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  1. Instead of trading,how about having all released dragons go to a "dragon dating club" for a certain number of days before they are truly no longer available. there could be a limit on how many and how often you could grab adults. it wouldn't be a trade but more like an anonymous gift to whoever got it. therefore there would be no greed or extortion involved.also would eliminate begging. just a thought.
  2. personally, I like wobsters idea. while catching goodies current year only would be handy. Then see all or year by year, prefered choice possibly dictated by your connection. That way it would be easier to deal with while catching them but if you just want to enjoy them from time to time you could do so.also it would save bandwidth during the festivities if default during festivals was current only.(with the other options still available)
  3. what about just calling it the Forever bsa and allowing it for eggs and hatchlings both?Let the hatchling in the egg go to the AP and make it user selectable as to the location they end up in.(Trophy or Scroll)
  4. I love liver (beef or pork) but not a fan of chicken livers. Tounge makes some of the best sandwiches you ever ate. I cooked a beef heart in a slow cooker once.Sliced it thin. We had company that day for dinner.They asked me where i got the venison. lmao
  5. Love candles and incense. just one question though..... I always thought of a cylinder as a shape but hollow. that said wouldn't a candle be a wax column?
  6. Magic.... see if your cord works on your sisters laptop. also if you can look up the diagrams, see if there is a fuse in the circuit somewhere. may be just a blown fuse. unfortunately it may be a very small hard to find fuse. if it is a fuse, maybe radio shack or an electronics supply place may be able to get one for you.
  7. The question was asked"what is true beauty?". True beauty is not physical. True beauty can be many things. Mainly to sum it all up... what I mean by true beauty is how a person is on the inside no matter what gender. this can be.... interesting in some unique way,a compassionate heart, or many other things, any one of which makes a person pleasant to know or be around. also about the dad who won't pick things up... a real man knows that he should pick up after himself, that is just common courtesy as far as I am concerned.Maybe I was just raised different.
  8. Yeah.Love the show. I can remenber it from way back.(in the 70's) I always thought Mary Ann was hotter than ginger. She would be a better match for Gilligan IMO. Ginger would be better paired with the Professor. also just my opinion.
  9. it seems that the favorite exercise of some of the people I know is..... Jumping To Conclusions lol of course I hear" running amok" is fun.
  10. The hot girl probably got her coffee first because of some young guy who hasn't learned what true beauty is. Being pretty is ok,but, I think a woman that has skills and can be self reliant is quite attractive.(a guy still likes to feel needed tho) I think your hubby is a very fortunate man.
  11. When someone tells me it is unmanly to show emotions, I remind them that a "real man" is one that gas the GUTS to show his emotions. And if they disagree...... I tell them "why don't you step a little closer , or are you afraid of getting hit?" lol
  12. You do nice work. I would love a Two Headed Green Dragon sort of in the oriental style for my avatar. (and possibly as my screensaver) Am willing to wait and will breed you something in return if you wish. just pm me about details if you are interested.
  13. candy the kitty PM me and I will breed you an egg as soon as I can.
  14. gizmo1960


    Cool, I haven't quite got the gen and pattern thing down yet. I just pop in when I can and see what i can find. I noticed there are some new two-headed breeds that didn't exist before my long inactive period. can they breed with the splits? just wondering. Happy Thanksgiving !!! Be sure to let me know if i can breed you anything also Purplehaze.
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    I will be happy to breed you one. And a big thanks to purple haze for explaining how it came about. I was wondering how it was possible. when i get a chance i will fill out your form for breeding.(i think you have a form on the first page) I will send you a PM on the prospective parents. that way you can see if that is acceptable or look at my scroll to see if you have a more prefered pairing. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    I wondered about that myself. I understand though that some breeds that don't interbreed now were able to at one time. I had asked if it was legit in the thuwed thread. Purplehaze replied that it was legit for both. Just figured that if it is legitimate that people might want one.
  17. gizmo1960


    I have a dorkwed split I am willing to breed. Will be happy to gift or trade. I do have a busy schedule but will do what I can as quickly as I can. just give me a pm.
  18. i have a Thuwed Dorkface Split i can breed . have a busy schedule but willing to breed eggs for others or even trade an egg for something interesting.trade is not a must will gift eggs . just on the lookout for interesting additions to my scroll. feel free to pm me and i will answer when i can. just to check can you tell me if this is proper lineage? and is it also a legit dorkface as well? http://dragcave.net/lineage/kl65I
  19. I would like to register as a breeder and register my first pair so far. Forum Name:gizmo1960 Scroll Name:gizmo1960 # of pairs:1 so far another soon I hope Are you willing to be contacted by PM for breeding requests?yes Female: Deja and vu ,2nd gen Male:SQiggly twins, CB you may want to check me on that, I haven't quite got the gens and lineage stuff down yet.
  20. I believe you have a great idea with this society. I would be happy to join with you all in this effort. I do have a pair that I think could be registered as breeders. It would be great to help others by breeding eggs for them. Yes anyone can PM me with requests and for the forseeable future I surely will not freeze any Splits that I manage to recieve. Please PM me for any information i need to provide you with.