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my scroll ** If you want something bred: Check my profile, I breed most of it for free *** My shinnies: Need 2014 and newer shinies. I own Lati0s and manage GiR01's list. - Need the name "Gir" and "Invader Zim"* view Lati0s and Gir's list

I accept IOUs jilevUj.pngSilver_Tinsel_mature_hatchi.gif


                        *** Currently trading a spot on Lati0s or Gir's list for hatchies of this breeds ***

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    Wishlist: hatchies from breeds from https://dragcave.net/group/109209

    Free breeding: I breed most of my scroll for free - see bottom of profile

    For Gir01 cb silver tinsel:
    I manage the list for Em, my daughter's friend. She will give a 2nd gen offspring for the name "Gir" and one for the name "Invader Zim" . She also needs cb golds, silvers and dinos.
    - spots 1 to 3 are reserved for names: OPEN
    - spots 4 to 10 are for trade: OPEN


    For Lati0s my cb prize:
    - 1 spot open for
    2g swaps, 2g spriter alts swaps

    - 1 spots open for other trades right now.
    2g thuwed egg, 2g holly, many hatchies, tercorn hatchies


    - every 2-3 months, 1 spot open for
    people who have no other 2G
    catch me lots of caveborn aeon, silver lunar, celestial or the breeds on https://dragcave.net/group/109209


    DC cave PC Tools: obsolete

    List breeding (except Lati0s and Gir):
    - Anything above 3g: FREE - I accept 1 hatchie from the breeds on https://dragcave.net/group/109209 if you insist on paying
    - My k1lgr and KARIS offspring will be gifted, just ask
    - For my thuweds or prizekin: silver lunars, celestials or breeds on https://dragcave.net/group/109209
    - For my 2g, 3g tins and 3g shimmers: 1:1 for other 2g/3g 1:2 for some nice EG under 4g. PM me to negotiate. I don't bite :)

    Gir bred a tin last on
    Lati0s bred a tin last on

    2013 cb Prize - Lati0s
    46 silver tins 2G bred and delivered on iou since 2013. List is currently empty

    Lati0s 2g fails / Gir fails: Just ask, won't be free but a nice 3EG would probably be fine
    -->all other fails will be raffled or gifted or even abandoned. Keep an eye on the cave!

    2nd gen / 3rd gen tins iou

    3G Shimmer iou

    silver (zilver x water walker) "puddle jumper" - soulchaser, happyseagull
    --> LIST CLOSED because of 18 consecutive weeks of fails!!!
    --> neither soulchaser nor happyseagul picked up their eggs, I've stopped breeding this, PM me if you are back and want it bred

    Misc. IOU
    Thuwed h - Riannon


    (*) Waiting for pickup, egg ready
    (++) If you didn't pick up your tin: your egg gets traded and your spot is on hold until you contact me

    **** 2G Thuwed ****
    I can breed a lot of "purebred" 3G Thuweds on request, I trade pb 3G thuweds 1:1 for other 3G pb Thuweds or for 3G evengens with spriter alts or prizekins. Two pretty 4G evengens work also. By pretty I mean evengens with checkers, spriter alts, prizekins, thuweds, metals, holidays

    -my 2g Thuwed:
    m waterhorse x blue stripe, m fog x skywing, f fog x skywing, f ember x marrow, m BBW x terrae, m silver x purple, f Holy x winter, m magi x alt black, m pillow x solstice
    pigmy yellow pb, pigmy crimson x pumpkin
    f purple x ridgewing (pink fail -.-)
    f nebula x sunsong , m red dorsal x balloon (both discolored -.-)

    -my daughter's 2G Thuwed:
    f magicarp x bluna, f pink x red
    m sunrise x daydream, f red x pink, m whiptail x dorsal (pink fail -.-)

    IOU References: (ious i have paid)
    *lots in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019
    over 40 tins delivered from Latios list
    over 30 tins delivered from Gir's list

    IOUs owed to me
    not telling

    (-.-) blacklist
    bouken - for not paying his tinsel for over a year

    I'll never trade with:
    - people who never paid their iou to me or to a friend and never explained
    - people who deliberately kill Lati0s 2G tinsels or fails (Booo67)
    - rude people who harass or insult me or my friends

    Complete Wishlist
    High priority - For Lati0s or my 2G
    **** 2g, 3g Shimmers 2014 or 2015 preferred
    **** 2g tinsels, particularly bronze x yule
    **** 2g thuweds
    **** 2g spriter alts
    **** 3g or under from 2014 shimmers and tins
    **** 3g or under from 2015 shimmers and tins

    Medium priority - For my 3G or Lati0s fails
    *** Silver: Karis 6th gen or under
    *** bronze: k1lgr 6th gen or under
    *** a mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/qdij9

    *** I love cute codes or naughty codes

    Low Priority - hatchies from the breeds in the group below
    silver lunars or celestials x 1,000 - love them

    1 female whiptail
    2 male astrapi
    1 male, 1 female chronos
    1 female gaia
    1 male, 1 female mageia
    1 male, 1 female pyro
    2 male thalassa
    3 blue baikala - ffm
    3 female Khusa
    2 freckled males
    2 violet floret
    2 musk

    * cb lunar, celestial, aeon, xenowyrm, blacktip, spirit ward, moonstone, white, terccorn, cheese or paper hatchies always appreciated

    -- 2g --
    2g bluna male x 2
    2g female magicarp x2
    2g ultraviolet female
    2g ultraviolet male x2
    2g summer from spring
    3g summer from 2g spring (from cb winter)

    --4g or lower ---
    evengen metals
    pretty evengens (checkers, tinfails, shimmerfails, etc..)

    Free DC utilities I made for PC
    all are obsolete, sorry, no time to work on then anymore