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  1. @Sailor Moon She's serrekiel's fan-character/troll for homestuck. @Icarus I would love more cockatiel arties.;u; I want a cockatiel of my own but my mom doesn't like birds of any kind unless if it's for dinner. :< What's TC?
  2. ldkbwdjbkkdbq.slc xdmv d I tried
  3. Omg. Ray, you're so adorable! <333
  4. I would love a cockatiel. /wants a horde of cockatiel arts lol
  5. Ahhhh, fuzzils took the last slot but yeah, I can draw him.
  6. I would need a visual reference.
  7. Hmmm. Which parts are teal and which parts are aqua?
  8. I can certainly try. Might I ask for the colors of the dragon?
  9. @fuzzils Um, I've never drawn glass before so I don't know. @Sailor Moon Yeah, I'm open.
  10. Shhhhhhhhh, ignore the messed up hand. Switch, I demand you draw me a cockatiel in return.
  11. Annd I still don't know how to color nebby wings.
  12. Sorry for the long wait Shadowwolf. >w< I was trying out a different coloring style: Edit: I found my old art from two years ago. Yeah.. let's just stare at it...
  13. @animals4501 Excuse me, what is this carrot that you speak of. Jk~ That's gonna be a gigantic carrot though unless it's a mutant carrot designed especially for dragons. Here you go Serrekiel~
  14. @animals4501 If all else fails, try restarting your computer.
  15. Request whenever you'd like dearie.
  16. I told myself I would never come back to Dragon Cave, much less back to drawing requests. I lied to myself. ono Don't expect much conversation from me. I'm not that very talkative sorry :V /rolls in Alrighty then, you guys are gonna help me procrastinate by providing me thingamabobs to draw. . . . . I forgot what I was going to say for an epic introduction. This is awkward... Slots: 1. rampaging wyvern 2. fuzzils 3. Sailor Moon Rules: Shhhhh, I didn't forget to add rules, k. - Visual references are needed. - No wolves, cats, dogs, and/or ponies. - These drawings are free. (or you can pay me in cockatiel art <3) ...aaaaaand I'm just gonna leave these here: dragon arts- old on top, recent on bottom human arts for the giggles /rolls away
  17. Sorry for the wait! ;u; My internet was down.
  18. I'm willing to try drawing anything so yes. c: @IcarusTheDragon asdfghjkl; You don't have to give me anything. ;u;
  19. Completed: -newest to oldest- lizardtail's Alt Sweetling IcarusTheDragon's Female blue royal and Ember