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  1. Got killed while I was a bastion mowing down the enemy team in Overwatch
  2. E.T. dear god that stupid game. I heard a lot of people bought it and then 1 day later they were buried in a desert. THAT'S HOW BAD IT IS. I played it once... :/
  3. That's our free tasty soup from Jingles. waiter, there is a pikachu in my soup.
  4. GOOSE!!!! Sig: And if the people knew you stopped me from making power free, they would curse the con edison with every utility.
  5. *swipes white dragon* http://dragcave.net/user/william2001
  6. TwoAwesomeGamers and Smosh. Oh, and SomeOrdinaryGamers.
  7. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y? These names get more uncreative as they go along... What's next? Pokemon June and Pokemon March?
  8. i dont see anything wrong with gay marriage i mean come on, they're people too right? and besides, they didn't make a choice to be gay, they were probably born that way.
  9. my top 1st favorite is spore. GOD ITS ADDICTING!
  10. To me, spore is the most addicting game ever, dont get it unless you want to become addicted to it!