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    Musics: Uh... Mostly Rock and the 90's Grunge/Alternative types of Music, though I do find I like Classical and Jazz.

    Books: Too many to count but basically Titles like Eragon, The Bartimeus Trilogy, Anything by Terry Brooks especially the Shanara books.

    Comics/Manga/Graphic Novels: Well My first was Spider-Man Eventually I branched out to Manga my first being Love Hina by Ken Akamatsu, I tend to enjoy those Harem Comedies of his a bit too much if i have to admit it. Uh but I enjoy the usual Shonen Jump Mangas, and when I'm feeling it I may toss in a Shojo here and there.

    Shows: Let's see Won't even try. Just give you like Chanel names. Discovery Chanel, Cartoon Network(Adult Swim... gone downhill since they reoriented to younger audiences and got rid of the old Tom and shows), G4, Few movies on HBO, USA, Tad of Lifetime when an old funny Sitcom is on.