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  1. I don't think they ever have "official" names, just nicknames that they eventually get from the users. Maybe try making a thread in the site discussion session to talk about possible nicknames?
  2. Oh my gosh they're GORGEOUS!!! ...I mean handsome... so handsome... eeeek I love it!!! Also... Ned the piemaker... omg... I'm glad we have a Pushing Daisies fan around here, that's awesome
  3. Joe the shopkeeper and Janus the dragon I believe?
  4. Oh thank goodness it isn't just me... whew
  5. Are we going to be able to play the alchemy game when the event is over? Please please please?!!?
  6. Cruelest April Fools joke ever!!! *cry* TJ seriously... you have to do it now.
  7. Wanted to pop into this thread and FINALLY show off the results of over a year of collecting and breeding, both because I'm proud of the lineage and because I'm hoping that someone might have some similar rainbow goodness that I can use as a mate for this beautiful guy! White dragon, rainbow lineage
  8. Not entirely sure if this has been suggested yet, but what do you think of having a counter in the AP that tells you how many eggs are currently in there? I feel like it would be an interesting addition to that part of the site, and maybe encourage more people to take eggs out of it!
  9. Stupid thing --> didn't realize we wouldn't get to keep the gardens too, so I'm left with very few flowers. Gahhhhh. Really bummed about that
  10. Mine have white wings, which to this day still irks me a little, because originally they started out with the tricolor wings, before the whole dramatic change thing happened the year they came out. It's alright though because my original one now has an awesome back story because of it!
  11. Will there be prize dragons this year?
  12. GIFTING HATCHLINGS! Have: CB Neotropical Hatchling - nongender, no influence --> Take me home! CB Guardian Hatchling - nongendered, no influence --> Adopt me! CB Neotropical Hatchling - nongender, no influence --> Claim this hatchie! 9th gen stairstep gray hatchie --> Take this hatchie! CB Ochredrake hatchie, nongendered, non influenced --> Adopt this hatchie! CB stone hatchie, nongendered, non influenced --> Take me home!
  13. Eeeek! Happy Easter! Thank you TJ and artists!!!
  14. You have a lot of anger. I'm sorry that you're carrying all of that with you, and I truly wish that it was not your burden to bear. Whatever happened to you that has made you feel all of this anger and rage, I'm sorry, and I hope that one day you'll be able to cope with it. Until then, I think you would benefit from reading about Taoist and Buddhist philosophies. Sometimes you have to take a step away from the god forgiveness and realize that being hateful and vengeful towards others only spreads more bad. If someone spits at you and you spit back at them in anger, the anger continues. I
  15. I feel as though you came in intentionally looking to start an argument, as folks often do when they start off with some version of "no offense but..." I don't think anyone really would like to argue about your views per se. I for one feel that it is unfortunate that you feel that way, but I understand that it is what you have been taught to believe, and I respect you for standing by your beliefs. I do not however agree with your beliefs of course, but I do not want to have argument over it, as I don't think words spouted in anger could ever change your mind. Without going into exten
  16. I have two kitties! Grandfather and granddaughter, born out of a sort of oops the boy cat got out before he was neutered accident >_< I love them both very much though <3
  17. I've posted a thread similar to this, and seen several others as well. I would LOVE to have this feature, or even just another page that has a list of dragons with descriptions on them. It is a pain in the behind to have to keep track of which dragons have descriptions approved, pending, or don't have them when you have close to 1000 dragons o_O
  18. It seems like there has been a lot of mean spirited-ness going on through these last few posts, and that saddens me. As an atheist, I suppose my views are unclouded by the fact that I am not tethered to one specific religion, and having read extensively into many I like to think that I can look at all of them in some perspective. I am especially saddened when I see those who follow Christianity (like one of the above posters) damning others to their hell, and gleefully so. The Christian texts clearly dictate that it is a sin for anyone but their god to pass judgement upon people, espec
  19. While I think I probably qualify as pansexual since I'm often attracted to neutral-gender appearance people, I've always identified as bisexual. I don't know if any other bisexuals in the DC community have picked up on it, but man I have had a hard time with the title. It seems like bisexuals don't get support from the straight or the gay community, and a lot of times we end up with people saying things like "oh, you're just greedy" or "what a *" or thinking that we're just addicted to sex. Titles kind of suck lol
  20. I'm 26! Been playing DC since wow like 2008? It's kind of addicting lol
  21. I don't see why not. People like to name their dragons after historical figures - and of course not all historical figures are good people. Additionally, your dragons can be whatever you want them to be. Some people develop long stories and histories to go with their dragons, and not all of those dragons are always nice. In short, I hate that we'd want to limit creativity in the cave, and because our creative bounds are not limited sometimes we create bad or evil things. It's alright
  22. I like to think of the AP as a river where one goes panning for gold... Sometimes you find just rocks, sometimes gems, sometimes gold, and rarely but still sometimes, you find a diamond!