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  1. Woo hoo! Happy Valentine's Day! New dragons, a new badge, growing, oh yay!
  2. Fudge! I caught the freaking sickness early this morning! Why did it have to die? It was going to be a freaking awesome egg!? Gah, I didn't even put it on a click site.
  3. Terrae and silver checker, plus low on time. <3 http://dragcave.net/lineage/b2NSq
  4. Potatolover3288 The person below me must fuse their username with popcorn.
  5. Ooh yay! A new darker colored dragon. They look cute already. Thanks TJ and the artists/spriters!
  6. The new dragons are great! Thanks TJ and all the spriters!
  7. *Swipes Ultraviolet Hatchie *
  8. Oh awesome! I love the luminas and the other two are epic as well!
  9. Just got to the epic stories today. ^^ Messaged my winners.
  10. Aw man just saw this! Happy Birthday DC! Yay New eggies!
  11. May I please be re-added to the list? Thanks!
  12. Good Feeling, -Flo Rida.
  13. Banned because I have never seen an episode of Doctor Who.
  14. Yay I won! Cool stories Stealthy. Messaging my winners!
  15. The person above me has the username Ylla
  16. Oh I love the adult! It's cool and different.
  17. I Love the color combo. Yay! New Dragon!