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  1. Thanks - somehow I'd missed that, despite having the list lol All set, and I have a toasty brown pie icon!
  2. Some how I got the gingerbread house, but not the hard candy recipe So I missed out on 2
  3. Sent $5, as this is hitting at a real bad month - but I love the site & like to reward effort.
  4. CB Turp + CB Turp = Turp egg CB Turp + CB Turp = no egg CB Turp + CB Black = Turp egg CB Turp + CB Black = Turp egg different parent pairing)
  5. It found a home on my scroll - first white in a while! Thank you!
  6. 1) Yes 2) - In general, date of last attempt & successful are the minimum to help me track my fertile dragons. 2C would be my ideal. 3) 3b - all attempts would be most useful 4) only yes/no 5) 5B 6) not that I can see Thank you for the inbred tracker - as I'm old-school DC, all I was concerned with for a long time was getting 1 of each gender, and a frozen (gendered) hatchling.
  7. Looks like it - one of the white ancestors is a 1st gen child of Midas & Shalli'nar (sp).
  8. ok, here's mine: Suffix = Chanur Prefix = za: inbred ker: female na: male and if I use a 'number' for the generation, is that considered a prefix? ichi: 1st gen/CB ni: 2nd san shi go roku shichi hachi nu jyu: 10th gen jyuichi/ni/san/etc = 11th gen + origin: one of my fave SF series; and the generations = Japanese breeder name = same as my forum, VAwitch_myrrhibis
  9. I still think that 2 months is too short. Real Life can easily eat up 2 months. Is there a poll (or history thread) to extend the inactivity span to 3 or 6months. I know I've had my own "life got in the way" moments where things didn't settle for 3 or 4 where I could monitor much beyond my 2 main email accounts.
  10. Pity the "lack of activity" window can't be expanded. If it's only 2 months, that seems a bit short - medical issues or birth of a new baby, say can easily impinge for a good 2 months. Maybe TJ could expand to 3? (Many sites allow 6-12mo of inactivity before wiping)
  11. Ahhhh well then that helps - at 33/42 - I should actually be able to get some work done AND get all the eggs!
  12. "I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend." which is why my son doesn't yet have a scroll... cuz I'd probably have to care for it
  13. I'm trying to figure out how to determine if this is a lost Thuwed or Dorkface, as I left active DC apparently right before 'The Burning" There's a white ancestor w/ dead parents Can anyone give me a hand, or how I'd identify one if an ancestor is not listed in the Dorkface/Thuwed threads? TYIA
  14. Count me as someone who joined after ca couple of my LJ friends had "(Please read the forum rules)!" posts. Didn't help that my son would be almost as excited as me to see the scroll. which reminds me, I gotta get him a scroll.
  15. That's part of the re-unification, or at least friendly co-existance, that the RCC & EOC are attempting. Eastern Orthodox priests have always been able to marry while priests; you just can't rise to the highest levels in the priesthood (Bishops, and the Bishops that head the Synods (or jurisdictions, for a reference point) if you are married. You can be Bishop if never married, or you became a widower after joining the priesthood (My childhood Priest, Father Basil, was a widower & became Bishop in NY if I recall correctly). EOC & RCC are not too dissimilar, even after all this time. Names for some things are different, and the biggest change in doctrine is that the Pope is not recognized as God's Voice on Earth. He is the voice of the faith, so to speak, but not 'superior' to the other Bishops as Christ is considered the head of the church by the EOC. Although I always have found it amusing (once I'd left the EOC) that Pascha (EOC Easter) always happens the week after Passover, but Easter doesn't always do the same.
  16. Well, I've decided to take the plunge & try to trace my dragons' lineages... upshot is that I took a 1yr hiatus, so I apparently have a lot of CB & 2nd gens But I have a question how to number some of them... if one parent is a 1st gen/CB, other is 2nd gen - what is their offspring considered - 2nd or 3rd? And before I start naming & hose myself - would someone who's been doing this (lineage) - breeding &/or tracking them - PM me to help me figure out? I had a Pern & Transformers thing going right out of the DC gate, but lost the names during the hiatus (I think Dorkface & Thewed (sp) were the only "lines" out at the time). Apologies for the noob question, but I find the concept fascinating, though very confusing. I had previously bred just to try to get eggs to expand rare/unc options w/o inbreeding, and to share in the AP. TYIA (I have looked at the forum thread w/ the worksheet of active lineages... none of my possible themes are listed )
  17. Ok - dumb question - what exactly are "lineages", aside from commonly named ones from certain users a la "Dorkface" & "Thewed"(sp)? I recognize Dorkface from being a name that dropped a lot of eggs in the early DC days; but otherwise, this "lineage" thing I'm not understanding - the attraction nor how you determine it. I simply tried to breed my dragons successfully, and it worked or not. (Note: I took a yearish hiatus in late 2010, and don't recall the lineage craze back then other than a few names that were prolific breeders & AC droppers). Cuz since I've not paid attention to my breeding other than X + Y = success more often than not, I guess I'd be considered messy.
  18. Username: - VAwitch_myrrhibis Number: #7638 Join Date: 23 Jul 08
  19. 10:28 - looks like they fixed whatever was slowing things up. Got me a mountain egg
  20. Can't seem to claim anything for the past 15 minutes Anyone else having this problem? (AP is fine, is changing, but front-cave isn't changing nor allowing me to claim - just sits & spins)