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  1. *Sigh* I missed the drop... my internet just had to decide to die on me yesterday... :L Oh well...I suppose I could always do a trade for a 2nd gen next year... Congrats on those who caught them though, happy belated halloween :3 EDIT: I've been fortunate enough to have been gifted 2 Halloween '12's, thank you so much Claudii and stargazer_7!
  2. Caught 4 turpentines from the cave, and a CB vamp off the AP Won a lotto, and the prize was a magma :3
  3. Wow, that sounds great! Didn't realise what they were until I saw them in the Desert, and was like... "What...?" Took me about 10 seconds to realise that it was a new release and needed to click it...and missed of course Oh well, I'll get a pair in the end
  4. Aww thank you so much! Loving the moon in the background
  5. I like your art too much, sorry I keep requesting! Forum name: Blue_Moon What do you want: Wolf Refrence picture(s): by me Any particular pose or expression?: It's up to you :3 Any background? If so what?: No thanks Other?: Nope Thanks! EDIT: sorry the picture's so big! ...again...
  6. Ok :3 Ahh yes, awesome rolling If you're bored again or want some more practise, feel free to ask me to make some requests to keep you amused *joins you and rolls*
  7. N'aww, thanks! Its great why don't you think I'd use it? I can put it in my signature if you like :3 ...if I have room... Anyway, thanks!
  8. Forum name: Blue_Moon98 What do you want: Male Nebula Refrence picture(s): Any particular pose or expression?: Maybe flying? I don't mind Any background? If so what?: Starry night sky Other?: No thanks EDIT: wow, that picture was bigger than I thought it would be, sorry!
  9. How do we work out our account number? I'm using Google Chrome... I don't have my validation email anymore. I joined 1st April 2011... awesome time to join, although I had no idea what I was doing, and missed the carrot cave EDIT: Found it! I'm 749058, I'm quite a newbie compared to some Thanks to ab613 for how to work it out! (on page 7)
  10. Got this gorgeous thing here <3 Now a very happy hatchi-owner
  11. Aww I wish this was real, the dino's are awesome! <3
  12. Awesome! But TJ, I'm surprised you said the DinoCave is better than DragonCave itself... Is now desperately waiting for an invite... Aww those dino's are calling to me!
  13. Yes, I noticed after I posted...do you know what's happened to her? Has she closed it? Has she quit?
  14. Name: Blue_Moon98 Spliced or Original: Original Colors: Dark blue (almost black), white, light blue Designs: A dark blue sky, small white stars, light blue and intricate (if possible) swirls on the bottom half of the egg. Can others use this egg: Preferably not... Thanks!
  15. I've been unlucky so far, but I'm still determined to get at least one It seems every time I go in the Alpine Biome there isn't any, even just 1 or 2 minutes after the drop! Oh well, I'll get one somehow eventually...
  16. I love the adult sprites, the wings are a bit like ridgewings', so pretty Mine hatched a few minutes ago, cute hatchlings :3 Thanks TJ! Merry Christmas everyone!
  17. Never managed to catch a holly, but I'm still trying! Congrats to all those who have them!
  18. This wasn't photoshopped It happened just now!!
  19. For my real name, I'm a CB Water! It has 1 child, a purple dorsal There isn't a dragon called Blue_Moon98, but there is one called BlueMoon, a CB Spitfire, with 4 children, 1 spitfire and 3 seasonals!
  20. Aaaargh, I was on DC last night, and I forgot to get the decorations!!! Noooo! The polar express story was nice though....although I wish I could have got the blue decorations from yesterday...
  21. Yay! Thanks TJ! I love the new balloon sprites! I look forward to taking part in the raffle! Merry Christmas Everyone!
  22. Missed two CB silvers the other day!!!!!!! D: *depressed* I don't even have a messy-lineaged silver, and I saw the CBs in the cave for the first time, but I forgot their descriptions, and when I realised, it was too late!!! *idiot* Oh dear...
  23. My single stairstep black doesn't breed with my gray, and yesterday I wasn't paying attention, guess what I just did... Ill need to pay more attention next week