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  1. I support roosters! Especially if the egg is delicious. >
  2. Banned because you have too many links in YOUR siggy.
  3. Hey it's been more than ten days since I last won so may I please be re-added to the list?
  4. Oh just saw the new sprites! They look awesome and dignified!
  5. Banned for banning a person without a reason other than of quickness.
  6. No as I don't really like goofy, and I really dislike skittles.
  7. Yay! The eggs were rather easy to get and the hatchies look interesting already! ^^ Happy Valentines day everyone!
  8. Banned because I wasn't laughing at you, I was laughing at the words "Duct" and "Tape".
  9. Banned because duct tape is a funny set of words.
  10. Banned because losing the game is just a normal occurrence in life.
  11. Durppie likes to slurp their Slurpee really loudly.
  12. Banned because failing is bad for the internet.
  13. Banned because dinner is the best time to eat good food.
  14. Banned because you should've repeated the banning.
  15. The person above me has typed their siggy in bold letters.