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  1. I like looking through here periodically and seeing what everyone looks like smile.gif I've been on DC for a few years now, and every time I check the People Behind the Post, it's nifty to see how people have changed.


    Thus, since I get to ninja through, I figure I ought to contribute lol



    Me and the little, his name is Jasper :3

    user posted image



    Me out with workmates! (I'm in the middle)

    user posted image

  2. I hate it, but I eat it lol. I've also got a very specific list of things I eat from each fast food place I go to, so in order to eat fast food I have to be in the mood for one of those things. I used to be all over some Taco Bell though, since I like most of their menu, but then they changed the menu and upped the prices, so I don't go there much as of late.


    I will NOT eat at Arby's or Long John Silver's. Ever.


    I love Sonic's mozzarella sticks and their Sonic burgers w/ tater tots and a Rte. 44 Ocean Water


    At McDonald's I either get a #1 combo, small (Big Mac); a McChicken & sweet tea; or just a small caramel frappe or caramel sundae. Unless it's breakfast, then I get a #9 (Bacon/egg/cheese McGriddle) w/ a small caramel frappe or a sweet tea.


    Burger King: #4 - Whopper Jr. meal. I actually prefer BK to McD's, because I think there's a bit more quality to be found at the ones where I live.


    Wendy's: Baked potatoes ftw, or Apple/Pecan Chicken Salad, w/ lemonade biggrin.gif


    Krystal's: Regular Krystal burgers, usually 5 or 6 of them w/ fries and a Coke.


    Pal's (limited to the Tri-Cities area of Tn/Va): Jr. Burger, Frenchie Fry, Peachie Tea (extra peach). Breakfast = Plain biscuit, cheddar rounds (little hashbrown rounds with cheese in them...zomg so amazing...), and a Peachie Tea (x. Peach).


    Hardee's: Strawberry Milkshake, onion rings.


    Subway: Any bread, except maybe the monterrey cheddar...that's usually the stale one, in my experience working there; where I live, no one ever orders it and by the time they do it's been in the bread cabinet just long enough to start getting a little too chewy. Steak&cheese, ham, or club. Provolone or mozzarella cheese. LIGHTLY toasted (and yes, they can do that. I used to work there. If they say they can't, they're probably lying), because I hate crunchy bread, but I love melty cheese. Lettuce, spinach, light onions, pickles, banana peppers, (sometimes) cucumbers and tomatoes. Extra mayo. Steak gets chipotle sauce, ham/club get regular mustard, and sometimes honey mustard. With either Baked BBQ Lay's, or the Harvest Cheddar Sunchips.


    Taco Bell: Nacho Supreme, Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, steak chalupas, Meximelts, steak quesadilla. I used to ADORE their steak grilled stuffed burritos, but they no longer have the regular grilled stuffed burritos and the last time I was there they didn't have the sauce that used to come on them. When I worked there, I used to make the most awesome burrito EVER but in order to ring it up properly it'd probably be a $7 burrito >.> and I don't intend to pay that much for a Taco Bell burrito lol I only made it that way when I worked there bc I got a discount.


    Breakfasts are usually just a plain biscuit with jelly, unless it's McDonald's. Idk why, but I just don't like fast food breakfast offerings most of the time. I'd rather just stay home and eat cereal, or go to a non-fast food place for breakfast. Waffle House & Cracker Barrel, ftw.




    Also, I know it's been like a year, but caramba2654: People like you are the reason people like me used to get our hours cut and could barely afford to pay our bills. When people eat at a fast food place, the computer keeps track of the orders to make ordering for inventory easier. When people like you come in and get food for free by abusing the fast food place's customer service policies, the managers have to go write that up as well. Then at the end of the week--if not the same day, depending on when the paperwork gets done, district managers start calculating the "shrink" (i.e. product that's not been paid for) vs. labor. After which point, the fact that (for example) Taco Bell is essentially not making enough profit to justify the presence of some of the employees we'd either get sent home, told not to come in, or eventually fired. You got ripped off $300? Well, thanks to you and people with your attitude, people's JOBS are being lost. You are essentially ripping people off, but more to the tune of: rent, utilities, childcare, gas, food, and generally acceptable living conditions. I hope you're proud of yourself.


  3. Currently, between the fiance and myself:


    '04 Hyundai Tiburon (Tuscani, actually, but they're basically the same thing...Tuscani is the Asian version I believe, as it wasn't marketed as such in the U.S.)

    V6, 6-speed manual transmission

    2.7 liter DOHC

    FWD, all-wheel disc brakes with red calipers (making me think of the American GT V6 and the SE)

    ...this is what I refer to as The Little Red censorkip.gif*bag Car lol


    Looks like this one, but w/o the sunroof:

    user posted image


    And my truck (which is in the process of being sold, unfortunately, as I'm 7mo pregnant and getting in/out is becoming difficult)


    '89 Toyota, SRW (this was apparently before they had specific models in the Toyota truck line)

    Bored over (by 1200) 4-cylinder TRD Offroad engine

    5-speed manual transmission, geared for towing

    14'' lift, 15'' wheels w/ 31'' tires

    ...this is what I refer to as the Beast, or the Redneck's Joyride, which I have to literally CLIMB into by way of the steering wheel and the door. After which I have to sit with a pillow behind me so as to properly depress the clutch and the accelerator.


    Linked for Hugeness



    Dream car? Not terribly hard to please, because I'd be more than happy with an 04 VW Jetta (if they came w/ AWD as opposed to just FWD) or a good compact SUV with 4WD capabilities.


    Though a 69 Chevy Camaro SS would be a nice garage ornament >.>


  4. I can support your stance in that respect, at least smile.gif


    However, when I say "seem" I don't mean that they weren't implicitly Christian, according to the people who wrote them; I don't know, I wasn't there, I was unaware that they used to put the verses next to them.

    By "seem" I mean: Christianity is not the only faith that prohibits murder, adultery, dishonoring one's parents, etc. Therefore, just because the authors of those laws were Christian and basing their laws on a Christian morality, they were also indirectly and unknowingly supporting the edicts of non-Christian faiths as well.

  5. More than 8 women may not live in the same house because that would constitute a brothel.


    Driving is not to be done while asleep.It is illegal for a woman to call a man for a date. (Dyersburg)


    In front of their buildings, all businesses must have a "hitching post." (Knoxville)


    Illegal for a woman to drive a car unless there is a man either running or walking in front of it waving a red flag to warn approaching motorists and pedestrians. (Memphis)


    It's illegal for frogs to croak after 11 PM. (Memphis)


    It is illegal to give any pie to fellow diners. It is also illegal to take unfinished pie home.

    All pie must be eaten on the premises. (Memphis)


    An ordinance forbids anyone to sing the song "It Ain't Goin' To Rain No Mo'." (Oneida)

  6. @Philpot: As nice as that would be, there are far too many spousal rights afforded to a -married- couple, granted by the government. Unless those rights were to be removed (which is highly unlikely), marriage remains a government/legal institution, regardless of religious affiliation of the couple; which is why I have a problem with the bans on same-sex marriage.


    And while our country's original laws seem to be based in Christian morality, Christianity is not the only religious doctrine that has a defined moral statute. As to your statement about the "die hard, EXTREMIST atheist": Have you ever considered that maybe people can choose to be a decent human being simply because they would like to be a decent human being, without the threat of otherworldly accountability?


    Personally, I cannot wrap my head around the idea that someone else's religion should be dictating my -legal- relationship status, but that's just me. I mean, since certain faiths are all for polygamy...and we still can't legally do that, why should I not be able to marry a woman just because another (albeit more popular) religion says it's wrong?



  7. So... this summer I'll be celebrating my first birthday after moving out. I plan to get a snake at that time, both as a gift over a decade in coming and as an 'in your face' to my snake-hater dad. For the longest time I wanted a Cornsnake, but events have made me take a look at myself and re-think...


    Cornsnakes are great, but they're Colubrids... Colubrids are wiggly and energetic, and personally I don't think I could handle a snake well if it kept moving a whole lot. I'm low-key, and I think I'd do better with a snake that is that way also...


    In enter boas and pythons. Granted, most of the popular ones get a good bit larger than a corn, but the ones I've run across are comparatively sluggish and just as friendly. Of all of them, I've narrowed down my choices to two - possibly three.


    The first is the Dumerils Boa. It's pretty much the 'perfect big snake': docile, slow moving, beautiful, and they get to be pretty good size(4-6ft on average, 8ft tops). If I could get one on a diet of f/t rodents I'd be happy to no end. Unfortunately they're very shy, and if stressed can be prone to not eating. While this doesn't rule them out, it opens the door to other possibilities.


    The second option is the Coastal Carpet Python. I've never had the pleasure of handling one of these, but I've seen videos and 'talked' to owners through the internet. They're more active than a Dumerils and like any snake can be nippy as babies but can be socialized with regular handling. While most don't get to be longer than 8ft, they can get over 12ft on rare occasions.


    Then there's the last option, the Red-tailed Boa. I wasn't considering this as an option until recently, when I had the chance to handle a very sweet male of the species. While he's already been sold, I still get the chance to handle him frequently as his new owner pays for him slowly but surely. When he finally goes to his new home, I know I will grieve. And so these snakes too are added as a possibility, even though large males can reach 9ft or a little more and females can reach a whopping 14ft.


    So yeah... I have trouble deciding. The local pet-store has offered to order both a Dumerils and a Coastal Carpet for me to pick from. I just have to ask when I'm ready, which will likely be two or so weeks prior to my birthday. If I ask soon enough I can probably convince them to get a Red-tail instead of one of the other two. Honestly if I had the means I'd get all 3. But I can't, so I'm politely asking for everyone's opinion.


    Should I change course and get a Coastal Carpet?

    Follow my original dream with a Dumerils?

    Or should I take a chance with a Red-tail?


    To clarify my situation, I'm currently living in NW Florida. I don't live alone, and while this is my first 'official' snake I've kept a few wild-caught ones before while living in Louisiana(never more than a week or so though because I didn't want to get caught). I'm fairly knowledgeable about snakes, and if the wild ones count I'm also fairly experienced. I don't mind taking a few defensive hits while it's a baby; that's usually what baby snakes do, and I'd rather take it from a baby of any kind than the adult. Size a somewhat of an issue, but right now I'm more worried about the 55-gal tank I have in the process of being set up. It's a tall, so unless I get some climbing branches I may soon need bigger house for the snake.


    Also, for anyone who wants to suggest a Ball Python... I have nothing against those, but it's not what I want. Nearly every Ball I've handled has been a very impersonal experience, and I just find it hard to form any sort of connection even if I handle the same snake repeatedly and for a long time.


    Anyway, please vote and leave a comment. The top two will be my two final options that I'll ask for them to order for me to pick from. If it turns out to be a landslide though, I'll just order the one and save them the trouble.




    I don't know much about the boas that you mention, specifically, other than my mother's red-tail Damien. He was fairly docile in the beginning, but as he got older and (much much MUCH) bigger and was handled less, he got meaner.


    As for handling, yes, handling them often can lead to more docility, but it depends on -how- they're handled and when. In my experience, you have a greater chance of leading to snapping issues if you mostly handle them around their feeding time, when you smell like something they consider to be food, or when you only handle them directly out of the tank for short periods of time. Also, most of the snappy younger snakes I've met were fed in their habitats, so they automatically tried to bite anything that was in their tank with them. When they're 'free-range' so to speak, and allowed out of the tank and around the house with you (as long as you're in close contact/proximity, and keep them out of potential hazard areas such as the kitchen floor and near vents) they'll be tamer than if you only handle them from immediately out of the tank or habitat, or if you only handle them every once in a while. Damien started getting more snappy when he got over 5 feet long and was hard to move, and so spent more time in his habitat.


    (I would like to interject that I had a ball python for 6 years, and though it does take a little while to get them to warm up to you, if you're the primary handler from the time they've hatched they're much more sociable. But I will agree, they are very shy...hence the name, lol, as when they're scared, they wrap themselves into a ball. If you're looking for a low-key snake, however, mine was content to chill out around my neck, in my hoodie, or wrapped up on a belt loop when he was still small enough to get through them)


    However, no matter what you do, check the local regulations. You mention that you're in NW Florida, and if I recall correctly, there are some parts of Florida (if not the whole state) that are banning the sale and possession of pythons/boids due to the irresponsible people who've let theirs out into the wild and the population increase due to storms damaging houses and some of the snakes getting out that way, too. If they're not banned in your area, I think you may still have to have them registered and micro-chipped, but it's a good idea to check that over before getting your hopes up.


    Whatever you do, good luck, and I hope you thoroughly enjoy whatever breed you end up getting biggrin.gif Snakes are fabulous pets, and deserve a lot more love than the community at large likes to give them lol.

  8. No.


    Wicca is not the among the oldest religions in the world. Paganism, which Wicca is a modern form of, is among the oldest religions in the world.


    And don't anyone troll me, I'm Neopagan myself :V


    And so this isn't 100% offtopic,



    85% of Humans only breathe out of one nostril at a time. Try covering one nostril and see if your breathing is impaired, then try the other and notice the difference. Right now i'm breathing from my right.


    One nostril at a time is covered with erectile tissue and this cycles back and forth every few hours.

    No, "Paganism" isn't a religion (nor is "neopaganism"). It's a blanket term adopted by many modern Wiccans and members of non-mainstream faiths (mainstream as in, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Sihkism, etc.) and those who interact with or write about them.


    The original Middle English use of the word was from the Latin, paganus, which meant "country-dweller". By definition, it pertains primarily to polytheistic religions which are outside of the Judeo-Christian religiosity (aka 'heathen' in much of the Middle English-Modern context of the term).


    Wicca is a religion that was, in its modern context, introduced by Gerald Gardner in the 1950's-1960's and is based on his writings as well as those by Margaret Murray and Charles Leland; both of whom were alive in the late 1800's/early 1900's. While there is a slight basis in ancient Celtic and tribal religions, Wicca itself is in fact far younger as there are few to no surviving documents which would be able to link the two ideologies.


    Wicca tends to be an introductory path into various other faiths, such as Asatru, Heathenry (in its Nordic context), the Kemetic faith, as well as Hellenic, Babylonian, and many South American tribal faiths. Those who come to Wicca and migrate in the other directions tend to find it first, and then begin researching paths that are more suited to their own personal beliefs; this is largely due to the fact that there is far more information available online regarding Wicca, while many of the others aren't quite as publicised.



    To remain on topic:


    If you spell out all the numbers individually, you'll have to get to a thousand before you find an A.


    The oldest documented, organized religion still practiced today is considered to be Hinduism, as its written documents, the Vedas, predate any other written religious documents; and because its roots lie in Dravidianism, which predates Sumerian, Egyptian, and Babylonian cultures.


    The oldest religion, period, is now believed to have been in Botswana. Archeologists have found evidence of python worship and ritual practices from about 70,000 years ago.


    Doctors in the late 1400s and early 1500s were so afraid of syphilis they would not write down its name. Instead they used the Greek letter Sigma as its symbol.


    Scientists believe that more than 43 million tons of dust falls over the U.S. every year. Indoor air usually contains about twice as much dust as the air outside. That’s a million microscopic particles in a cubic inch of air. About 2,000 dust mites can live happily on one ounce of carpet dust.


    Mars’ two moons—Phobos and Deimos —are small (13 and six miles across, respectively) and oddly shaped. They reflect little light and are among the darkest objects in the solar system. They were discovered by American astronomer Asaph Hall in 1877 and are thought to be asteroids that were unable to break free from Mars’ orbit.


    In the 1930s, two Russian biologists discovered that color change in Siamese kittens depends on their body temperature. Siamese cats carry albino genes that work only when the body temperature is above 98° F. If these kittens are left in a very warm room, their points won’t darken and they will stay a creamy white.

  9. I will testify to the pain difference. My chest piece wasn't nearly as bad as my foot, and my hip was almost painless. My ribs were about the same as my chest, which wasn't bad, but was a tad uncomfortable. It also varies person to person >.>

  10. Based on your description, it gives me an image of one of those eagles, with a cross stylized into the crown where I can see a bit of a design already. Then move the banner from around the crown to in the eagle's claws and have it say "My Lord sustains me" or something like that.


    But that's just an idea lol.

  11. See, I almost had a vaguely similar set-up with a shop here in TN, where I'd work the front desk and do some promotional stuff, help around the shop, and minor manger-type stuff (I'm a business management major) since the owner's super busy all the time and I'd get the tattoo training out of it; however, they went on to find someone else to answer the phones, schedule appointments, help out, etc. and I kinda got screwed.


    And yeah...I don't know how likely it is that either of you will be hit by a bus, but it's a good point nonetheless since you never know what might happen. I will definitely let you know if I get a chance to head out there, and I will most definitely take you up on the ink :3

  12. @ Moeru: I...kind of hate you for that whole post lol. "Why would a complete stranger hate me for a post on a dragon collecting site?" you might be wondering to yourself, which would be a legitimate question to oneself. Here's why:


    1. You are a tattoo artist, which is something I've always wanted to be but I have neither the artistic talent, nor the funds for an apprenticeship.


    2. You are a tattoo artist in NAGOYA, JAPAN. A city that lies in a country that I find absolutely fascinating and have always wanted to see in person.


    and finally


    3. You have access to your boss, who, my experience has taught me in regards to tattoo shops, is probably AMAZEBALLS (and I don't even like that word, so that should tell you how intense that thought is lol), considering how good you appear to be, to do work on you.


    In short, you're awesome, and I'm jealous. So you suck. smile.gif

  13. This is unfortunately very true, and likely the "real women" card that is commonly pulled out against skinny females is a result of an assumption: anyone who is skinny is doing it on purpose to fit the ideal.


    True? No.


    Running rampant through social circles lately anyways? Yep.


    I get it sometimes too, but not all that often because I'm only 5'1'' and people seem to like assuming I'm 13 instead of 20, which apparently where I live is a license to be scrawny because, "well of course, she's in gym classes and lives in the middle of nowhere, she must work on one of the farms; and she's so teeny, she must not have hit puberty yet."

  14. I know! I also found it creepy because the "modern" standards of beauty emphasizes...well, girlishness. Smaller waist, perky breasts, a more "adolescent" look that's hard to achieve by anyone who has ever gone through pregnancy or child-bearing. Maybe I'm being a bit paranoid here, but...I don't know, I don't think that glamorizing something that you can only attain for a very short span of time IS creepy..not to mention disconcerting.

    I think that's where a lot of the stigma associated with being a bit-a lot heavier comes from though. The American culture (idk about anywhere else) is hyper-focused on the idea of youthfulness. All of the celebrity plastic surgery, exercise, super dieting, etc. is all a fight against the aging process. Maybe it's a fear of being old and feeble, and the fact that it proves that we're all slowly dying, but all of our mainstream media and pop culture emphasizes youth and equates it with being beautiful.


    ETA: @7Deadly$ins: I think the emphasis is more on women who are unhealthily skinny for the wrong reasons. If you're naturally slim, that's one thing; but if you're refusing food and exercising to the point of burning off all possible body weight in order to fit into an impossible beauty ideal, that's unattractive.



  15. Tattoos shouldn't be about how they look on you, but I will agree that some people do wear them a bit better than others. My personal opinion (not that it really matters much) is that they should be something you do for yourself that means something to you >.> and that can make all the difference in how you wear it.


    As for permanence, it's really hard to figure out what would be something that you'll still be proud of when you're 60, and the way to still be happy with them when you've matured and changed that much from when you first get it (in most cases. I know some folks might not get their first tattoo until they're at least 30 or 40 lol). That's why people need to put a lot of thought into them, and be able to say to themselves, "Even if this doesn't hold the same meaning in 30 years, I will be able to look back on it and see how much I've grown."


    But, I can totally see how some people wouldn't be into that, which is totally cool as well. I appreciate people who can say it's something they don't want because of it's permanence, because that means they know that in 5, 10, 20 years they might hate it, feel like it was a stupid/rash decision, etc.

  16. I don't know how often Moeru checks this thread...but I would just like to say that if in fact that's the shop you work at: that is fantastic work >.> if I could ever have the money to fly to Japan and get tattoo work done, I'd be at that shop in a heartbeat.


    But, in regards to the topic at hand, I have 4 so far (and plans for more at some point in the future).

  17. I'm the same as rainbowsmile, just a little worse. Within the first hour of wearing anything with nickel I start itching and the spot the nickel's touching starts swelling and breaking out in a rash. And I totally agree with the annoyance with mis-labelled jewellry. I can't wear any of the cute little earrings/necklaces and such that are cheap because most of them are mis-labelled. Also, belts. The buckles are bad enough that I have a permanent scar under my belly-button from my favorite belt (the clear nail polish kept wearing/rubbing off >.<). It's made me partial to a minimal jewellry look because I can't afford to go buy a bunch of good jewellry.


    I have noticed that most of the Claire's hypo-allergenic stuff takes a while to make me itch though, so if you're in the US and have a mall with one of those shops in it you might be able to find some stuff smile.gif I've had one pair of halloween earrings from there for a couple years and it only started getting annoying this past halloween.



    On a side note, for some you with pollen allergies, you could try taking a teaspoon of local honey (either straight or in teas) to help with that pre-allergy season. The trace amounts of pollen that the bees have carried into the honey will help build an immunity. (*disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this is not technically medical advice; if you are severely allergic to anything I seriously suggest talking to a licensed medical practitioner about any allergy relief methods */disclaimer) <3

  18. Parasites don't benefit their hosts.  That's really all it comes down to, and why I wondered if perpetuation of the species was not considered a biological benefit in defining the fetuses of mammals as parasites.

    It would appear that you're referencing my using the term 'parasite', so I thought I'd chime in:


    Although perpetuation of the species is beneficial to the species, it is not beneficial to the specific individual carrying the baby/fetus/zygote/whatever you'd like to call the bundle of cells that will one day develop into a human.


    Technically, a parasite in the traditional sense could be benefiting the species if it's feeding on an animal with a weaker immune system, or a weaker constitution and therefore culling the herd (or whatever the specific group would be called). It could also be considered a benefit to the ecosystem in general because by killing the individual it is lessening the burden on the ecosystem and making it easier for those of the species that remain to survive because, due to a smaller population, the individuals can be better supported.


    I chose the term "parasite" because, by definition, that's what it is. Whether the scientific community has come out and said that a human being spends part of it's lifecycle as a parasite or not, it still uses the term parasite in reference to the traditional parasites (re: ringworms, fleas, mites, etc.), which match the traditional dictionary definition of a parasite. I find it highly unlikely that the scientific community would use a term in a manner contradictory to the definition of said term, regardless of which (presumably legitimate, as in Webster's, Oxford, etc. dictionary...not just wikipedia) source is defining it.






    the second and third links do not include in the definition that a parasite "does not benefit the host" and regardless of the benefit or lack thereof, a human or any other mammal's initial state of biological existence are still relevant to those definitions. If you'd like me to continue looking for medically/scientifically relevant definitions let me know.


    I would also like to note, I do not use the term 'parasite' in a negative or derogatory manner; merely as a descriptor. Some choose to say baby, some choose fetus, some choose lump of cells; they are all relevant descriptors. For someone who has opted to have an abortion, especially if the conception was under traumatic circumstances, it probably is more therapeutic to distance herself from the idea of a 'baby'. For some, the idea of the fetus being a baby could constitute the idea of an endless reminder of the previous trauma that led to the conception and subsequent abortion.

    As I stated in my previous post, an abortion is something that I don't know that I would personally be able to experience. My point was merely that I have no right to tell someone else that they can't, regardless of their reasons. Do I think that some people use an abortion as an a way to avoid taking responsibility for their actions? Yes. Do I think that the individuals who have a legitimate medical or psychological circumstance dictating their decision should be forced into a full-term pregnancy just because someone else is doing it for (what I consider to be) the wrong reasons? No. That is why I am pro-choice. I do not appreciate my choices being limited based on someone else's beliefs or actions.

  19. I would just like to ask a question:


    Since when is it anyone's business what another woman does with her body? I'm pro-choice, but I don't know that I'd ever be able to abort a fetus, because it squicks me out as much as giving birth. But it's none of my business what anyone else does because it's not my body that has to carry the fetus Who am I to decide that someone else's reasons aren't good enough? And what gives the government the right, either?


    A human fetus is essentially a parasite, and not just while it's in the womb, though that's what I'll cover specifically. A woman must increase her calorie intake and increase her consumption of vitamins and minerals because this unborn organism in her abdomen is literally sucking the nutrients from her bloodstream via umbilical cord. They can cause medical complications, on top of the normal birthing trauma that can tear her body apart, be it the birth canal or the slicing through her abdominal muscle for a cesarean. Then, she has to pay off all of the medical bills she's accrued, while (presumably) not working so she can care for what is still (presumably) feeding on her nutrients and accumulated physical stores of food and minerals. After all that, she's got to completely change her life, her work, her relationships, and her existence to focus on the care of this child/teen.


    Not to mention the children born of rape, the children born of addicts, the children born into extreme poverty, the children born to abusers and molesters...many of whom I can tell you from personal experiences would have welcomed the chance to have been aborted. Having been a part of the U.S.'s failing Social Services system, even if for a short time, I can tell you now that the probability of a child growing up to be a healthy, happy, and productive adult is slim to none; assuming of course they live that long.


    But all of that aside, I find it extremely presumptuous for anyone to say what someone can and cannot do with their body, and while it might come off as sexist, I find it even more presumptuous for a male to argue against abortion when it is something they will never EVER have to physically experience. There are a great many things that men and women can both experience physically, emotionally, hormonally, spiritually, neurologically, ad nauseam. but pregnancy is not one of them. A man can be raped just as easily as a woman, but he will not have to carry a child that is the product of that rape. A man can have his contraceptive fail; but he can run away and not have to worry about pregnancy alone/single parenthood. A man can get drunk and make a bad decision, but to quote Juno he, "doesn't have the evidence under his sweater". There is not nearly as much social stigma (I don't care where you're from, there's a social stigma for unwed pregnant females pretty much everywhere, to some degree) for a guy who got a girl pregnant as there is for an unwed pregnant girl/woman. This might be because if she can't afford a paternity test, or doesn't have access, he can just say it's not his...which will then end up with her stigmatized for being "promiscuous" and for "lying" about who she conceived with.


    And after taking all that into consideration, illegalizing abortion won't make it go away. It just makes it all the more dangerous and traumatic for those who choose to have one. It was mentioned up thread that someone's mother died as a result of complications with an illegal abortion...something that could have been avoided if a proper medical abortion had been available. History has proven that demonizing and illegalizing abortion doesn't make it go away, it just makes it more deadly. And just because it's legal doesn't mean that everyone's going to go out and get one as soon as the little pink plus sign shows up.


    **It was just going to be $0.02, but it turned out around $5, for which I apologize. And while some of this may come across as offensive, it is genuinely NOT intended as such. I personally am offended by the idea of someone else telling me what I can and can't do with my own uterus, which is why I thought I'd go ahead and give an opinion on the subject. If anyone would like to PM me in regards to this subject, feel free.