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  1. no, I don't really like planes/aircraft
  2. Have a SUPER inbred white stripe egg caught from the AP for anybody who wants it. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. Your siggy things make me think of Christmas faeries.
  4. Granted, but now you have no more wishes. I wish for wings that i can fly with!
  5. Granted, but you fly it in a no flying zone and the government shoots it down. I wish for a wish to wish for.
  6. Granted, but you accidentally walk on a thunder cloud and get zapped by lightning which destroys your suit. (not to mention you'd fall to the ground) I wish for a SNUGGIE!!!
  7. Granted, but ants infest it. I wish for a new planet, named after me!
  8. granted, but it doesnt work on your computer I wish for french fries with cheese
  9. O.o new eggs! too bad im locked Oh well..Thanks TJ!
  10. My list! Aero Artistic Celestial Imitators Corrosive Spitter Elemental Wings Face eater Fossil Glowy Mirage Quicksilver (western looks cooler) Rainbow Silverbelly!! Whitefooted/Tuxedo Zinc (Yeaahh i kinda like westerns better than easterns >.<)
  11. YEAA new dragons!! HAPPY B-day dragoncave!!!!
  12. magi, guardian, common black, Green.....(All which died from lack of views :I)