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  1. Uncharted by Sara Bareilles and Courage by Orianthi ft. Lacey mosley of flyleaf
  2. To clarify she's killed the human before =D JK yes she's seen the human before Shapeshift... 12 hours at the longest and 6 hours at the shortest
  3. Is it just me or are there a lot more weyrs than before *scratches head* and Ista's weyr leader got changed ?
  4. Username: SaphiraSapphire Name: Nyoka Gender:female Type/Breed: Hellfire Power:Shape-shifting, it's limited though. She has to have seen the thing she is shifting into. If the shift is succesful it often leaves her tired and out of breath. It's a struggle to keep her shifted form and can only last from 6-12 hours depending on her strength Personality: Very secretive yet hot-headed when urged. Also very protective and loyal of those who gain her trust Appearance: Same as a female hellfire hatchie would look except she has a scar running across her belly Age/Stage: 2 years -winged
  5. Im probably a collector and a breeder. Though there are some breeds that I never want to own unless they change the sprite. -. I also breed for some people and lineages.
  6. Thanks eldrec, I've got my fingers crossed =D
  7. I LOVED THE FOURTH MOVIE! I was so engrossed that I forced my dad to wait ten minutes till the ending credits were over just to watch the after scene. =D On Stranger Tides was hilarious and I was laughing when Jack abandoned Angelica on that island. it's like: *pistol fires* Jack: Missed. *rows away* The mermaid attack was definetly one of my favorite parts. I love Philip x Syrena <3 Another one of my favorite parts was when Jack and Barbossa teamed up to get the chalices and another was the final battle of the Fountain of Youth. Another random slightly funny s
  8. I would like to request an egg! Weyr: Monaco Bay Pair: J4KP and Jalith of Pern Intend to freeze: Yes/No NO
  9. For some reason I can't abandon one of my daydream eggs. Any help? Its CB but its already been 5 hours =(
  10. I'm in love with the pearl for some reason. Really hopes it genders female... Anyway. HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY DRAGCAVE!!! I'M OLDER THAN YOU BUT YOU'LL ALWAYS BE MORE POPULAR THAN ME =D
  11. 53/53... Someone said there was going to be a purple egg near your basket when you were done
  12. On the Floor-J-Lo If I die young-The Band Perry
  13. I get Taylor Swift songs stuck in my head but its mainly everything actually