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  1. *runs back to the forum* So I've seen these kind of badges aroun on DC for a long time. They usually have a picture of an egg from a holiday and they read "catcher" and "2012". (<- or earlier) Where does one find those badges??? And is there one for this year's Valentine's?
  2. I got a Red Dino from a gifting thread. I can still remember how excited I was!~
  3. I think it is a flower of sorts. You can give and recieve them. Maybe like candygrams except more flower-y? I believe there is a link at the top of the "Dragons" page. And also, now you have one! ^^
  4. Okay so I created these babbies with my free time... I want to get better at sprites and pixeling in general. Does anyone have any tips or feedback? Thanks bye. *scuttles away*
  5. My favorite part is when Caliborn finally takes over their body. I cried many sad tears. Also, I simply adore Calliope's last pester log w/ Roxy~
  6. Homestuck. Somedays I forget why I like it, and other days I wonder how someone couldn't like it.
  7. ((ugh, I'm always away when something happens)) Dreah got ready to follow Crusher, she was ready for some excitment! For the past few months she'd done nothing but wander throught the forest. Dreah placed her pet chicken on her back. "What are we waiting for?" The silver asked with enthusiasim!
  8. Why don't we discover gold on the shores and make some makeshift boats and go go gold hunting? Dragons, after all, do love to hoard gold! (like i suggested 4 pages ago)
  9. Do I sence a plot brewing??? ^.^ Cause wandering around the forest isn't my idea of roleplaying.
  10. As the oter dragons began to launch themselves sky-ward she began to feel nervous. Not only is she a cross bred, she can fly. Her wings just weren't ment for it. She turned to Crusher. "Would you mind flying a little lower..." She studdered. With more cnfidence she continued, "So I may run underneath you, and follow!" The noise was intriguing and mystrious. She a grown to love adventure and she wouldn't miss this oppertunity on a count of underdeveloped wings.
  11. Wow, now I'm confuzzled. Do we even have a plot anymore? (missedadayandistryingtomakesenceofitall)
  12. Dreah turned to Crusher with curiosity. Safe lands. The only places she'd ever been safe is in the cave with her past friends, whom she had not seen now for weeks, maybe months. "Where are these Safe lands?" Dreah asked with excitment? Then a new dragon landed, and began chatting with Crusher. *Crusher, Ilienth and Scuta. They seem okay.* Dreah thought.
  13. A dragon carrying another landed in front of her. Shocked Deah back up a few steps cautiously. Then after a few unsure seconds she said., "I'm Dreah, who are you?" She looked at the one who had spoken first awaiting a reply but then her gaze drifted to the one he was carrying.
  14. Dreah wandered following the muffled noises of what might have been a dragon. She paused. There was no reply to her shout. She continued to limp towards the sound. *Even if it isn't a dragon, I could still eat it* the silver thought.
  15. ((I'm going to join you guys )) Dreah awoke. She had vague memories of strange places and unfamiliar faces. She began to wander throungh the forest. Now with her small wings she could glide through the sky but as she attempted to launch off the forest floor a sharp pain surged through her body. Where had she been. She was as lost as a clound under the sea. She looked for other dragons as she limped along. She heard small voices. Then without a moment to spare she let out a girly "Hallo?".
  16. Ok, so that is our plot? I'm a little confused. *wanders over to the RP for more insight*
  17. Ah, just tossing a wild one out there But really next timw have to plan it out a little more carefully Or we'll all end up dead/dieing, not quite a great plot ending. Maybe we can climb a random moutain to ummm, find our denstinies or something, IDK...
  18. Any plans for our NEXT plot :3 I'm thinking we could set out to sea and look for treasure on makeshift rafts/boats. But that is just me...
  19. (okay, i'm back lets debate... in occ of sourse )
  20. Cool! I'm coming asap! School is about to start so I'll post RIGHT AFTER! (woo new plot)
  21. Exams are over, may I re-join when the next plot occurs or pop in to twilar's again? BTW where are we now?
  22. Im a collecter, But I do take part in ONE liniage project. :3
  23. I wish requests were open... I though of a good one :3 BTW beautiful dragons, I actually have that daydream one on a button I bought <3