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  1. I would just like to note here that sometimes the snake will refuse feeding if the mouse is already dead. I know from personal experience, and the waste of the money on the frozen mice...as well as trying to find something to do with the 4 I had left once I realized it was not gonna happen. Rune would NOT under any circumstances eat something that was dead. I tried frozen that I heated in warm water to an acceptable temperature, I tried wiggling them around a bit in the tank to stimulate the prey drive, I tried knocking them out (yeah, be the 15 year old who is informed by a petstore that she has to physically knock out a mouse...>.> not fun), I tried everything I could find online. He wouldn't do it. They ended up sitting in his cage overnight, swelling because they were lying on the side of the tank with his heating pad stuck to the bottom. Curious about why, I started doing a metric ****ton of research and found out this: snakes imprint on their prey. If they're born in captivity, and fed live, they will (typically) only eat live mice, because it's all they recognize. Some won't even eat other species unless they're almost starving. A friend that I met through one of the snake forums who lived in my area introduced me to her python, Angel, who would only eat pure white mice/rats. There could not be a single mark of another color or she would refuse. Rune had been feed live pinkies (which progressed to very small, young mice) the entire time he was in the pet store's care, and so he didn't recognize the dead ones as prey. As for the painful death part, it happens. Maybe I'm desensitized because I live in an area with a lot of predatory wildlife, but I think suffocation/constriction of a mouse is not that bad an end in the general scheme of things. I've seen cows with their heads chewed off...among other wounds...from the coyotes we have in the woods behind my house...that could not have felt good. Nature isn't humane, and snakes don't have the neurological development to realize that constriction is painful and they should eat the mice that are already dead. I mean, if you're not careful with what you put in their tanks and the temperature of their heating rocks they'll cook themselves without realizing it. Just sayin. I'd rather be constricted. And the potential bites? If you can tell me how to make a snake eat dead prey rather than trying to starve himself because he doesn't recognize it as food...I will gladly change my ways. As it were, he starts his 'hunting' routine as soon as he hits the bathtub and hasn't suffered a bite or scratch in the past 5 years. ETA: Marhawkman: boids actually will constrict past the point of death to ensure that the prey can't injure them, as well as to make sure they the prey doesn't escape. And just as a side note, cats who play with mice are typically doing it because 1) they're practicing their hunting or 2) they think you need to be taught how to hunt (which is kind of sweet, in a twisted, predatory way >.>). Otherwise, you are indeed correct. They kill them quickly to make sure they don't slip out and run away.
  2. Ahhh....OH! Did you ever see the folks in the park across from DB on Saturdays with the really big, padded sticks? I totally used to do that! I was the short girl with the dark hair that carried a 7ft pole and wore a skirt You can PM me if you'd like, because I feel like we're probably sidetracking the tread >.> The only thing I could possibly add regarding the OP at this point is that I used to live in a fairly nice neighborhood where there were more deer wandering around than there were people.
  3. Small world indeed When did you graduate? Or have you yet? We very possibly could know some of the same people lol. I have class at the Kpt campus tomorrow and Thursday, actually...so weird...but I will confess, I use their computers to AP hunt sometimes >.> But, in regards to the point of this thread, do you feel that my description of TN was accurate or a bit skewed???
  4. ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?!?!?!? I went to DB for two years, graduated from Jeff County, and moved back up here! I'm totally in Church Hill/Surgoinsville RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE THIS!!! I go to Northeast, actually >.> cheaper and what not (You just blew my mind sir. Completely. Blew.)
  5. Well, they don't "allow" them so much as "overlook" them. It is technically illegal, and I'm not sure if it's just because of federal law or if it's got a state regulation too. I do know that there's a lot of hunting that goes on when deer season starts up, and some people hunt in places closer to the school than they live; and the staff know that so they just pretend to not know about the rifles. It probably helps that there's not been any gun crimes there either >.> Don't feel bad, there's a lot of people who live in the states who don't know anything about anywhere besides their own. When I was little I thought that North and South Dakota didn't exist because I'd never met anyone from there, and therefore no one could prove that those two were even real o.o As to all of us being considered rednecks, I dunno. There's people who are thoroughly convinced we're all living in the time period of Mark Twain's books. However, there's also a lot of people who "feed the stereotype" so to speak. Unfortunate, but there's not a whole lot to be done about it. A lot of people that I hang out with have started the "Only in Tennessee/the South" whenever we see something that is absolutely dumb, and yet absolutely feeding the stereotype. Example: Woman walking into Wal-Mart, baby on hip, hair teased about 6 inches taller than she is, cigarette in hand, holding a baby, yelling into the phone, with a Confederate flag T-shirt on. Finding out that the reason your papaw (grandfather) is such good friends with that one judge is because back in the day, your family used to sell the judge his moonshine (and possibly still does).
  6. Yeah...rather disappointing, all in all. And yeah, he makes me giggle Well, it depends on where you're at really...there's not very many large cities, and some of the smaller towns are pretty religious and a little backwards. But that's not everywhere, and even they have indoor bathrooms and shoes. As much as I hate to say it, if you've ever seen Jeff Foxworthy's stand up comedy, there's a lot of people like that. When philpot said that this is the patron state of shootin stuff, he wasn't kidding. There were people at my high school who would leave their rifles and shotguns in the gunrack in their trucks (as long as there was a visible lock on it, most of the staff just got over it). We've got a relatively low cost of living, compared to a lot of other places, so there's a pretty good number of people from other states who come here to retire or get transferred for their jobs. We're also the state that produced the atomic bomb, so I have no idea where people get the idea that we're all stupid, but we also have a couple towns with the highest number of meth labs in the country >.> In terms of the actual landscaping and such, I'm in East Tennessee, which has a section of the Appalachian Mountains running the length of the state line. They're kinda small when you see them and think of like...the Alps or the Himalayas, but they're old so I don't hold it against them lol. Winter isn't TOO cold, but we get a lot of ice from the snow melting during the day and then re-freezing at night. The summers can be a bit miserable because we're just far enough south to get the heat, and have enough foresty places to hold the humidity. Cow fields, horses, farms, etc. are not uncommon, and where I live I have more than once been stuck behind a tractor while trying to get to school or work. But Kingsport (about 20 miles from me) is home to the Eastman Chemical company, with people there making more than $500,000 a year, driving cars that cost more than my tuition and living in houses big enough for 20 people to live comfortably, so there's significant contrasts. Obviously I'm leaving out the Nashville and Memphis scene, but I've only been to Nashville once and never Memphis, so my knowledge is limited. If there's anything specific you'd like to know, ask away
  7. Don't feel bad, apparently there's a large population that assumes in Tennessee: We don't have shoes We don't have indoor plumbing Everyone is inbred We're all rednecks Everyone is a super fundamentalist Christian No one goes to school after they hit 12 years old We all get pregnant by the age of 15, and breed like rabbits. Everyone is a white supremacist/super racist And no, I'm not kidding, people have actually asked me about all of those. My friend Chris is from Canada, and he was afraid to come to my graduation because he thought he'd get hanged as soon as he stepped off the plane o.O and when my friend Jess went to New York on a band trip in high school, a woman in a department store looked at her and asked where she was from; upon finding out she was from Tennessee, the woman immediately replied: "So is that your first pair of shoes?"
  8. You ain't kiddin' USA, Tennessee as well. Spent 7 years in Florida when I was little, then we moved back and I found out that not all cows are black and white, and very few barns are actually painted red :/ it was very disappointing, all in all.
  9. For the most part, if I encountered someone who used to bully me I wouldn't have a whole lot to say, for a couple reasons. My family isn't exactly known for being very...docile, and so when I was in elementary school I didn't put up with being picked on any more than I did at home >.> I was sent to the office several times for punching some kid in the nose for picking on me, actually. Middle school, I went to four different schools in three years, so no one really had time to do much bullying. And in high school, it went pretty much the same way as elementary school. If they tried to push me around, I stood my ground (though apparently, if you're a 5ft tall female and stand up to people, they back down a rather lot for some reason...I guess they assumed I'd be an easier target?). I was, however, on the Army JROTC Raiders team, which might have come off as a little intimidating for the potential bullies >.> (especially after I accidentally kicked this one guy in the jaw o.o)
  10. @~!~: That's pretty much what I thought. From what I can tell (and I may very well be completely wrong, mind you) that's what a lot of people wanted from a more "mature" section. A place where they could focus on the more serious things they wanted to talk about, without them being right next to "What's your favorite kind of cheese?" And by making that space for serious discussion, it would encourage similar discourse on other topics. That's what I support. If I'm completely wrong, and people are wanting a board to talk about sexual positions, post porn, cuss themselves silly, and go into graphic descriptive detail of the violence that's in the world...then no, I'd be completely against it. The separation could also make it easier for users who aren't comfortable with the idea of participating in serious discussion about orientation and abortion can avoid them completely, rather then seeing them right next to the conversations they DO want to see. It would give the 13 year old who is uncomfortable with a lot of the adult conversation a chance to leave it completely alone and never have to even think about it, but the other 13 year old who is interested but doesn't have much to learn from in every day life a way to kind of purposely go see what's going on in the wider world, so to speak. And all the while, the users that are having their serious conversations have a greater opportunity for discussion, because it would presumably have a Mature Content warning of some sort, stating that some users might not be comfortable with some of the content and shouldn't read/post if that turns out to be the case.
  11. Most of what I'm seeing is that there's a lot of people who aren't on the same page with what would be going on in a "mature" section. When is was first suggested ( read the first 35 pages and then skipped ahead because I thought my eyeballs might pop out from so much computer screen time) it was suggested as an "R-rated section" but described as a place for serious discussion. Not sexually explicit, not graphically violent, not cussing all over the place, just more serious. Some people thought it should allow cussing, but the general consensus seemed to be that the censor kipz was there for a reason and should stay, as well as "R-rated" not being the same as an R movie, but more of a "Mature Content Warning" kind of rating. Which suggested to me that things like religion, abortion, death, etc could be discussed in much the same way as it already is in GD, but allowed to get more into the ideology behind the ethics, and allowing for more in-depth discussion. And by separating those discussions from the lighter ones would make it easier for people who aren't comfortable with the content to avoid it altogether. I don't know how to RP, so I don't go into the RP forums. Someone else doesn't like discussions about mature topics? They can avoid the "Mature Discussion" forum just as easily. Do I support it? Yes. Do we REALLY REALLY need it? No. But I'm sure some of the people on this forum have created bonds with the other users, and don't want to go find a whole new group of people to have these discussions with, which is why they want that particular area. And some of the younger users might feel more comfortable reading about it here than elsewhere on the internet, because they have already established a good amount of common ground with the users on DC. In the end, we don't need it, and it might never happen, but it's better to ask and hear a "no" than to keep wondering about it and wishing it would happen of it's own accord. In the end it's up to TJ, I believe, and all we can do is make a decent case for it.
  12. Extra Wiggle Room Diet Pulpit Axis of Fat Dances with Fat, the blog with the lady you might just be talking about Most of these have stories from/for people who are medically obese, but are by all other counts healthy.
  13. The BMI is like unicorns and fairies, so to speak... My cousin Ryan was classified as 'obese' by a physician because he was 5ft 9in and weighed 250lbs, but when they measured his percent body fat, it was only at 4% because he spent so much time doing Army Physical Training with the recruiters before going to basic training, and spent the rest of his time training for the cross-country team. For some, yes, the BMI works. But for others, it's a way for medical staff to justify not conducting proper testing for health conditions because the conditions can be explained away by, "oh, you just need to lose weight". Until we as a country find a better way to measure "obesity: an abnormal accumulation of body fat, usually 20% or more over an individual's ideal body weight" by redefining what is the ideal accumulation of body fat, we're going to stay "obese".
  14. As a country, I feel we have a lot of potential, just very poor execution on a lot of counts, which is unfortunate. Being a mostly capitalist country, with a long history of being such, means that money drives a lot of what goes on. The people who own the pharmaceutical companies own the healthcare, Monsanto and a few others own most of the big factory farms and can pay the FDA or the government to work things in their favor, Wall Street companies answer to their richest investors, and the biggest companies influence the decisions of the politicians in Washington. If we're being fed terrible quality food, we go to the doctor, who tells us to eat different terrible food and take a pill, which sends us back, and it's one big vicious cycle. Until money isn't the primary objective, nothing will change. Even if it's not an obesity epidemic in 20 years, it'll be some other food-based or appearance-based 'health' problem. But alas, for now, I need to sleep. I shall see you all tomorrow, I'm sure...I just don't know if I'll be as talkative, as this is kind of a first for me >> ETA: That's cool, I know even in other parts of the U.S. they don't even have dollar stores, so I didn't know if they'd have them elsewhere. The one's in Northeast Tennessee have pretty much everything but fresh-type dinner stuff, though they do carry some lunchmeats and eggs and milk and the like.
  15. Ahhhh...I see. Like I said, it may be different in bigger, more metropolitan areas, but I live in a more sub-rural (mostly cattle farms and little towns/teeny cities) area. There's a few farmer's markets around, but they're sporadic. It's often cheaper to go to McDonalds/Wendy's/Taco Bell/etc and order a couple things from a value menu than it is to go buy the meat, sides, and so on in a grocery store, plus the electricity/gas for the stove, plus cooling the house back down in the summer, refrigerating the leftovers...and so on. Granted, there are ways around this, like stocking up on sale items, pre-cooking certain things once or twice a week, and cooking later in the day in the summer, but a lot of people I know don't have that kind of time or initiative. I don't know if there's something that resembles a dollar store in Australia, but it's like a mini-grocery/all purpose store with a lot of prepackaged foods and cheap knockoffs of clothes/detergents/housewares/toiletries, and for a lot of people around here that's where they do a lot of their basic shopping, going then to Wal-mart for the meat/vegetables, which are of questionable quality. Or they skip the dollar store and go straight to wal-mart, which is basically just a big box store that carries every convenience item EVER pretty much, but a lot of their food isn't exactly what I'd call wholesome. A lot of their products buy wholly into the American ideal of food that comes pre-made, and will last forever in your refrigerator or pantry. ETA: @AngelKitty: I've spent too much time fluffing out english papers to fill my word counts, because I can reword just about anything (though whether it makes sense afterwords can be debatable )
  16. @SPQR: Yes, but there is still a significantly larger group of people who will fat-shame people who are not as skinny as you. Our society amplifies "thin-ness" as attractiveness, and then turns around and demonizes the people who are naturally thin because they assume that no one can be that way without an eating disorder. Just like the general population doesn't believe in fat people being healthy. Even so, there is a wider spread/more popular stigma attached to being fat than there is to being skinny. I think that's the point that AngelKitty was trying to make, and she is more than welcome to correct me if I am completely off-base, lol. @RheaZen: You mean the trust-fund Earth mothers who can afford to have all of their clothes made from hand-woven organic hemp, buy a solely ethanol vehicle or live in a city where they can ride a bike everywhere, and can afford to pay $9.99 a pound for hand-fed organic beef? With the yoga class memberships that cost more than my tuition, and always look like they stepped out of a GreenGoddess magazine? Because if I were in the healthy foods business, I'd totally be marketing to them lol they're spending mommy and daddy's money on it, so they don't care what it costs. @Skinst: I'm not sure where RheaZen is from, but here in America, if you don't live in a bigger city with a good farmer's market/produce market/etc, buying healthy food can be extremely expensive. I cook fairly often, but it costs more overall if I'm not just buying chemical-filled pseudo-food, because that's what's the easiest to come by in a typical American grocery store (at least where I'm at, it may be different elsewhere).
  17. Unfortunately, there are far too many people with far too much money invested in the current food market for this to be feasible. I'm not entirely sure how recent it was, but there was a bill passed (S.510) that allows greater control by the FDA in food production, to the point that the smaller farms that are producing the healthier, organic, whole, etc. foods are unable to maintain. There have literally been small farms who sell to local grocers and in farmers' markets who have been shut down and had all of their assets seized by the FDA because they weren't up to the new FDA regulations, or they didn't have all of the new paperwork filled out in time, etc. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 A bit of food for thought, in regards to "healthy food". Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I truly feel that the people in charge of our food choices really have other things on their minds besides our health.
  18. I believe that we (Americans, mostly, because I haven't got a lot of experience with anyone else unfortunately) have gotten used to a much more sedentary lifestyle. That's not entirely our fault, because the point of technology is to make our lives easier...it's just that most of that technology takes the physicality out of our lives. And I don't mean just cars and computers, but even just food science; preservatives permeate our food choices (I've even heard that the American human body decomposes slower due to the amount of preservatives in our food, but I haven't been able to verify that), as do other chemicals that enhance flavor, make it more colorful, etc. However, I personally feel this has led to a lot of health problems for us as well. We're taking in less real nourishment, and doing less that will flush things from our systems. Speaking as someone who has lost weight since high school, it's mostly been through conscious food choices, and making the most of my physical activity whenever possible. In the past two years, it's gotten harder to maintain most of my healthy eating values due to monetary restrictions and lack of time, but I try to stick to a few basic rules: Always eat real food products, whenever possible (the best example I can think of being sugar vs. aspartame or hfcs) and making sure that my food products have as few barely-pronouncable additives as possible. Only eat until I feel satisfied (not full, but satisfied). Park further from the store/school/work. When shopping for myself, use a basket instead of a shopping cart (not only because I buy less, but because carrying it can be like light weight training, and I stop when it gets too heavy ). Do I think that everyone can do this? I dunno, but it worked for me. Some areas just don't allow for much though. I live in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee, and the nearest store is a Dollar General, which REQUIRES a vehicle to get to from my house, and the nearest decent-sized town is about 20-30 miles away. Choices are limited, in regards to food as well as mode of transportation. It's cheaper and far more convenient to just drive somewhere, get a McChicken and a sweet tea, and be about my business, and it does happen. But I'm aware of it, and I try to avoid it if I can help it. I do however, think that more people do need to realize that being 'fat' isn't the problem. BMI isn't everything. There's a blog, called Dances With Fat, that expresses this quite well. The author is a 300-something pound dancer who's healthier than most people I know that are half her weight. Muscle weight, cholesterol, blood pressure...these are all things that should be at the forefront of establishing what is "healthy", but there are many doctors/medical staff who will assume that since someone is fat, that any health problems must be directly related thereto, or that they MUST be unhealthy and NEED to lose weight, which is nonsense. But that's just my $0.02 Side note: long post is looooong >.>
  19. auria


    ...well, if I recall correctly, Pure Blood denotes completely wizarding family bloodlines; however, I want to say that Snape was half muggle. Hence, Half-Blood Prince. Wouldn't that have been rather...frowned upon? (Sorry if this is a bit random, I just found this thread today and that kind of made me think about it.)
  20. TPishek: The examples would be the basis of the idealism. Preferably it would be something based on a common, widely exported food product that would then contaminate a water or other food supply without being something that would need a human carrier to suffer through the contagion process. Though I do see where it would qualify as a natural disaster, I don't generally categorize disease with tsunami/tornado/hurricane/earthquake. Princess Artemis: Wherein lies my dilemma. It makes me feel like a rather terrible human being to have that thought process.
  21. By definition, no, they do not. Just because the more well-known are commonly characterized by suffering and drawn out periods of pain, that does not mean that they involve anything "as a rule" other than being widespread. Definition of Pandemic Definition 2 Edit: Link name from Def. Reference to Definition 2.
  22. To Princess Artemis: Because I do still feel sympathy for human beings. They do cull the herd, but even if I'm willing to be part of a mass sacrifice for the sake of the planet, seeing people suffering from a natural disaster that they had no control over still bothers me. Which in turn, bothers me, because I recognize it as a contradiction. I can't really defend the sentiment. And as idealistic as it may sound, I would also hope that the pandemic didn't involve a long, drawn out, suffering, painful death. Suffering with little hope of relief or with no way to get yourself out of it bothers me.
  23. I would donate to animal charities over human charities pretty much any day of the week. Humanity has become, in and of itself, a plague on this planet. The people who are suffering is a result of other people, the animals that are being wiped out, hunted, abused, abandoned, etc. are the result of people as well. Most people have an opportunity to get out of their situations, at least here in America. Our system may be faulty, imperfect, and full of corruption, but there are opportunities outside of it as well (go Google Liz Murray, for instance). While our 'highly developed intelligence' lends us the ability to be extremely useful and compassionate, it also lends the ability to be completely self-centered, arrogant, and destructive. Animals that haven't developed the complete self-awareness might not necessarily be aware of their 'cruelty' towards other species (though 'cruelty is used loosely, because MOST of the time it's based on survival of the individual or nature's Survival of the Fittest), we are. I'm not saying that anyone is a terrible person for wanting to donate to human charities, or wanting to help humanity as a species over animals, but there are far more people giving money to the "Children in Africa" or to Breast Cancer Awareness* than to the organizations to save our habitat, or the animals that we (as a population) have abused and mistreated. And when it comes to a donation, I can see where my money's going if I donate to the local animal shelter vs. some huge foundation for curing BigNameDisease#3, since the people working at the shelter are mostly volunteers and the ones getting paid are making about as much as I do, rather than lining their pockets with my donations. My only exception to the animals-over-humans decision would be things such as disaster relief. Japan being a prime example: When half of your country is essentially wiped out, there's not much you can do about that :/ And on the subject of people needing to be wiped out, I agree. Even if I have to be one of them. This planet is just waiting for one big pandemic that doctors can't cure. Whether it happens, or if people just wipe themselves out through destroying the atmosphere, destroying all of the forests that produce our oxygen, or something a bit more , I don't know. But one day something's going to give. *On breast cancer awareness: Idk about other countries, but in the US I'm pretty sure that EVERYONE KNOWS BREAST CANCER EXISTS. Now, can we start advertising to raise money for the cure, specifically? I'd personally be more likely to buy the shirt if the money were going towards finding a cure rather than raising awareness. Kthx. [/vent] Sorry. This is something of a close-to-my-heart type thing
  24. People being unnecessarily inconsiderate. No, really. And that covers a lot. Not using turn signals, cutting people in line, talking during a movie, all of the stupid, pointless crap that people do for no reason other than just the fact that they're completely self-absorbed. Narrow-mindedness. Just because you and I don't agree, doesn't mean you have to assume that: 1. There is something wrong with me, 2. I'm stupid/uneducated/unelightened, or 3. That I'm attacking your beliefs/intelligence/etc. Stupid grammar. I may not be perfectly correct when it comes to grammar, but...good grief people. Assorted other things, though most of them are a bit more serious than just "peeves".