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    The Netherlands
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    Biggest achievements:

    - Catching a CB silver from the cave.
    - Catching a CB gold hatchling from the AP.
    - Catching a 5th gen holly from the AP.



    CB golds
    CB silvers

    Short lineaged tinsels (2nd, 3rd, 4th gen).
    Short lineaged gold or silver dragons.

    2nd gen purebred alt vines or blacks.

    Purebred even gen seawyrms, tan ridgewings or magma/ice/thunder dragons.

    Black eggs or male hatchlings with black father and marrow mother.
    White eggs or female hatchlings with white father and rosebud mother.


    IOU trustworthy people here.

    - afa
    - Barbayat
    - Saloiq
    - Rare_Hunter21
    - Xatu
    - dreamer23

    People I worship. (Breeding something for me I needed) You are awesome!

    - arya25
    - Iside
    - Imbecamiel
    - Sunfeathers
    - stagazer_7
    - miaou


    IOUs I still have (and won't forget because I put that here):

    - None!