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  1. Haha nice stories, Paper planes and hunger games. Messaging my winner now!
  2. Hehe It's been 5 days, May I please be re-added?
  3. I prefer this as to making a specific limit. XP Messaged my winners! Epic stories Stealthy!
  4. Whoa, there was a lot of donations. Nice short stories Stealthy! Messaged my winners. Yay I won. :3
  5. Haha nice stories, pm'd my winners! Get well soon!
  6. Awesome, thanks for the update TJ!
  7. Haha nice stories Stealthy! Please re-add me to the list!
  8. Banned for having the same avatar as yesterday.
  9. Haha nice stories about stories Echtur! ^^ Messaging my winners now!
  10. Banned for having eggs in your siggy, thus advertising a site other than Dragcave.
  11. *Steals away black alt hatchie*