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  1. My sister, who has brilliantly lost her password to the forums, has decided to make a scroll only of pygmies... and vampires, zombies, neglecteds et coetera. And of CAPTCHA dragons. I give you... http://dragcave.net/lineage/VRTo http://dragcave.net/lineage/6DCt http://dragcave.net/lineage/vFiJ http://dragcave.net/lineage/SRsr http://dragcave.net/lineage/1HFU http://dragcave.net/lineage/Jffe http://dragcave.net/lineage/WFvh http://dragcave.net/lineage/9aDT http://dragcave.net/lineage/ddRn http://dragcave.net/lineage/lSqp http://dragcave.net/lineage/lJi5V http://dragca
  2. I actually grabbed only three. Electric, Albino, BBW.
  3. My native language is Portuguese. [YAY4BRAZIL ahem] I've studied English for around 15 years now, so I daresay I'm kind of fluent. Currently studying French, though my English antibodies seem to neutralize every particle of French that manages to enter my brains. :/
  4. Same for me. It's simply impossible to play classical piano properly with long fingernails.
  5. Some people have prejudice even against certain breeds of dogs and cats, which are held as 'common', socially acceptable pets. There's not much one can do, in my experience, to avoid or revert that. So be it, I say. Let them be. Don't let those stupid misconceptions hurt you. In the end, it's their loss, not yours. Common, street rats do dig in garbage, yes, but so do stray dogs and cats. They do smell bad, yes, but so does any other animal that's not properly taken care of. They do bite, sure they do, but isn't it an expected reaction from any wild animal? Even a purebred toy poodle woul
  6. I may be wrong, but isn't it mentioned in that Universal Declaration of Human Rights? I know Americans evoke it all the time, but I believe that concept is much older than the US themselves. @Tiki: I did not direct that post at you, FYI. Also, I said nothing of you saying I wasn't free to say what I want, etc. Please do interpret my words as you wish. You're free to do it, right?
  7. Hm, really? Then I should blame my parents for that. /ebil /not Yes, Brazil. Campinas, more precisely. ;P
  8. Doesn't it? "Yes, I do know Sindarin! I know I do!" Hmm, I've never dreamt in Finnish. That must be why it's so difficult for me to learn it.
  9. Heh. Once a friend of mine [more dyslexic than I am, perhaps], when referring to a popular steakhouse in town, called it "Picão da Baranha" instead of "Barão da Picanha". The correct name, "Barão da Picanha", would translate to something like "Rump Cover Baron" - the Baron part linked to the district's name and rump cover being a well-loved kind of meat here. The dyslexic version could be understood as "Baranha's Big D***". "Baranha" sounds more or less like "piranha", which could be either the famous carnivorous fish or the type of woman commonly referred to as a female
  10. I'm not married either, Mirikitani, but I'd say that if you and your boyfriend both agree on the idea, and if you're really sure he's a wonderful, lovely person, then... why not? I'd only advise you to wait until you have finished high school. If you [or both of you] intend to go to university, I'd also advise that you wait until past graduation, because exams and studies and everything else already imply a big ugly lot of stress. Also, you might think a bit about financial issues. Keeping a family isn't cheap at all, and kids make it even worse. Make sure both you and your spouse-t
  11. But lo!, what has happened to freedom of speech, I wonder?... I may need to add something to my signature as to constantly warn all these innocent, sweetest, gentlest board co-posters that I am no Care Bear, I am afraid. [Not that it is stated anywhere that we need behave like Care Bears, but then again.] /flies away trailing rainbows ----- In topic: whenever you feel that you're speaking too fast, try to inhale deeply through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Try to breathe expanding your stomach instead of your chest. That helps steadying your heart
  12. It's funny how we end up dreaming in other languages. I'm studying French, so I've had a couple of dreams in French. And dreaming in English is quite frequent. Strange thing is, I always understand everything perfectly, even if I'm not really proficient.
  13. Hmmm. Whenever my blood pressure drops I have a vision of small anime-like pink and purple octopi dancing and singing a la Little Mermaid. Whatever. My strangest dream ought to be the one in which I was a yellow Labrador dog hiding from vampires in a dead city in the middle of a giant tropical jungle. And my French teacher was married to a dwarf vampire. He was actually quite charming, quite handsome, except for being too short and having a big, white moustache.
  14. I JES LUV IT. Seriously. I'm not gonna copy your idea, since I take pride in my creativity [/not], but I ought to say, I would like totally attend a wedding like this, even it costing me an international trip. My idea of a pagan ceremony sounds so totally lame now. Meh.
  15. That's called an opinion. Or giving said opinion in my own way, whatever works. I'm saying it's not, in my opinion, something to whine and get all touchy and sensitive about. I don't recall pointing my finger towards anyone and saying they can't feel the way they do. I just said I feel it that way. Do I have a right of stating my opinions and feelings on a general discussion thread? I'm not saying there is drama here, Syaoransbear [syaoran's bear? o_o]. I'm saying it shouldn't be made into one. IN MY OPINION, which I understand I'm entitled to. Also, Tiki, I'm not angry. Re
  16. @ Mirikitani: and you can infer a person's tone of voice through their writing in a game board, I guess. Well, guess what, you've just proved to me you can't. I'm heavily dyslexic, yes. I stutter a lot, oh yes. I can't speak all that well when I'm nervous, good gods know that. Besides, I'm a teacher. A languages and singing teacher. And I sometimes give speeches at my political party meetings. And I do face a lot of rolled eyes and laughter at times. So friggin what? It does make your life hard, yes - but so does everything else, like being fat, being gay, having a limp, having
  17. Speech problems, so what? ._. That so big of a drama?
  18. Stupid people, hypocrites and bad writers. That pretty much encompasses everything. I must know some five or six people who don't fall into one of these, hm, categories.
  19. Oh, well, I don't consider Twilight literature. But I digress. Yes, I'd rather have a name with no meaning whatsoever.
  20. ^ Love. I do not name my characters randomly. I believe that your name does have an impact in your personality, yes, even a slight one. [Although my name means "follower of Christ" and I'm a convicted paganist. Sigh.] Back to fiction, I think names should always be very well thought of. They should match characters' background, should make sense in their universe, should impart personality and essence, even if it's just a glimpse of their whole self. For instance, one character of mine: His given name is Vieno, an unisex Finnish name meaning "gentle". That means he mus
  21. [2] 1. For people to agree on things without shooting/stabbing/slicing/smashing each other - come on, Middle East, USA, world? 2. For people to be INTELLIGENT. Pl0x. 3. Money. An infinite supply of it.
  22. Gintama. Possibly one of the dumbest anime ever. Plus, it has serious arcs once in a while, the seiyuu do a magnificent job, and the characters are brilliant. Death Note and xxxHolic are my second favourites.