. "No body steals from me. Not even my own company. He was my god damned target."
  15. Truce wobbled to a stop over the organic matter, it's sleek surface rubbing against it's slimy skin. It paused a moment before enveloping it, like a white blood cell on a germ. The sleek skin was thin, and gave way to a much softer, veiny flesh as the slime started to eat away at it. Truce continued rolling it's way towards the flecks of water peppering it's not quite so fleshy flesh. It could feel it's body picking through parts of it's last meal, rippling through the slime's body as it unlocked it's potential slowly. Rolling through the loose, inorganic crystals was tough, they stuck to his body as he pushed through, softly poking him on all sides. The inorganic crested in front of him, a nigh infinite hill in front of him. Before long, the ground firmed, water filling it's cracks into an almost coherent surface. A liquid flushed over Truce, pushing it back slightly before pulling the slime in the other way. Suddenly Truce felt nearly weightless, cool liquid all around it. The current swept it this way and that before it finally he settled on the loose floor of inorganic mush.
  16. ((Wait is he still asleep or did he somehow teleport?))
  17. Truce groaned again as Jakobe passed out and the girl continued talking. The vines released him, borrowing back into the ground. Truce popped a seed from his mouth, reaching back and placing it in between his his shoulder blades. "Thank god for flipping anesthetics right?" He groaned as the roots weaved through his system. They wouldn't pierce muscle or such, just slip between folds and wrap themselves in tight. Two vines sprung from his shoulders, wrapping themselves around his arms, acting like and exoskeleton. He knelt down to the sleeping Jakobe, and with a bit of strain threw him over his shoulder. "Now look little miss Water Nymphette, you can either walk with me or walk alone. Him and I are gonna find a nice little four wheel drive F-150 or I'ma throw him in the trunk of a black Corvette." He snipped as he started walking down the road. "And as for your little water... shield thingy. You do realize I've been at this for nearly two god damn decades right? Wouldn't be the first time one of my seeds caught in some water and grew hydroponically. And it sure as hell wouldn't be the first time I used kelp to give someone a seaweed wrap. So are you coming or not?"
  18. Truce clenched his jaw in annoyance. "First of all, because I enjoy my freedom. I dunno how long you've been in isolation, but I've been out and about in the world for a few years. I've had a lot of time to read as well, and the Legion gave me access to a rather large library. Do you understand how flipping cynical and distrusting humans are? People of African decent are still discriminated against in many places, because they LOOK different. Many of the people the dark legion has tested on could level large cities with barely a thought, including myself. They only thing that happens if we all get free is we get hit with tranq darts by one government agency or another and get tested on by them instead, trying to recreate the experiments done here to be used as weapons. You will not have your freedom for long, I guarantee it." He spat back, jabbing a finger towards the girl, infuriated. The poison dart plant sat up, it's roots pulling it up right as they dug in the soil. The flower's petals wilted, falling off, before another bloomed a few seconds later, ready to fire on command. "Secondly, if nature or God or whatever controls this universe didn't want me to be able to do the things I can, I would have died 18 years ago. I do nothing but speed up evolution in a extreme matter. Hell I'm the only way my little friends here can fight back. I could over run the large, toxic cities that push them back and kill these plants, and really make them a concrete jungle. And thirdly, my equally freakish freak of nature, I'm quite sure that nature doesn't want you sapping the water from living things, if it has a problem with either of us at all. Mother Nature would much rather me place beings into the ground that advance it's cause then have you suck it petunia's dry."
  19. Truce growled to himself as he turned to the voice, seeing the girl land on a branch above him. He could feel the water being pulled out of his plants, and some how he knew it was her. They jerked to a stop, their roots digging down and sucking more water from the ground to replenish themselves, leeching from other plants. "Ohhhhhhh dearie you have made one hell of a mistake. I AM nature at work. You see these flowers on my back? I am a symbiote. Nature and I are ONE." He called out, hooking a thumb as he did. His movement threw a few seeds from his arm, toward the girl, landing at her feet. They didn't sprout just yet, however. "And secondly I'm not taking you two back to the lab. If you're out it makes your cell broken. Thusly I need some help containing you until it can be rebuilt, which is three towns over. And thirdly, god damn it, this little *** destroyed my truck. I cannot carry him to that town so at the very least I need a way to get him there and he cannot walk right now, which puts it on you or I."
  20. Truce chuckled, stepping closer to the man. Boy if you haven't noticed yet. there's not a whole lot I have to do myself. My pets are smarter than you are, and they don't have actual brains." He spat, kicking at the boys ribs hard. He already hated this assignment. He had a bit of a violent streak sometimes, so they rarely put him on acquisition missions. He had a tendency to kill his more voraciously stubborn targets. I was ripped from my parents at the age of three. I bleed green and have flowers blooming off my back. Seeds come out of my pores and mouth and sprout unnaturally fast. I have no other life. No other knowledge. I can't go back and you know that." Truce motioned to the vines, which quickly attempted to wrap up the man, pulling themselves out of the ground and walking next to their master. "Now don't make me plant something in you. Cause I can make it walk you all the way to your little cell and sit you there. Take it from me, the freedom I get working for them is better then the isolation I would otherwise. I've seen the world, man. I've overthrown governments and repaired countries. And I'm only 21. Now don't get me wrong, I'll find a way to take this down but I need more... potency. I want the control, not to destroy it's energy."
  21. "Well there's nice for me, where I kill you here and use you as fertilizer. However as long as I'm still employed, which will be as long as THEY still stand as a force, I'm supposed to keep you safe and bring you bring. Key word this is and." He replied as he gently tugged the dart flower from his flesh, it's roots letting go and sliding out without a hitch. Green blood oozed from the wound, but small green roots started stitching the wound closed. He tossed the flower at the man's feet, it's roots snaking into the earth slowly. "Now by my calculations, that poisons setting in pretty fast right about now. So either pitch me a good idea before you pass out, or we'll go with my first easy plan." He smirked, leaning against his wall of vines.
  22. Truce sighed, glad his thorn had met it's mark. He shielded his eyes from the small hail storm of stones, wincing as a few bit into his skin, beads of green welling up from underneath. He strolled up to the fumbling man, keeping himself just out of arms reach. "Now, we can do this the hard way, where I sprout a few plants and potentially crack a few of your bones. However, there is an easy option on the table, where I steal a car because you DESTROYED MY BABY, you get in the passenger seat and stay VERY STILL and I drive you a few towns over because the lab is basically destroyed and I'm sure if you're out your containment cell was breached, and thusly I need to take you somewhere else." He growled, a few seeds rolling off of his arm and onto the ground. Again vines shoot from the ground, though they sat poised to restrain the man on the ground.
  23. "WHY DO YOU ALL ALWAYS RUN!" Truce called as he rolled out of the way of the truck. He stood out of the roll, running the same way as Jakobe. He had spilled the three "cup" flowers as the truck thundered passed, the same truck he could now here tumbling down the rocky hill too his left. Tearing off his jacket, revealing his torso, he grew another seed, this time out of his mouth. Taking a deep breath, he jabbed it into his arm, wincing slightly as it sprouted, the roots taking form in his body. The flower bloomed, it's hard, cone like center spinning like a drill. Raising his arm, he pointed the sleep-poisoned dart at the escapee, it's projectile shooting forward with surprising speed. He hoped that it would be enough. He had worked with a couple subjects like this before. Bulletproof-like abilities did make it hard for him to take them down like this, but all he had to do was break the skin. It was a potent, home concocted poison, and while it might take a while to set in, the drowsiness would hopefully make him easier to track. ((You know I've had this post typed for three hours now and haven't been able to post cause of my cruddy internet... stupid router...))
  24. Truce chuckled, shaking his head, and with soft mutter his vines attacked. "Fool. Much too trusting for a boy someone just out of lock up." The vines lashed out, attempting to wrap up and around the males legs and torso, pulling to try to throw his balance off if they get a good grasp. Truce ducked, knowing that the boy could have some ranged power or something from his trials, and moved closer to the front wheel, putting a lot of truck in between them. A few more seeds popped free of his pores, which he slid into the earth with his thumb. He cooed as a trio of black flowers sprouted and bloomed in front of him, a short well of liquid contained in each flowers petals.
  25. "No a man of many word I see. But it's no bother!" He chirped, staying cheerful despite the debatable disrespect. "So what brings you around these parts? It's a long way from anything civilized really. Not the easiest mess to get yourself into." He finished, backing up towards his truck and unlocking the doors again. He motioned for Jakobe to hop in before walking around to his side. As he stepped out of view he dropped a couple seeds from his arm, mushing them into the ground with his steps. Vines sprouting and snaking their way along the underside of the truck. They sat at the edge of the passenger side door, coiled like snakes and ready to strike when Jakobe drew near. "I think the closest sheriff station is a couple towns over. I was headed that way anyways, so it's not even out of my way!"