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  1. Maybe the two trophy rows means that T.J. is trying to add a trophy onto it.
  2. Im guessing the forums are laggy because so many people are on, but I feel bad cause I kicked my mom off hte computer. And I have finals to study for.... I'm guessing it's goign to be trick-or-treating since we had a second easter egg hunt.
  3. Need an orange but I caught two blues =D
  4. Can you make me a siamese kitten with angel wings?
  5. @ Dusset: Oh yeah sorry about messing up Scuta's description... i edited my post.
  6. Can you draw me a female hellfire wyvern?
  7. Sharly has one vampire... but I'm not sure if Shardas the Gold is still active...
  8. How many players already have hatchlings that are vampires?
  9. But it wouldn't be effective unless you had a few hatchlings turned into vampires or ... sucked dry
  10. @ Chess Tyrant: It could also be a Neglected Dragon: They are known to attack randomly, and even a neglected dragons should be strong enough to hold off a few hatchlings.... I think...
  11. Nyoka looked around and saw a flash of blue and tan above her. She looked up and wondered if she could force herself to shift back into her regular form. Nyoka closed her eyes momentarily and forced herself to concentrate. About 5 minutes later she opened her eyes and found that she had wings and claws again. Quietly, Nyoka tracked the tan and blue dragon flying above her. She rose as quietly as she could and almost sighed with relief that she saw another dragon in the area. However slowly, her attention focused on the other sunrise dragons. She gasped they looked so beautiful. In that moment
  12. Alright thanks, I'll try out one character for now =D
  13. What's the charrie limit per person?" Because before it was usually... as many as you want as long as you can keep up with all of them"
  14. well I just got here so can you give me an idea of what the good guys and the bad guys are doing?
  15. I'd like to see Vampire Academy made into a movie =D Also for Hunger Game Fans: The game begins 3-23-12 they already did casting =D
  16. (Good guys, and I should be leaving the forest momentarily and heading toward the desert)
  17. Nyoka looked behind her and quickened her pace. She came by another river in the forest she was heading into. Laughing, she couldn't resist and sat down on the banks of the river and stuck her feet in the water. Welcoming the icy cold water she sighed with content and sat there for about an hour before she removed her feet from the water. Nyoka's feet were a pale white and tinged blue. She shrugged and looked up at the sky. The sun was rising.How long has it been? She wondered. Quickly she estimated it had been about 3 hours. Your probably halfway through your shift time She told herself. Keep
  18. Mine were ... Actually I had a lot but I didnt know about click sites and they died. I actually dont remember what they were.... Rephrasing the question: What were my first four egg when I came to DC that LIVED: Water, White,Magi, and...Gray =D
  19. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CATS!!! I have one and she is the most precious thing ever ! My favorite breed of cats are probably Siamese and Balinese(FLUFFY SIAMESE) For big cats I love Snow Leopards... so purdy.
  20. Nyoka flew and circled in the air. I have to eat sometime. She glanced down and circled lower and lower till she was able to touch the ground. After landing she promptly came across a small stream. A noise startled her and she considered shifting, but into what? A bird flew overhead and Nyoka launched herself up at it. Am I alone? she wondered to herself as she clutched the dead bird carcass in her teeth. It was a messy kill but it would have to do. She returned to her stream and considered moving on. She had heard noises to the north and she considered heading in that direction. The land was
  21. I've heard rares can be found everywhere Found a Cheese on the Coast