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  1. Awesome stories, well worth the wait! ^^ Messaged my winners!
  2. Banned because you just did say crazy was bad in your post.
  3. Haha wow, nice stories Stealthy! Messaging my winners now.
  4. Banned for calling someone by their username.
  5. Banned because the voices told me to.
  6. Banned because I didn't insult dogs, I just pointed out that Lagie had a dog avatar.
  7. Banned for having a DOG as an avatar.
  8. Messaged my winners! Great stories everyone. If I had to choose which eggy looked best though, the pillow or the waverunner, I would pick the pillow. They are just so fluffy!
  9. D'aw can't believe I forgot it was today! Ah well, lovely stories Stealthy and congrats to all the winners! O.o Yay! I won!
  10. Banned because if monkeys were toxic you would be poisoned from eating them.
  11. Swipes at hidden clutches of fog in wonder....
  12. Woahh, there were a lot of donations! Epic stories Stealthy, and messaged all of my winners!
  13. Banned for having a dragon avatar instead of a crow one.
  14. Granted, but now you have no more wishes. I wish that my cat got along with my dog.