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  1. Hehe Happy Early Birthday Stealthy! Messaging my winner soon!
  2. Mmmh yummy eggies. Messaging my winner!
  3. Ninja chickens. Lol Nice stories Stealthy! Congrats to all the winners
  4. Haha nice stories! Messaging my winner!
  5. Oh my gosh yay! It became red! http://dragcave.net/lineage/LCh0m
  6. Yay! Egg day! The eggs I've seen so far are really pretty and/or epic. :3
  7. Yay! One of my golds bred a golden eggy, :3 it's been so long!
  8. Messaged my winners and wolfu-san has claimed their prize! ^^
  9. Banned because I don't frown upon cannibalism. ^^
  10. D'aww the different colored dino eggs look awesome. XP Maybe they'll stay past April fools day?
  11. Oooh, donator written... Hehe nice stories Stealthy! Messaged my winner!