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    Dragon info!

    I am willing to breed pretty much any dragon for free. This does include my 3rd gen gold, and the high gen tinsels. All commons and uncommons for free, whatever the parentage (save holidays/metal). Since I have mostly caveborn dragons, this would mean 2nd gen eggs to be had for any who ask :)

    Holiday breeding list:
    (0/2) 2nd GEN Pumpkin
    (0/2) 2nd GEN Black Marrow
    (0/1) 3rd GEN Black Marrow
    (0/4) 2nd GEN Shadow Stalker
    (0/7) 2nd GEN Cavern Lurker
    (0/7) 2nd GEN Desipis
    (0/7) 2nd GEN Caligene
    (0/7) 2nd GEN Witchlight
    (0/1) 2nd GEN Yulebuck
    (0/1) 2nd GEN Ribbon Dancer
    (0/1) 2nd GEN Snow Angel
    (0/1) 2nd GEN Winter Magi
    (0/1) 2nd GEN Wrapping Paper
    (0/2) 2nd GEN Solstice
    (0/2) 2nd GEN Mistletoe
    (0/2) 2nd GEN Aegis (1N/1E)
    (0/2) 2nd GEN Snow
    (0/1) 2nd GEN '09 Valentine
    (0/1) 2nd GEN Sweetling
    (0/1) 3rd GEN Rosebud
    (0/1) 2nd GEN Heartseeker
    (0/1) 2nd GEN Arsani
    (0/2) 2nd GEN Radiant Angel
    (0/2) 2nd GEN Heartstealer
    (0/2) 2nd GEN Mutamore

    Current IOUs:
    - None.