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  1. Yup, I hope they are pretty common, too. Still have only 2 CB Gold Wyverns and Tsunamis, and only one CB Blusang and as these new eggs are so beautiful and I won't have much time to hunt them today, it would be aweful when their uncommon or even rare.
  2. This was the first thing I thought of when I saw the adults. Might have something to with me thinking of what I could do with the Olives since they were released, as I really like them... And their actually the only ones I really like with the Cave Lurkers up to now. So now I have to catch a lot more Olives until next Halloween! By the way, your RB x Ice checker looks really nice!
  3. I just love my best friend. I told her that TJs dragons grew up and that I'm afraid that she will give her hatchlings to me just to get rid of those monsters. And then I send her the link to this thread, so that she could take a look at the adults. And... she immediatly said that I have to take all of her hatchlings. She absolutely dislikes them (yes, she only wants to have "cute" or "pretty" dragons on her scroll, especially if they are pink). Now I have even more of these awesome creepy beauties *-* Now I have to find lovely names for them. And I'm already thinking of making a checke
  4. They are just awesome ö.ö Creepy and evil and awesome. And my best friend is definitely not going to like them, so I bet she will give all her hatchlings of these to me It's a good thing to have a friend playing dragon cave who does only care for the sprites and nothing more Now I can't wait for mine to grow up...
  5. Send you a PM with a small gift
  6. So that means I don't have to get up at 5 am tomorrow because I'll be at university all day and at my best friend's house in the evening and I still want to get my eggs. That's pretty much okay for me But I have to agree many of the others that it might be better to have two days, although the drop at saturday is better for me. There are many people who are affected by the hurricane, but the majority is not. And I read so many times that someone was going to take the day off tomorrow and has to work at the weekend instead and such things, just to get the eggs. I really think it would be
  7. USA haven't changed to wintertime yet, so here in Germany the drop starts already at 5 am I'm definitely going to get up a bit before that, so I can grab the new babies when they start to drop.
  8. Same goes for me Still have to analyze two experiments from my physics class and prepare the next, which I have to make tomorrow morning. But it's not like I had two weeks time for that Seems like I shouldn't blame DC. I loved the Aliset event, but what I loved even more was the ToT. I'm pretty disappointed that I already have all 59. The Dress ups are absolutely lovely, I had to laugh so much when I first saw the Shadow walkers! And all my beautiful Brimstone ladys made themselves look so sexy Still have three eggs to hatch. One of them will be send to a very kind person as
  9. Thank you, Blazewing! So I will get up a little bit befor 5 am to catch the new ones. I can't wait to see how they look this year!
  10. I found two nice people who are going to exchange 2nd gen Halloweens with me, and I still have no plans for three of my Shadow walkers. I think I will just go an abandon their offspring I'm not going to try for Zombies as I don't like killing my dragons. For Halloween itself, I'm a bit worried, as I'm at university nearly the whole day. I want to grab the first new dragons when I get up in the morning, although my partens won't appreciate that I am just a bit worried if that is possible at all, as I live 6 hours ahead of the Cave time and this weekend, we will change our clocks to wi
  11. I bred that 4th gen Skywing. Never thought that someone would use something I bred to create such a lovely lineage. Thanks to the breeders! It makes me quite happy to see my own dragons in lineages like this!
  12. Claudii's Personal Lineages *Scroll link/forum name: Claudii Are you willing to help others with their projects and how? If there is something I can breed for you, just let me know! Last Update: March, 14th 2020 -Dragon Timeline: Updated. Group I.1 on hold, because next thing needed there is a Summer Seasonal and it clearly is not summer. Finished with Group I.2. Added freshly bred dragons for Group I.3. Nheoland: Updated. It is surprisingly hard to get Nhiostrifes from those pairs. *Lineage name: Dragon Timeline *Breeds of dragons i
  13. I was hoping for a new release for the last two weeks and this morning finally... And I'm pretty sure that I remember the yellow ones from the completed requests list. Hopefully they are what I think they are =) And hopyfully my best friend will trade her rancid and brine eggs with me once I'm not egglocked anymore, as she doesn't care about lineages. Well, judging by the way she looks at me right now... she will do it *-*
  14. I didn't think of Dragon Cave's birthday >.< Shame on me! So, Happy Birthday, DC! You surprised quite a lot today Beautiful new eggs, I just love the hybrid's eggsprite. Hopefully the adult dragons will be as pretty as the egg! Now I have to try to catch the others, after I bred one of the hybrids.
  15. Somehow I had a feeling that there would be something new when I logged on a few minutes ago... Now I have four beautiful, smelling eggs on my scroll
  16. I had to laugh so much when I saw the Pillows The decorated dragons are just great! This event seems to be so much fun! Thank you!
  17. Great event! I just found the chicken and the dragon on the parchment, so now I have 40/40 items. Never expected something like this for the event, but I love it =)
  18. I don't remember all the poor dragons that died when I started, but the first four grown up dragons on my scroll were a female cave bred red dragon, a male vine from the AP, a male cave bred skywing und a female cave bred grey. Still have all of them <3
  19. With my username in this forum, I am a frozen, male daydream hatchling. Funny thing, with my real name I am a daydream dragon, too But this time I am female =) and I have two children.
  20. "I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend." I think it would be useless to make a second scroll... Where's the fun then?