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  1. Just joined myself... please click?
  2. Merry Christmas, and thanks for the new events, TJ!
  3. Hey, can anyone tell me what's up with the new/different baskets (second post on first page)? I didn't see that earlier :S
  4. Yeah, I have 94 things now... the little slice of pie and the black globe that has a pumpkin on it, though, so the globe isn't the same as what RheaZen posted :S I'm confused! LOL
  5. Last year, I made five attempts to get a zombie... I succeeded with one adult, but never got a zombified hatchling--which shall be my goal this time around ^.^
  6. Disorient-me

    10 on 10-10-10

    @Egypt: yeah, it's down for me, here, too... hope it comes back up soon :S I love these new sprites, though--I can't wait to see the adults. I think that the coal ones are going to be a new favorite of mine ^.^
  7. Voted for 'starters' I joined June 23, 2008, and my member # is 7635
  8. Assuming that the eggs keep their influence, I think this would be a great thing to have! It would even add an extra benefit to trading, perhaps, especially if someone is hoping for a specific gender Is it just me looking too deep into things, or would it also make each player's 'cave' seem more like a community? Like the pink dragons influencing the egg's gender because they helped care for it? **is hopeless dork**
  9. Oh my god--how could I *not* think of something as hilarious as 'Save a Horse- Eat a Cowboy'? ROFL! My funniest ones are probably "I Didn't Do It," a mated pair with "It Wasn't Me." Sadly, none of the owners of the offspring seemed to go with me I also named my Christmas '08 "Spriggy Stardust," and my sister called me an idiot. No taste for the classics, I suppose...