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  1. Pentheraphobia- Fear of Mother-in-laws (Parents-in-laws too)
  2. Type 0 will probably come out in a few months in Europe after Japan. (As long as it does good in Japan and they feel it should be released.) Uh favorite FF... Tactics, but only cause it was my first. The battle music is lodged into my head.
  3. Man... First Mario I played was Super Mario Bros. Obviously for the Super Nintendo. Good times good times... and I may have to change the first game I understood to Duck Hunt. First game that gave me nightmares... Time Crisis... *shudders*
  4. Let's see I favored the Power Slash only then again I had it on the PS2 so a straight line was so much easier to do than the cherry bomb lol.
  5. The Mass Effect games have always given me months of enjoyment but... I have to say that Diablo II has my vote for favorite.
  6. -Female -100% Paragon -MS1Romancing No one -MS2Romancing Garrus ("She had flexibility I had reach" conversation always gets a chuckle out of me.) -Soldier -Colonist -War Hero -Usually lose my Crew in order to keep the Squad mate that I usually don't care to use in the boss battle anyway -Blow the Collector Base to Hell amd the epic remains of tht boss along with it(lol) *Stares at Cynder for a second...* Wow... pretty darn similar. Than again there's my other usual -Male -100% Renegade (Just never really good at being bad... unless I play a guy... guys just seem to be better, and easier, Jacknuts(So it won't get censored...) than women...) -MS1 Romancing Ashley (Then I leave her on Virmire to get blown up lol) -MS2 Romancing anything that moves and is believed to be female... and won't fry my brain(And you know who you are... *Cough*Asari*Cough*) -Varies but is usually a Vanguard. -The Earth one -Lone Survivor -Still lose my Crew in order to keep the Squad mate that I usually don't care to use in the boss battle anyway - Hand the Collector Base over to The Illusive Man PS: Love using the Kain for that final battle... one shot and it goes down to about 10% health On another Note: The Normandy is changing again... anything you hope to see?
  7. Played it a few times and after about my third time though I was done with it... I pick it up like once every year or so for some nostalgia awesomeness.
  8. First ever: Castle Wolfenstein(PS1)... I was like 5 it was for roughly 3 minutes before my dad caught me and gave me a spanking cause I wasn't supposed to touch the system due to my knack for destroying things. First one I played and actually understood what I was doing: Centipede. I was 7 and it was pretty basic. First game with a story: Spyro about 9 years old.