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  1. I have an...unusual request: a Lycandrake Body of a dragon, with golden scales and eyes, but with silvery long-furred wings and floppy wolf ears instead of horns. Any form of digital will work for me.
  2. the link is updated for the end of Act II I apologize to those of you who have been waiting forever for this. I promise the final acts will come faster than 2 did.
  3. you cried, and yet i havent gotten to the execution. emotional
  4. The Twin Servant has been updated. Act II is almost complete!
  5. my mint army will grow more and more i also have electric, purple, purple stripe, moonstone, hellfires, spitfires, and others on my scroll
  6. I have an Army of Mints on my Scroll.
  7. Link has been updated and the Formatting has changed.
  8. i suppose i have a lot to learn about the UTAU program and the vocaloids. I figured they all had childish songs until i heard spice earlier today.
  9. yeah wrong word choice i meant do...what you do...and fit that parameter. sorry for any confusions
  10. could you do a spriting for something that looks like this, only older and more like a knight in shining armor?
  11. Oh my God. Icey seems to be building an army of mints, with Speara as the leader! This is very interesting. I'm going to have to investigate sooner or later. Lots of Love (And even more water) Aqualight <3 I may be new here, but I'm pretty sure what SpyroIce is up to is completely ludicrous! He spends all his time traveling, looking for more Mints, like he's going to, like Aqualite said, build a freakin' army! what the hell, i mean, what the actual hell?! why not just try to make an army of something better, stronger, like me? A thunder! i mean, bloody hell, i am a guardian of
  12. The link has been updated. I have not been able to get much done because of school work, but i am trying my best.
  13. My signature is tricky...watch out
  14. *runs over WaterScorpion with a roadroller* That should kill you, then
  15. sign me up for a late-ish application. this will really help me get back into reading!
  16. All of the posts on this page are not numbered. Rick Rolling is annoying. People in love have found something to cherish for life. I just taught you folks a life lesson.
  17. @Dragcave : yes it should thank you for pointing that out. THE LINK HAS BEEN UPDATED PPLZ!!!
  18. Act I Has now been completed! I am moderately proud of how this is turning out!
  19. it would be she i changed it so that it was two girls, like Daypaw suggested. lush means expensive, fluffy, and cushy. and you obviously havent seen the three year olds (they're fifteen, need to change that too) i have