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  1. I just let go of a batch of Celestial Dragon eggs, only to learn one of them had the code (dIRTY). I'm so mad!! D: Best of luck to whoever can catch it ~3 days from now...
  2. You didn't leave a scroll link, so I just entered your forum name. Derp and Herp Remanen
  3. I really hate it when people misspell "lose" as "loose". That just seems to bug me more than any other common spelling mistake, for some reason. I've also come to really hate the people who believe that unless you started out with Gen 1 or 2, you're not a "true" Pokemon fan. Oh, I'M sorry I was born 3 years too late! How silly of me!!! o_e On that note, "hardcore" gamers in general. If you don't play Call Of Duty/Halo/Battlefield/Whatever, you'll never live it down. Broken/slow machinery also drives me nuts, As well as people who act like they're so great and amazing when they're really not. What's worse is that I'm afraid I might be that kind of person without even realizing it >.< I'll say something, and then realize later that what I said was incredibly stupid, and there's no way to take it back because that person is gone. ;-; The thing I hate most, though, is being told what to do/how to do something. I'll start panicking and then I'll feel all guilty, because if I listen to them and let them practically do everything for me it means I'm a useless who can't do anything, and if I ignore them I'll most likely mess it up. And then people will give me all this false praise and I'll walk away feeling terrible, and then they call me an ungrateful for it. I don't mean to be ungrateful, really, but I just want to earn the compliments I'm getting >.<
  4. I don't even speak Japanese... I'm just mumbling garbage to myself ;-;
  5. -steals your green Two-Headed Lindwurm, because I am too lazy to breed one for myself-
  6. I do. You better not catch any CB Golds that I wanted or else I will ban you from cave!!! 4serioz!!!!!!1!1one!!1! Where do I get Cheese Dragons
  7. It's midnight, I should go to bed. NOPE
  8. DustyBelle is secretly a superhero with the ability to turn into a broom. World's best superhero, everybody.
  9. Far too often... ;-; TPB has stayed up until around 4 in the morning browsing the internet at some point
  10. Sort of. It wasn't the day it came out, but just the first time I actually got my hands on the book. I think it might've been Yellowfang's Secret or some other Warrior Cats book. Eaten someone else's cookies while they were out?
  11. You smack the dragon who's BSA you want to use with a pineapple until it grudgingly performs the action. How do I get a Guardian of Nature?
  12. A Bug's Life for the PS2. I saw some kids playing the PC version in Kindergarten and really liked it, and my mom said that we had a copy at home, and I've been playing video games ever since
  13. I know that feel, bro. I liked Kangaskhan before it was mega!
  14. Tentacool weighs 100 pounds. To put that in perspective, that means it beats Mightyena by about 20lb. And don't even get me started on Larvitar...