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  1. Happy Easter ❤️ and happy egg hunting!
  2. The new dragons are absolutely gorgeous! The event was fun, a lot of options to build and all very cute looking too ❤️ (I just have a few walls in front of some things every time the game loads, but I hope they will be saved in the right positions after the event is over 😛) and I enjoyed seeing so many beautiful forts here. Thanks Dragon Cave for another great year, and Happy Holidays everyone! 🌟
  3. Aww all my dead dragons disintegrated. Well Happy Halloween!
  4. Yesterday happened that my CB Gold hatchling needed only 5 more hours to grow up. He was sick all of a sudden, and all of my dragons - including him - were on the same hatcheries I've put them. I wasn't anywhere else, but in the pace the other dragons were getting few views, the Gold was getting many thousands more, and quicker. I can't think of anything else but a jealous viewbomber trying to kill my so hard to find baby. Fortunately it was a day that I was more active, because I usually check on them only once a day or less. Glad I was there to fog him and see him grow safely later. These people seriously don't have anything better to do? Jeez.. I'm 8 years in Dragon Cave, never before happened to me. Keeping a keen eye on them now.
  5. Really excited about the trading hub! Loved all of the features, a big thanks for all of them I might miss the old seasonals a little bit, but they do look great. And congrats to the new moderators ^-^ Also the new dragons look gorgeous already.
  6. Sending and returning all asap! Scroll name is Siberian_014 Edit: Finished my collection! Thanks everyone for the flowers and flower bomb Will keep sending as most as I can to people who post in this thread till the end of the event <3 My favorite flower is and
  7. Sending and returning all asap! <3 Scroll name is Siberian_014 I'm still missing: Editing to remove what is received :3
  8. Sending and returning all asap! <3 I'm still missing: Editing to remove what is received! I will return everybody as soon as I can :3
  9. Happy Halloween everyone :3
  10. OMG this is excellent!!! Thanks so much for the Halloween biome! Oh so happy <3 And the event is adorable :3
  11. Finished mine guys, I'm pretty satisfied with it =^.^= But I must tell many inspirations came from here. All of your houses are incredibly lovely and cozy and like a previous post says, !
  12. Killed a Two-headed Lindwurm to try a zombie, hoping to get a Lindwurm zombie sprite according to the Wiki (or a Two-headed one, as it was released some days after). Just revived it as a zombie and discovered it is both Lindwurm and Two-headed (obviously ) - but a sprite not on Wiki yet! Loved it, awesome sprite. Undead Two-headed Lindwurm
  13. 5 disintegrations T.T oh my Happy Halloween everyone!
  14. OMG Frills and Bright Pinks!!! THANKS everyone that made it possible!!! & various new species, they look beautiful omggggggggg
  15. Yeahh.. I agree. I didn't like it too, wish this change was optional..
  16. ^ This. I'm much this. * I don't like to sit in the middle tables of a restaurant, classrooms, etc.. I highly (very highly) prefer corners, or walls, and the chair nearest to them if possible. It's ok if I have to be in the middle but I don't really feel comfortable. I don't feel like that in movie theaters, though. The thing about walking on the closest side to the building mentioned above counts too, it doesn't bother me when I can't, but I have this preference. And also when choosing the side of the bed. Always the corner/wall. I hate beds in the middle of the bedroom, when you have empty spaces in both sides >.<
  17. What a release! They're wonderful! Thanks for these new species